April 2021

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Welcome to the April, 2021 issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  

Hello, Shining Light Parents!  As you know, Helping Parents Heal is expanding at a rapid rate, and we have been experiencing growing pains as we do.  It is sometimes difficult to please everyone as we strive to provide a safe place for parents and families to heal.  But we do the best we can.  Moreover, every parent who volunteers at Helping Parents Heal, Inc, does so without free of charge.  We are truly grateful to our wonderful Affiliate Leaders, Caring Listeners and Board Members. 

Irene Vouvalides and I are pleased to welcome you to our Main Group Zoom meetings, that are held 3-4 times a week.  Please be sure to reach out to our wonderful 
Caring Listeners if you need to talk.  Also, our affiliate groups hold meetings throughout the week where you can share your feelings and your journey as well as helping others to heal.  Again, all of our resources are free of charge.
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We understand and we walk the same path.  We are grateful that you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal!

With love and light, 
-Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Phoenix/Scottsdale Affiliate Leader

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Our Helping Parents Heal Trailer!
Suzanne and Ty Giesemann with Susan

Hello, wonderful Parents!  Once again, we are thrilled about our new Helping Parents Heal Trailer for the Helping Parents Heal YouTube Channel!  Craig McMahon, the producer of the Life to Afterlife Spirituality Series, kindly produced this beautiful short video for us, and many parents participated in the filming, including Irene Vouvalides, Brian and Tywana Smith, Jeff and Lynn Hollahan, Scott and Michelle Ziff, Laurie and Tom Savoie, Tony and Carol  Allen, LeAnn Hull, Jason Durham, Suzanne and Ty Giesemann, Jeffery C Olsen, Deb and Rachel Behrendt, Lisa and Rick Wilcoxson,  Anne and David Park, Chandra Ramamurthy, Manisha Akhauri, Anal  Shah, Kim Courtney, Ernie and Kristine Jackson, Mabel and CJ Chan,  Ana and Armando Molina and Elizabeth and Cyril Boisson

LeAnn Hull spoke to our group on March 26th.  Please click here to view her video.  Carol Allen spoke to our group on April 4th.  Please click here to view.  Jeffery Olsen spoke to our group on May 2nd.  Please click here to view. Jeff Hollahan spoke to our group on June 3rd.  Please click here to view. Brian Smith spoke to our group on June 10th.  Please click here to view.  Irene Vouvalides spoke to our group on July 14th.  Please click here to view.  Jason Durham spoke to our group on July 31st.  Please click here to view.  Mabel and CK Chan spoke to our group on August 14th.  Please click here to view.  Kim Courtney spoke to our group on September 10th.  Please click here to view. Ernie and Kristine Jackson spoke to our group on October 15th.  Please click here to view.  Suzanne Giesemann spoke to our group on December 22nd.  Please click here to view. Laurie Savoie, who appears in the Trailer with her husband Tom, spoke to our Helping Parents Heal group by Zoom on January 6th.  Please click here to view the Youtube video.  Lisa Wilcoxson, who appears in the trailer with her husband Rick, spoke to our group on January 19th.  Please click here to view the Youtube video.  Plus Michelle Ziff, who appears in the video with her husband Scott, spoke to our group on February 11th! Please click here to view the YouTube video.  Elizabeth Boisson was interviewed by Irene Weinberg of the 'Grief and ReBirth' Podcast on February 10th.  Please click here to listen! Rick Wilcoxson presented to our group on March 29th, please click here to view! And Jeffery Olsen will be presenting to our group with his son Aiden on May 11th!

We are very grateful to all of you for watching the Trailer and sharing on your FB profiles! Help us get the word out about Helping Parents Heal.  Please click here to view:

Irene Vouvalides was Interviewed by Irene Weinberg for Grief to Rebirth
Irene Weinberg and Irene Vouvalides

Irene Vouvalides is the International Vice President of Helping Parents Heal, the Leader of the Helping Parents Heal chapter in Hilton Head and Bluffton, South Carolina, a Helping Parents Heal Caring Listener and the Helping Parents Heal Conference Chair.  She found her way to Helping Parents Heal after experiencing a tragedy everyone prays will never happen to them.  On February 17, 2013, Irene’s precious only child Carly Elizabeth Hughes took her last breath in Irene’s arms.  She was only 24, a recent college graduate, and eager to make a difference in the world.  Please click
here to listen! 

Who You Are and Why You Are Here - Brian Smith
Shayna and Brian Smith

“Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” These are the big questions of life. We call these existential questions because, without the answers, we suffer from an existential crisis. We think of a crisis as a bad thing, as something to be avoided. But, the origin of the word crisis is the Greek words krisis” and “krino,” ancient Greek words meaning “to decide” and “turning point.” A crisis can be an opportunity.

The Problem

I believe the biggest problem facing humanity today is that we have forgotten who we are and why we are here. For most of our existence, we’ve had a decent handle on this. Ancient people believed we were spiritual beings placed here by a creator (some thought of these creators as loving, some not so loving). But, they knew this material world was not all that exists.

A little over a century ago, we became enamored with science and technology. The need for gods to explain the natural order of things seemed to be an relic of the past. The scientific method was developed because humanity believed that to understand an orderly God, the way to learn about him was by understanding his orderly creation. God’s creation was a reflection of who God himself is. But, the modern understanding came to be that the creation created itself. God was superfluous, which meant we were not spiritual beings.
This led to the conclusion that we are biological robots existing in an accidental and uncaring universe. We are nothing more than the sum of our body parts. Consciousness, if it exists, arises from this lump of materials that have self-organized into such a complex structure that something we cannot explain rose out of it. If consciousness arises from this organization of material structures, it indeed collapses when the structure crumbles.
If this is what you believe, you might struggle to find meaning in your life. If you are an accident of nature only here for a fleeting moment, too brief for nature to even take notice, what is the purpose of your existence?

The Choice

We have a choice in how we view things. I always like to start with what we know. In the law, they say there’s what you know and what you can prove. When I look at a situation, I like to break it down into what I know and what I believe.
We know that we all come into this plane of existence via birth. And, we know that this body will die. Everyone who has ever been born has died, except those born recently. We know there are no 500-year-old people running. The death of the body is universal. This is what we know. This is an indisputable bedrock fact.
We’ve already discussed the first point of view we can choose, the belief that we came into existence when our bodies in our mothers’ wombs became sufficiently complex to boot up and create consciousness. When that brain isn’t adequately oxygenated, consciousness shuts off like turning off a light switch.
The other point of view is vastly different. But, it’s the point of view most of mankind had for the first several millennia of our existence. It’s also the point of view of many people who are seemingly more connected to who they are today. We often refer to them as “indigenous” people. That point of view is that all is not as it seems here. There’s more to the story. We are spiritual beings here for a temporary human experience.


Suppose we hold this point of view. If we grasp that we are spiritual beings from a place beyond here, it has profound implications for life. We come here to experience, grow, love, and improve. Our bodies are temporary. We are not. These experiences and this love; we take with us when our time here is over.
This point of view brings meaning to what can seem to be little lives. It brings a purpose for the pain that forges us. The pain forces us to grow. Our lives, as short as they are in the body, stretch for eternity.
It’s the crises of life that force us to examine why we are here. Suddenly, nothing makes sense anymore. The old ways of doing things no longer work. Nothing brings us joy. Life feels like a colossal waste of time and effort.  These crises rouse us from our slumber and make us examine these questions- “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”.
It’s in the answers to those questions that the true joy of life resides because people’s spirits need hope and purpose as much as our biological bodies need food and water.

-Written by Helping Parents Heal Board Member and Caring Listener, Brian Smith
To learn more about Brian, please click

Uplifting Validation Stories from Parents:

Lemon Tree by Tom Madsen - author of Relentless - From Both Sides of the Veil

Lemon Tree, Kevin Madsen

This blog is written by Tom Madsen. In his book Relentless – From Both Sides of the Veil, Tom tells the story of their son Kevin. Kevin passed from cancer in 2018, but his indomitable spirit continues to embrace his family, and he shows up with them in myriad ways. Relentless concludes in Spring 2020. But Tom’s blog documents Kevin’s continuing signs and antics.  Relentless – From Both Sides of the Veil is available on Amazon 
My wife Marilene some months ago placed a handful of potted plants and shrubs around our deck. In the winter of 2019/2020 she bought a tiny lemon tree at Costco and planted it in a blue ceramic planter, positioned near the railing of the deck, where it absorbs the morning sun.
Over the course of 2020, this little tree grew to maybe two-and-a-half feet tall. Eventually, it bloomed, and the blooms produced six lemons. These lemons start as green, like store-bought limes. Over a couple of months, the green fruit turns gradually yellow as it ripens. Now, in December, when the morning sun lights them, they look like little suns themselves.
We placed our house on the market in November. Under virus protocols, there’s no public open house; people can only see the house by appointment, accompanied by their real estate agent. So before an appointment we tidy up the house, I blow the dead leaves off the deck, and we disappear for a couple hours for the showing. When we return, my ever-vigilant wife surveys the house to ensure that nothing’s missing.  She never fails to inventory the number of lemons on her tree. Yep, still six. She repeated this regimen at least ten times over the course of a few weeks, as throughout November various prospective buyers toured the house. Six, every time. No one stealing lemons; thanks for checking, dear.
December 7. Morning. The three of us – me, Marilene, and our 21-year-old son Gustavo – each huddled over our hot coffees and whatever news played over our phone screens. Every now and then, a brief chat over one or another nugget of news or sports happenings, followed by a sip of coffee, and returning to swiping the little screens.  Marilene sat at a barstool at the granite island. Gustavo and I sank into either side of the L-shaped leather sofa in the family room, next to the picture windows overlooking the deck and the view of the valley.
Marilene, with her back to the window, murmured something about her six lemons.
From my spot on the sofa, I glanced out the window at the little lemon tree.
“Seven.”  I said.
Marilene, still focused on something on her phone, retorted “Six.”
I looked again. Three on one side of the little trunk; four on the other.
Marilene grew impatient. “Tom, there’s six lemons on that tree.” She was so certain of this that she didn’t bother to turn around from her perch on the barstool.
“Dear, I’m looking right at it.  There’s seven lemons.”
Marilene’s impatience mounted, but she still faced the granite island. “Tom, I count those lemons every time we come back to the house.  There’s six lemons there!” she insisted.
Mindful of household harmony, I might in certain circumstances acquiesce to my wife’s insistence. But this was not one of those times. I could see it right outside the window, and anyhow she was going to discover it for herself before much longer. So I sent the ping pong ball back across the net once more, with more zing on it this time. “Dear, I’m happy to put some money down on this. Shall we say $1,000?  There’s seven lemons out there.” Please continue reading by clicking

~Written by Tom Madsen, Kevin's proud Dad

Missy Darity's Validation through Shelly Wilson

Cate Curtis, Shelly Wilson

It's been about a month since I wandered into HPH on Facebook and I immediately knew that this group is very different from the many online support groups that I have joined in the nearly three years since my beloved Cate jumped the planet very suddenly when she hydroplaned across a grassy median and struck a semi truck mid-air on the turnpike. We had her funeral on her 23rd birthday. 
I had never cared about what happens when we leave this planet because I was going to go first, of course. That very day as I stood in the middle of the turnpike absorbing shockwave after shockwave I felt Cate communicating with me. I felt an I explicable peace that allowed me to comfort my then seven year old daughter, Lilly who was witnessing the same devastation before her sweet, innocent eyes. I just KNEW that Cate was not gone. She was telling me that one day all this trauma and chaos will make sense and I trusted her 1000%.

I immediately wanted to talk to an expert. I had already found a team of mental health professionals to help us navigate the shock and trauma but I needed to talk to a medium. The kind of professional that could help me understand and process this new and beautiful spiritual awakening that I was experiencing. I needed an expert to show me more ways to communicate with Cate so I can learn all the lessons that I am meant to take from this impossible tragedy. To make my loss meaningful I had to understand these communications, signs and epiphanies that I was getting almost daily. I researched mediums for hours and hours when sleep wouldn't come. I was in uncharted territory and I needed to be careful and thorough. 

I did this for months without finding or contacting a medium for a reading and the old me would have been very impatient and frustrated but Cate was telling me that I would know when the time was right. So when Shelly R Wilson was scheduled for a HPH zoom meeting I joined with an open heart and no expectations. 

I am writing this the morning after Cate came through to Shelly to give me the validation I needed. At first I was unsure of a few details but this morning it all makes sense. I went to Shelly's website to see about booking an in person reading because she mentioned that she is in Oklahoma where I live. Immediately the town where she is located jumps out at me as it is the same small town where my friend Chauncey lives and this is the first name that she mentioned in the meeting last night. When Shelly mentioned school I assumed that Cate was referring to Lilly who has been struggling with anxiety at school. However, I talked to my son Caleb who is 14 months older than Cate and has struggled to find his way since Cate's accident just this morning and he announced that he had just enrolled in summer classes so he can finish his bachelor's degree!!!! I have been so worried about both of them so much and I talk to Cate often about them. Shelly delivered this amazing news before I could gain this knowledge on my own. Cate had been trying to tell me that Caleb and Lilly are going to be ok but my maternal instinct to worry combined with my human condition was limiting me greatly. 

Even though I knew and felt all these things already, to hear Shelly speak these words is everything I needed to do my job here as a wife, mother and human being. This beautiful soul Shelly R Wilson  appeared to me at the exact time that I needed it just like Cate told me it would happen nearly three years ago. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the tools and guidance provided here at HPH. It has become a safe, soft place to land when I am in free fall and exhausted from the pain of my new life without Cate's physical presence.

- With love and gratitude, Missy Darity, Cate's loving mom

Please watch Shelly's YouTube Video by clicking here

A Beautiful Message from Lisa Arnold

Derek Arnold, Lisa's son

Imagine a new perception of “death”. We didn’t lose a loved one. They transitioned into their whole being. We are not separate from them yet are connected beyond the senses. We substitute talk and text for incredible undeniable signs. We don’t have to wait until our turn to see them. We can close our eyes and connect. We can still feel their hugs during meditation or dreams. One day when we are no longer physical, we will understand the entire broader perspective.

For now, we can discover these truths one by one. We are never not whole. We are just not fully conscious. But we can be pretty close. We can gain confidence that the greater parts of us are already living the dream with our loved ones. We can be happy because we understand the temporary state we inhabit. Together, we can help each other experience more of the magic on this turbulent journey. Together we can raise our frequency so high, we can blur this imaginary line between them and us. Between there and here. Between physical and non physical. We’ve got this!

- With love and gratitude, Lisa Arnold, Derek's loving mom

Patty Bundura's Validation through Shelly Wilson
Marie Bundura, Shelly Wilson

On Monday, 3/22/21 Helping Parents Heal welcomed author and evidential medium Shelly Wilson.  She began by answering questions and offering tools and advice to improve our connection with our loved ones.  With a gentle and soothing voice, she connected with several of our beautiful children, conveying positive messages of love and encouragement.  

When she began describing a girl in her late teens or early 20’s who loved to dress up, who struggled with substance abuse and depression, who was a risk taker with a strong will, who she could see both zip lining (on our bucket list) and at school (she was in her last year at UCI), and who transitioned by either taking her own life or by an accidental overdose, I felt sure this was my daughter, Marie.  Shelly connected to another mom, got “chills” (her sign for being with the right parent) and began delivering a lovely message.

Time for one more…did anything make sense to anyone else?  When I indicated I could also relate to the details given (aka “piggybacking”), Shelly said she got “chills” once more and began bringing my daughter through.  

Shelly asked about the number “2” - perhaps the number of years since she transitioned, or something about February?  “2” is the number of people who took responsibility for my daughter’s death, a key detail in determining the series of events that lead to her passing.

Shelly encouraged me to take note of the sensations, that Marie is telling her she’s hugging me and wants to continue to connect in that way, but there’s frustration, aggravation and confusion blocking that.  She went on to say how Marie was expressing concern that I have developed health issues as a result of letting her death “eat me up”, that it wasn’t my fault, and to stop holding onto that.  Shelly said that as our children go through their life review, they get to see how their choices affected those around them.  She said Marie was sorry, she didn’t realize that what she was doing would cause her death. 

Shelly then said Marie was sending me the song from Toy Story, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”, that it was clear there is a sense of closeness between us beyond mother/daughter (so spot on!) and that this song is for ALL of us shining light parents.  Shelly also told me that Marie now feels a sense of peace, and that there will be a lot more that Marie will communicate to me “mind to mind”, that she was thanking me and hoping my heart will heal.  Lastly, Shelly reminded us all that when our kids pop into our minds, it’s not just us thinking of them, that they’re actively making the connection - trust it!  It’s a gift of love, saying, “I’m right here!”

Such amazing validations that our kids are still with us!  Thank you, Shelly Wilson, for a wonderful experience, and thank you Helping Parents Heal for the opportunity to connect with my Marie and continuing to provide ways to learn to better connect with all my kids behind the veil.

- With much love and gratitude, Patty Bundura – Eric, Marie and Cole’s loving mom

Please watch Shelly's YouTube Video by clicking here

Tracy Voss' Validation from Bella through Pauline Mason
Bella Cohen, Pauline Mason

On April 1st, the evening of Pauline Mason's Gallery Reading, was the first time in a while that I chuckled.  Even if Bella wasn't piggybacking, it was wonderful to remember good times: 
1. Ballet shoes - after transplant she was finally able to go back on pointe shoes (she was a dancer at performing arts college). It was a huge deal to her.   And first "new" dance purchase after transplant. 
2. Anemia - had to have transfusions for many years before transplant 
3. Cellphone (that's what we call them here).....I've been going through Bella's and she'd be seriously irritated with me for doing that 🤦
4. Paul - her grandfather and naughty partner in crime - he died a year before her and a couple of months after her transplant.  Guess they're together, still being naughty. 
5. Bird in a cage -  we went to the pet shop for her to "just look at the goldfish...". and walked out with a young cockatiel in a cage she was adamant her grandfather needed. (Side note she'd find humorous....neither her nor her grandfather are still wish us ...but bird well and happy 🙃)
6. National dolls...
7. Suicide - her best friend tried to commit suicide (luckily not successfully), about 6 months after Bella left us as she was struggling to cope 
8. White dress - could be many references 
9.  Appendix - possibly her kidney/liver transplant
10. . Valerie - song by Amy Winehouse she used to belt out ... and I said to my son recently that I hope Bella was " hanging out with the cool kids (performers who have passed) like Amy Winehouse.
11.  Teacher - she was a tap teacher 
12.  Helmet & truck (boy she kissed which sadly resulted in meningitis....As her brother said - clearly she misunderstood SnowWhite - kiss was supposed to wake her up 🤗)

Thank you again.  HPH has been a lifeline since Bella transitioned ❤️

-Tracy Voss, Bella's proud mom
Please watch the YouTube video of Pauline's Gallery Reading here.  

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from the validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 500-600 words.) 

A Huge THANK YOU to our Amazing Zoom Presenters!
We were grateful to welcome the following wonderful presenters: 
Irene Weinberg, Mikel Lizarralde (HPH en Espagnol), Shelly Wilson, Andrea Courey, Rick WIlcoxson, Pauline Mason, Craig Hogan, Judith Hancox, Brian Smith, Suzanne Giesemann (HPH en Espagnol), Kat Baillie, and Fara GibsonPlease check out their presentations on our YouTube Channel.  

Our Fabulous Upcoming Speakers!
Wendy Williams, Casey Gauntt, Raina Love, Julie Ryan, Sonia Rinaldi (HPH - Connecting with Our Loved Ones in Spirit, Andrea Courey, Drew Cali, Mikel Lizarralde, Daisy Moore, Daniel John, Martin Twycross, Dr. Jennifer Levin, Amy Utsmann, Jacqueline Bailloutine, Dr. Mark Pistick,  Lavonne Wells-Sandberg, Gordon Smith, Dra. Monica Urrea Franco, Marilyn Kapp, Shelly Wilson, Beth and Rick Olsen, Craig McMahon, Bill Guggenheim, Mark Anthony, and Anna Urea

Please be sure to watch our incredible lineup of upcoming speakers:  
-Past Life Regression Hypnotist Wendy Williams on April 12th
-Shining Light Dad and Author Casey Gauntt on April 13th
Shining Light Mom Raina Love - HPH BookClub with Carol Allen, April 15th
-Psychic and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan, April 19th
-HPH - Connecting with Our Loved Ones in Spirit with Sonia Rinaldi, April 20th
-Andrea Courey, Sound Meditation, on April 20th
-Evidential Medium Drew Cali on April 21st
-Psychic Medium Mikel Lizarralde on April 22nd

-Our Babies in Spirit with Daisy Mae Moore on April 26th

-Evidential Medium Daniel John on April 27th
-Evidential Medium Martin Tycross on April 28th 
-Healing From Traumatic Loss, Dr. Jennifer Levin on April 29th
-Evidential Medium Amy Utsman on May 3rd
-Past Life Regression Hypnotist Jacqueline Balloutine, May 4th
-Gender Difference in Grieving with Dr. Mark Pitstick on May 10th
-Recognizing Signs from our Children in Spirit with Lavonne Sandberg on May 13th
-Gordon Smith, Scottish Medium on May 17th
-Helping Parents Heal en Espagnol con la Dra. Monica Urrea Franco, May 17th
-Marilyn Kapp, Evidential Medium and Author, on May 8th
-Evidential Medium Shelly Wilson on May 20th
-Sound Healer Andrea Courey, May 25th
-Rick and Beth Olsen, Healers, on May 27th
-Q & A with Craig McMahon, Creator of the Life to Afterlife Series, June 1st
-Bill Guggenheim, Author of 'Hello from Heaven', June 1st
-An Evening of Spirit Communication with Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony, June 9th
-HPH - Book Club with Anna Enea, Author of 'Together Forever', June 10th

Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell on May 6th 
Karen Newell/Dr. Eben Alexander

Countless people who undergo near-death experiences report profound transformations, including revisiting crucial events from their lives in astonishing detail, encountering the souls of deceased loved ones and bathing in an ocean of pure, unconditional love and acceptance.
They no longer fear death because they know that when the time comes, they’ll be perfectly at home in the spiritual realm — and that everyone will be. They’ve already seen it for themselves. Even if you never have an NDE there is much to be learned from those who have.

Eben Alexander, M.D., was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has a passionate interest in physics and cosmology. He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe.

To learn more about Dr. Alexander visit his website at
Karen Newell has spent a lifetime seeking wisdom through esoteric teachings and firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. She empowers others by demonstrating how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics and co-author with Dr. Eben Alexander of Living in a Mindful Universe.
Learn more about Karen at her website Sacred Acoustics | brainwave entrainment, meditation, binaural beats.  Please join Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell on May 6th!  Please click
here to join.

Best-Selling Author Jeffery Olsen & his son Aiden-May 11th!

Jeffery Olsen

Please join us on May 11th for a very special meeting of Helping Parents Heal with Jeffery Olsen and his son, Aiden!  We hope to see you all there.  Jeffery has presented to our group several times; he is the best-selling author of 'Knowing' and was in the film, 'Life to Afterlife: Mom Can You Hear Me?'  Please join us!

Helping Parents Heal - India welcomed Uma Girish on April 7th!
Uma Girish

Spiritual Mentor Uma Girish spoke to our Helping Parents Heal - India Affiliate Group on April 7th.  Please view her YouTube video here.

Please view our recent presenters on our YouTube Channel or on our Helping Parents Heal FB under 'videos', where all of the videos are available! Please also join our Facebook group here to sign up for the upcoming Zoom conference meetings. They can be attended by anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet service! They hope to see you there.

Dr. Mark Pitstick and Lynn Hollahan lead our 28 HPH Caring Listeners
The Caring Listeners By Alphabetical Order: Manisha Akhauri, David Alison, Carol Sanna Allen, Claudia Ardelean, Elizabeth Boisson, Patti Brennan, Mabel Chan, Dolores Salazar Cruz, Pamela DeMars, Nancy Hejna, Karol Hennessey, Point of Contact Lynn Hoff-Hollahan, Jeff Hollahan, Suzanne Klokkenga, Lisa Coyne Laniewski, Paige Lee, Conrado Leslie, Paola Bottoni Leslie, Joyce Lupp McLaughlin, Rosanne Norris, Janean Bentley Quigley, John Rooks, Laurie Savoie, Elly Sheykhet, Brian Smith, Tywana M. Smith, Suzi Smith, and Irene Vouvalides of the Caring Listeners

Our twenty-eight wonderful volunteer Caring Listeners, led by Dr. Mark Pitstick and Lynn Hollahan, are willing to talk in person, by phone or by Zoom. They each are bereaved parents who are now shining brightly – most of the time – and want to help others. We have Spanish-Speaking, French-speaking, Italian-Speaking, Cantonese-Speaking, Romanian-Speaking, Russian-Speaking and Hindi-Speaking Caring Listeners as well. Now more than ever, please do not hesitate to call! Please click here to learn more!  

Dr. Mark Pickstick, Author of 'SoulProof'Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
April 2021
by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC 

To all parents, I am very sorry about the death of your child’s human form.  However, I’m glad you are learning how to heal and transform.  Six key understandings to making that shift are:

     1. Over 99.9% of who and what your child “was” is still alive in the next phase of life.  See articles #1 and 60 at for a review of the scientific and clinical evidence.

     2. Only his earthly body died.  Everything else continues – the love, energy, sense of humor, memory, personality, energetic body, and much moreReally knowing this is a key to healing.
     3. She is happy, peaceful, loving, and enthusiastic – and wants you to be that way now too.

     4. You will see him when you pass on and can enjoy a different kind of relationship now.  (To learn more about how you can do this, see article #9
Visit With ‘Departed’ Loved Ones Now)
     5. You can choose to transmute your grief into a spiritually transformative experience that
powerfully improves your life and blesses others.

     6. You can heal and increase the gifts from his life by lovingly serving others. 
Bereaved parents understandably feel much pain, sadness, anger, guilt, and other lower energy emotions.   No one could or should ever judge that.  However, many parents have learned to emphasize #1 – 6 above and enjoy life again.  They have journeyed – one step at a time – FROM bereaved parents TO shining light parents.   

Shining light parents have sad feeling too at times, but they choose to focus – as much as possible – on appreciation for great times and memories, realization they will see their child again, and transformation by finding the silver linings.  They resolve to make the world a better place in honor of their children by creating more meaning to their life and passing. 

You can do the same.  It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible with small steps day by day.  To learn more, see article #2 at  Here are five action steps . . .

  • Attend local and online Helping Parents Heal meetings
  • Contact The Caring Listeners to talk with at no charge 
  • Read free articles at and take relevant action steps 
  • Listen to free Radio Shows at and our answers to life’s toughest questions including “Why do children die?” 
  • Lean on others as needed.  Later, when you are doing better, you can help others.  
Q: Even though I know I shouldn't, I still beat myself up five years after our daughter's death.  My mind often lapses back into: 'What if I had done this?' or 'I should have done that.'  I'm sure others suffer in similar ways.  What can you recommend to help with this?  - Leah

A: Dear Leah, I am very sorry for all you and your family have been through.  But I am glad you are asking great questions and working toward becoming a shining light parent.  

My first suggestion is to use more conscious language.  Your daughter didn't die, just her body did.  That is a huge difference and one I suggest remembering via your language.  Read my articles cited under (1.) above to learn the evidence that over 99% of who and what she is still lives.  

Next, you need to release that anger, regret, self-blame, etc. on a regular basis.  Parents feel like they should protect their children and understandably have these feelings.  If not dealt with, those lower energy emotions can hurt you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The most powerful way I know is to use the Holistic Breathing Technique.  To learn more, see article #70.  

My third recommendation is to heal with the Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness Technique (A.R.T.T.)  These are higher energy emotions than anger, guilt, etc.  To learn more, see article 40.  This technique is a powerful way to do that.  

The Easter season is a wonderful time to remember that rebirth and new beginnings are always possible no matter what is going on.  In that spirit, here are free audio files so you can feel more peace, joy, love, gratitude, enthusiasm and other higher energies / ways of being.  

A.R.T.T. Technique Introduction
A.R.T.T. Technique Session

Let it shine! 

PS - I mention my articles, radio shows, and products so you have information, strategies, and resources for healing and transformation.  Email me at if you cannot afford them, and we’ll send you a complimentary digital copy.  

Disclaimer: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on forty-eight years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and holistic health practice.  Some of his statements are supported by clinical and scientific data while others are based on experiential evidence and his best current understandings.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, counselor with a masters in clinical psychology, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop / webinar teacher.  He also attended theology school, majoring in pastoral counseling, and trained in suicide prevention.  Mark directs The SoulPhone Foundation, founded Greater Reality Living groups, and assists research for the SoulPhone Project.  His mission is to help you know and show that – no matter what is happening to you or around you – this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.  To learn more, visit 

Fellowship and Coincidences 
Kristine and Ernie Jackson, Quinton

There is More!
About eighteen months ago I met with a representative of a large national contracting firm.  In that lunch meeting at a restaurant I shared Quinton and was of service to my new friend in processing her Mom’s transition.  Fast forward to about two months ago, I met with another representative of this firm in preparation for doing some work together.  We hit it off as well even though we didn’t have a spiritual conversation.  They ended up doing a great job for us!  End of story, right?  Not so fast...

Early in March the woman representative of this firm called me up and with emotions barely contained and shared the wife of the gentleman mentioned above had suddenly transitioned.  My heart broke and I naturally offered to meet with him when he was ready.  That meeting took place on Tuesday, April 6th.  We met at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Early in the conversation, within a few short minutes of sitting down, I asked “the question!”  “Have you experienced anything strange?”  Without missing a beat he replied, “Like feeling her leg rub up against mine in bed or hearing the crinkling of a water bottle in the middle of the night?”  Yes, I replied and explained the significance of signs!  As we spoke, a Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On” played in the background.  Suddenly, he added “the ring tone for when my wife calls me is the song playing right now.”  The word “COINCIDENCE” hung in the air between the three of us, no – make that four of us.  We let him know there are absolutely no coincidences.  She was indeed, there with us.

At this point, he is in the early stages of grief and still handling the business side of laying his wife’s body to rest while settling some of her affairs.  Slowly he began to share the specifics.  Both he and his female co-worker whom I met the year prior spoke of his wife in past tense.  I stopped them, then gently and lovingly explained, There is no “was”, She is an amazing person, NOT WAS.  Together they continued and at one point he kind of mumbled his wife’s name.  I didn’t hear him and asked, “What is your wife’s name?”  More clearly he replied, “My wife’s name is Tess” and we continued talking about Tess.  At some point in the conversation they used the “D” word.  Again, immediately I shared I don’t use the word died or dead, but use the word “transitioned”.  Light bulbs were going off with my new gentleman friends’ eyes and his co-worker was kinda beaming as well, because she had heard this before.

All of you who read my columns here in the Helping Parent’s Heal newsletters know why I share the above.  These are helpful points to consider on the journey;

1. Continue to say your child/ loved one’s name; don’t be bashful about it.
2. Speak of them in the present tense, not past; they continue – what our society calls death is simply, a crossing of a threshold, a transition from physical to non-physical.
3. Pay attention to the signs; those odd or unexplained occurrences.  Don’t brush them off or forget about them.  These signs, no matter how subtle or bold speak a sacred truth.  

Our loved ones, who have transitioned before us, continue, as will we.  Remember, this is a sacred journey.  A journey filled with purpose. 

Peace, my friends.

~Ernie and Kristine, Quinton’s Dad and Mom
-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal, a Caring Listener and the proud father of Quinton. His two books, 'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy,' are available at   Ernie was interviewed by HPH on October 15th.  Please watch the YouTube video here

Healing Books by Providers and Parents
Helping Parents Heal has had the pleasure of interviewing many talented parents and providers who have written about their children and their journeys.  Here are a few of the books from our recent Zoom meetings: Embracing the Magic Within by Shelly Wilson,  They Serve Bagels in Heaven by Irene Weinberg, Un Nuevo Mensaje para Mikel Lizarralde, and There is Nothing But Mind and Experiences by R. Craig Hogan, PhD.

Please check them out on the 
Recommended Books pages of our website:

Affiliate Updates -
In an effort to keep all of our wonderful parents safe during this Covid-19 pandemic, Helping Parents Heal has now switched to Zoom meetings, instead of in-person meetings, for the foreseeable future.  Our Affiliate Directors, Dawn Richards and Sherry Day are working to ensure that our Affiliate Leaders can hold meetings by Zoom.  

Some Affiliate Updates:

NEW GROUP! Helping Parents Heal - Maine!
Ginny Kern

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of our team!  Ginny Kern will be leading a group in Maine, and coincidentally, the Reverend Peter Panagore baptized her youngest son and is a close friend of the family! We are so grateful to have you with us, Ginny!

About Ginny: 
Hi! My name is Ginny Kern, and I am Samuel (“Sam” / “Sammy”) Miller Kern’s mom. Sam transitioned on 9-26-20 at the age of 29. Sam was a kind, thoughtful, compassionate, creative, witty person, and I miss him every single day. There is some comfort knowing that Sam is with his dad, Ted, who transitioned 3 years ago. Having lost two of some of the most important people in my life within the past 3 years is unfathomable; but, I try to be as strong as possible for my other two children, Grant (27) and Jennifer (22) (plus, Ted and Sam would want me to be happy). Also, I am delighted to be serving as the Maine Affiliate Leader for Helping Parents Heal. Volunteering was an integral part of Sam and Ted’s lives, and I want to honor them in a way that makes them proud, so this opportunity seems befitting. I sincerely hope to provide support to others who are on this same unexpected journey. Love & Light to you all. 

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal - Maine Affiliate Leader, Ginny Kern

Helping Parents Heal - Portland! 
Annie and Marc Adams

The Portland HPH group is growing!  Saturday, March 20th, we hosted 16 Shining Light Parents from three different states and three different countries (Canada, South Africa and USA) on our Zoom call.  Of course, our children reminded us we are not only in different geographic locations but we are truly connected through Spirit and are only visiting this Earth School!  Several people shared stories of experiences with their children while they were showering or near water.  Water can be a great conduit for higher frequencies and it's no wonder communications increase in these situations.  Another great way to connect through higher vibration is simply getting quiet, releasing expectation and being open to the signs.  We did just that and enjoyed a sweet conversation about our fabulous children.  We are so grateful for all those that have participated in our meetings and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

-Written by our Portland Affiliate Leaders, Marc and Annie Adams

NEW GROUP!  Helping Parents Heal - NYC/Westchester!
Colleen Byrne

Please join me in welcoming Colleen O'Connell Byrne, who will be starting an Affiliate Group in NYC/Westchester! We are grateful that you have joined us.

About Colleen: 
My name is Colleen Byrne and our youngest son Denis (DJ) passed away on October 4, 2019. He transitioned after a short illness that affected his respiratory system. DJ began sending signs right away and came through to us via a medium Maura Geist one month after his passing. I chat with DJ daily and he often comes to me with music and butterflies. I know that helping others on this journey is where I am meant to be. Our group will cover NYC and Westchester counties. Meetings will be held by Zoom for the time being. We will begin in April.

-Written by our new Helping Parents Heal - NYC/Westchester Affiliate Leader, Colleen Byrne

Helping Parents Heal Calgary!
Bill and Susan Van Oije

The Calgary, Canada affiliate of Helping Parents Heal welcomed 27 parents and their amazing children to the group's Zoom meeting on March 16th. We were honored to welcome as our guest speaker HPH President and Co-Founder Elizabeth Veney Boisson, who spoke movingly of her beautiful children in spirit. Elizabeth described in profound detail how, even though she was thousands of miles away, she felt her son Morgan hug her as he passed due to severe altitude sickness on a student trip to Tibet in 2009. She said she now understands she had what is known as a Shared Death Experience, when a loved one (or a caregiver or bystander) shares in a dying person's initial transition from this world. She also reminded us that "The most important part of this healing process is being around people who understand." Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your wisdom and story, and answering all of our questions! We look forward to our next Zoom meeting on April 20th, 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time (8:30 p.m. Eastern Time). As well as sharing our amazing children, our topic will be 'Sharing our Inspiration: What Inspires Us on Our Healing Journey?' 

here for the details for our next meeting for the main Facebook page.

-Written by Calgary, Canada co-affiliate leaders Susan and Bill Van Oije
Bill presented to our group by Zoom on February 3rd and his talk had a profound, healing effect on many members.  Please click
here to view his YouTube video! 

Irene Vouvalides & Kathy MacMannis hold a Chat Room every Tuesday!
Irene Vouvalides and Linus, Kathy McMannis

Kathy MacMannis and I are co-hosting Chat With Irene and Kathy on Tuesdays at 4 PM EST. We have a topic of discussion every week and have wonderful, open, honest and poignant sessions with members of HPH from around the world. We have formed new friendships, gotten to know our children in spirit and each other and we welcome you to join us.

Sending much love, Irene and Kathy
Please join Irene Vouvalides and Kathy MacMannis every Tuesday at 1 pm PT/AZ, 2 pm Mountain, 3 pm Central and 4 pm EST for a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents in her Chat Room.  Please contact Irene
here for the Zoom link! 

Kathy MacMannis presented to Helping Parents Heal on August 17th.  Please click here to view! And Irene Vouavalides presented to our group on July 14th, please click here to view!

Helping Fathers Heal 
Mike and Dylan Edwards

Mike Edwards, the Affiliate Leader of Helping Fathers Heal, continues to hold bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 8 pm Central!  Please contact Mike for more information and the Zoom link

Helping Parents Heal - Meditation Group
David, Davey and Allison Alison

Please join David and Allison Alison of the Helping Parents Heal Online Meditation Group, every third Wednesday of the month at 9 pm EST! 

Allison and David are the parents of three amazing adult children: Jocelyn, Davey and Julia. Davey transitioned on July 20, 2016; he was involved in a solo car accident at the age of 24. This is documented along with their journey in David’s book Finding Davey. We felt Davey right away and knew he was not gone. We found out about HPH and it has helped us heal and connect with other patents. We enjoy talking about the signs we get from Davey and hearing about other parents’ experiences. Being a “Shining Light Parent” has helped us find meaning. Now with the HPH Mediation group, we would like to help others through positive energy and love with the help of our children on the other side.  Please click
here to learn more!

Shiome Healing Sessions with Judi Hancox
Judith Hancox

Judith Hancox, MSW BCETS, has kindly given several healing sessions to parents, and she will be continuing to do so on the first Monday of every month from 2 pm - 4 pm EST throughout the pandemic.  Her next session is on May 3rd.  Please click
here to RSVP and learn more!

From Judi: Shifting in the “Magic Circle” is an involved protocol I developed over 30 years of studying with different healers. It's a therapeutic transformational process where we shift our energy to a higher vibration by releasing a disturbing memory/feeling and transforming the energy to a beautiful peaceful feeling/vision. It's part of what I do in my professional individual sessions.

I'll facilitate and guide the process with a surrogate volunteer from the group who helps me "test" the group, with everyone’s permission. We're all connected, and we all help each other. I'll share a new science-based "Flash Technique” first, then move into energy psychology (EP) and desensitization and reprocessing when needed. When appropriate, we'll shift the disturbance together in our "Magic Circle" or Medicine Wheel over the ocean, through all the elements. Everyone will receive the gift of a positive installation through a technique of brain balancing from EP.

Be prepared to work a bit, and please come with a strong positive engaging focus - a happy thought and feeling - whether a song, a memory, something powerfully uplifting to focus on. Also bring that disturbing memory you'd like to desensitize. We'll put it in a sacred container for you to keep and shift during the process. We honor all memories, and although the Truth never changes, the disturbing feelings can be changed to bring peace. If someone needs assistance after our Healing Circle, please feel free to contact me at, gratis.

Much love and peace to you, Judith
Judith A. Hancox

Mission Statement of Helping Parents Heal: Our mission is to help bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the Afterlife in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog. We receive all and do not judge people or their children on the basis of life choices. -Mark Ireland, Cofounder, Helping Parents Heal

Note: Information in the Helping Parents Heal newsletter is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you in finding resources (information, meetings, books, etc.) to aid in the bereavement process. This newsletter is not intended to endorse, sponsor or encourage your use of any of the information or services listed, whether from members or other individuals. Rather, our intent is simply to inform you of the vast amount of resources available for your consideration. We urge you to independently research and consider the value of any particular resource for yourself. Further, while we take steps to ensure the accuracy of the information posted, especially relative to linked media, we accept no liability for the content. Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit Corporation.

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