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Bonuses 2015 : European vs. American banks

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Emolument has analysed bonuses from 434 Directors working in Europe for top UK, US and European banks.

Steady flies the Eagle: US banks retain their reputation as consistently strong payers, however considering their positive stock performance over the last 18 months, most of the US banks are probably hoping to satisfy their employees with stock valuation upticks on their existing holding rather than an outright increase in annual cash bonuses.
Swiss Bonus slashing: With disappointing results this year, Swiss institutions were under pressure to retain their key staff despite struggling to source a suitable bonus pool, leading to wide swings in remuneration from one specialism to the next
Eurozone: A conservative bonus policy last year enabled Euro based banks to show an rise in 2015 bonus payments, though they still remain far behind their US counterparts

UK institutions: Squeezed by regulation and watched like hawks by the media, UK banks have had little room for bonus increases this year, with a puny 4% increase 


Bonus evolution between 2014 and 2015


Thomas Drewry, CEO of said : ‘For many bankers, bonus sizes are not necessarily about absolute payment but as a year on year comparable: ‘’Are you up or down on last year?’’ is the question deemed proper enough in bonus related conversations, and that in itself becomes a substantial indicator of how much the bank wants to keep you on.’

Bonus evolution between 2014 and 2015


Launching a brand new service: 'Emolument Employers'

Does Ernst & Young pay more than Accenture? Does Google value an MBA? From which universities does Goldman Sachs recruit? Find answers to these and hundreds more questions through the simple, transparent and dynamic graphs has just created for its new product: Emolument Employers.

Following its ground-breaking Alumni launch in 2014 which allows users to benchmark not only their jobs but their university and degrees, has now expanded its offering with Emolument Employers. has built this new technology to enable its 50,000 members to delve into the pay structure and demographics of specific companies, giving them yet another essential tool to make key career choices. Users can now benchmark career paths and specialisms, university degrees and employers for free in seconds with an intuitive, dynamic and reliable platform, which is fast becoming an indispensable career enhancing tool.

Thomas Drewry, CEO at said: â€˜ created Employer reports on the back of user demand to help them navigate their annual salary negotiation discussions, job offers and internal transfers. They can now compare one company pay against another in the usual transparent and granular way for which Emolument is recognised. Going forward, we will continue to listen to our users' needs to build relevant functionality and gather even more data in order to promote transparency in pay which we believe is essential to empower our users to take control of their careers.'

Emolument Employer's intuitive interface:

Emolument Employers is transparent: – an overview was launched in 2012 as the only real-time bonus & salary-benchmarking site dedicated to finance and other professional services industries. With over 45,000 contributions from individuals at over 18,500 institutions the service has become the leading provider of validated real-time remuneration data. sources salary and bonus data directly from individual professionals who contribute anonymously. In return, contributors receive free access to aggregated market results broken down by title, location and sector.  Emolument’s mission is to provide greater transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions. has just launched its ‘Alumni’ service which allows users to benchmark themselves against their university peers ( Users can now view both their ‘education’ report on top of their existing job report. The new Education reports feature compensation ranking, industry spreads for their university peers. In line with Emolument’s existing services, these reports are free and available to users of and
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