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Scottish Legal News: Monday 11th March 2019

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Woman granted interdict to prevent solicitors’ firm acting for estranged husband in divorce action

Lord Brailsford
Lord Brailsford

The estranged wife of former Rangers Football Club owner Sir David Murray has been granted a court order preventing a firm of solicitors acting for her husband in a divorce action.

Kae Murray sought an interdict after a lawyer who acted for her when the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement later joined the firm which was representing Sir David in the proceedings following their separation.

A judge in the Court of Session granted the interdict after ruling that the firm had “confidential information” about Mrs Murray and that the order was necessary to ensure the “appearance of justice”.

‘Confidential information’

Lord Brailsford heard that the petitioner Mrs Murray and Sir David were married in 2011.

Prior to their marriage they entered into a pre-nuptial agreement regulating financial affairs in the event of the marriage terminating in divorce.

Turcan Connell (TC) acted for Sir David in the negotiation and preparation of the pre-nuptial agreement, while the petitioner was represented in the negotiation and preparation of the pre-nuptial agreement by solicitor Noel Ferry, then head of family law in another firm of solicitors, Maclay Murray & Spens.

In 2013 Mr Ferry joined TC initially as a senior associate and from April 2015 as a partner working in that firm’s Glasgow office in the field of family law.

Since joining the firm Mr Ferry has not acted for nor had any dealings with the petitioner, but since her marriage to Sir David the Mrs Murray has on a number of occasions instructed and obtained advice from another partner of TC, Mr Peter Littlefield, who deals primarily with trust and tax matters for private clients.

The couple separated in March 2018 and the petitioner instigated divorce proceedings against SDM.

She was represented in the divorce proceedings by a firm of solicitors specialising in family law, SKO, while Mr Murray was represented by TC.

In the divorce proceedings, the petitioner was seeking to set aside the pre-nuptial agreement and, further, made financial claims both in relation to capital and aliment.

‘Potentially prejudicial’

An eight-day proof date was fixed for February 2019, but during a case management hearing last September the petitioner raised the issue of potential disclosure of information confidential to her by Turcan Connell and subsequently lodged the present petition claiming that it was “inappropriate” for TC to continue to act in the divorce.

It was alleged that the confidential information included “retained knowledge”, that is information for which there are no documents but which depends on the memory of a person.

The petitioner contended that Mr Ferry had retained knowledge in relation to the petitioner’s affairs arising from his involvement on her behalf, albeit when employed by a different firm of solicitors, in the preparation and negotiation of the pre-nuptial agreement.

The confidential information was also said to include papers contained in two files compiled by Mr Littlefield when giving private client advice to the petitioner during the tenure of her marriage.

The hard copies of these files were passed by Turcan Connell to SKO in implement of a mandate, but TC retained within its IT system electronic copies of the files, although the partner permitted to have access to the files had no previous involvement in the affairs of either the petitioner or Mr Murray.

Mrs Murray’s position was that TC had information held by Mr Ferry as a result of his having been the petitioner’s advisor in relation to the pre-nuptial agreement and the information contained in the two files relating to work done by Mr Littlefield on behalf of the petitioner during the course of the marriage was confidential to her.

She had not waived her right to confidentiality and the information was not in the public domain.

The material, which was of a financial nature, was directly relevant to her claims in the divorce action and to her position as regards potential settlement – knowledge of which was “potentially prejudicial” to her interests.

In seeking to invoke the inherent power of the court to supervise its officers, it was contended that the administration of justice, including the appearance of justice, required to ensure the integrity of justice in circumstances where a firm of solicitors, or members of that firm, had knowledge of a confidential nature belonging to a former client and where the solicitors acted for a person now involved in either litigation or who was in dispute with the former client.

‘Appearance of justice’

Granting interdict, the judge considered that the order was “justified” because Turcan Connell had failed to put in place sufficient safeguards to eliminate the risk of disclosure of the confidential information to protect the position of the former client.

In a written opinion, Lord Brailsford said: “In the present case TC acted for both the petitioner, albeit on a limited and ad hoc basis, and SDM throughout, broadly, the tenure of their marriage. I have found that in the course of acting for the petitioner TC acquired information confidential to her knowledge of which, if acquired by SDM, could be advantageous to that person and prejudicial to the petitioner’s interests in the conduct of the divorce litigation.

“In my opinion, the court, and for that matter the solicitors’ profession, is rightly concerned to ensure that solicitors do not, in circumstances such as these disclose, whether by inadvertence or otherwise, information confidential to a client or former client which might result in prejudice to that client. Whilst no information was placed before me I am aware, as a matter of judicial knowledge, that the Law Society of Scotland have guidelines or rules regulating solicitors’ conduct in situations where conflict may arise.

“It is therefore, in my view, a relatively easy step to conclude that in order to ensure that the ‘appearance of justice’, is preserved the court will take a rigorous or strict approach to the operation of its inherent power in circumstances such as have arisen in the present case. On the basis of that consideration I conclude that, as is the case here, where the court is not satisfied that sufficient precautionary measures have been taken by solicitors to protect the interests of clients or former clients the inherent jurisdiction would be an appropriate vehicle for providing protection to the client or former client facing potential prejudice.”

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Percentage of High Court trials adjourned due to lack of court time declines

The percentage of High Court trials adjourned due to lack of court time has declined.

The figure fell from 2.2 per cent in 2014/15 to 0.9 per cent for the first three quarters of 2018/19 – a drop of 1.3 percentage points, the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) statistical bulletin shows.

The report also shows that in High Court business, the volume of indictments registered in recent quarters continues to be above 200 per quarter while evidence led trials during the same period remain high.

This trend is anticipated to continue due to increased reporting of sexual offending cases.

Solemn business in the Sheriff Court saw an increase of eight per cent in the volume of petitions registered in Q3 2018/19 when compared to Q2 2018/19.

Meanwhile, the volume of Sheriff Court summary trials scheduled has risen by two per cent over the last two quarters and Justice of the Peace Court cases registered between Q3 2018/19 and Q2 2018/19 are down six per cent.

David Fraser, chief operations officer, said: “I am delighted to provide this information which shows the trends in criminal cases over the last four years and represents another advance in the drive for openness and transparency on court activity.

“Overall the data in this report show the system is performing well. The number of adjournments for lack of court time is down across all sectors which is a good indicator of overall performance.”

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Lords Committee: Tech giants hosting public content should be subject to duty of care

A duty of care should be imposed on online services which host and curate content which can openly be uploaded and accessed by the public, a House of Lords committee recommends.

The Lords Communications Committee has said that, given the urgent need to address online harms, Ofcom's remit should expand to include responsibility for enforcing the duty of care.

In its report Regulating in a digital world, the committee noted that over a dozen UK regulators have a remit covering the digital world but there is no body which has complete oversight.

The committee has recommended a new Digital Authority, guided by 10 principles to inform regulation of the digital world.

Chairman of the committee, Lord Gilbert of Panteg, said: "The government should not just be responding to news headlines but looking ahead so that the services that constitute the digital world can be held accountable to an agreed set of principles.

"Self-regulation by online platforms is clearly failing. The current regulatory framework is out of date. The evidence we heard made a compelling and urgent case for a new approach to regulation."

He added: "Without intervention, the largest tech companies are likely to gain ever more control of technologies which extract personal data and make decisions affecting people's lives.

"Our proposals will ensure that rights are protected online as they are offline while keeping the internet open to innovation and creativity, with a new culture of ethical behaviour embedded in the design of service."

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Judge upholds ruling that SNP councillor's independence beliefs are similar to religion

An Employment Tribunal judge has upheld a ruling that an SNP councillor's beliefs about Scottish independence are similar to a religion.

Chris McEleny, SNP group leader on Inverclyde Council, brought a discrimination case against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) last year, claiming it unfairly targeted him over his stance on independence.

The MoD appealed the decision, but Judge Frances Eccles has rejected the legal bid.

She said it would not be “in the interests of justice” to reconsider her earlier judgement, noting the MoD had not provided any new evidence.

Judge Eccles said of Mr McEleny’s view originally that it “has a sufficiently similar cogency to a religious belief… to qualify as a philosophical belief”.

As such it could be relied upon as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

Mr McEleny was working as an electrician at the MoD munitions site in Beith, North Ayrshire when he announced he would be standing for the SNP depute leadership role in 2016.

At the time of the leadership hustings, his security clearance was revoked and he was suspended. He said he was then interviewed by national security officials on his pro-independence views, prompting him to leave his job.

The judgment stated: “The claimant was clear in his evidence that he does not believe in Scottish independence because it will necessarily lead to improved economic and social conditions for people living in Scotland. It is a fundamental belief in the right of Scotland to national sovereignty.”

Dismissing the MoD's appeal, Judge Eccles said: “I am not persuaded that I misunderstood the claimant’s evidence about his belief or analysed a belief other than the one in relation to which he sought protection.”

She continued: “I was satisfied that his belief in Scottish independence could be ‘severed and considered separately’ from his belief in the social democratic values of the SNP.”

The MoD sought reconsideration on the basis Mr McEleny's views “cannot possibly be shared” by the near 1.5 million people who voted for independence in the 2014 referendum.

The judge added: “I am not persuaded that it was necessary for me to find that each of the 1.5 million people who voted in favour of independence would, if asked, have articulated exactly the same belief as the claimant for his belief to be philosophical in nature.”

Mr McEleny’s views can now be relied upon as a protected characteristic when a full hearing on the alleged discrimination takes place.

He told The Herald: “I very much welcome the decision and thank everyone for the support shown to date. Naturally, as I am sure people will understand, I will refrain from further comment until after the full conclusion of proceedings.”

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Lady Wolffe pays tribute to women lawyers in Scotland

Pictured (L-R): Angela Grahame QC, Vice-Dean of Faculty, Kirsty Hood QC, Clerk of Faculty, Lady Wolffe and Marie Macdonald, first woman to chair Miller Samuel Hill Brown LLP

A stimulating and entertaining talk by Lady Wolffe to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) ended with a hope that such days could soon be consigned to history.

Lady Wolffe said it was 110 years since the first IWD in New York, and the day was now celebrated by millions of people – women and men – around the world.

“It is an occasion for women and men to promote positive steps for change, and this can only be a good thing,” she told an audience at the Faculty of Advocates’ IWD event, in the library of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.

Lady Wolffe paid tribute to a number of women who had achieved notable firsts in the law in Scotland. Women like Madge Easton Anderson (first law agent), Dame Margaret Kidd (first advocate, first KC), Laura Dunlop QC, (first law commissioner), Lady Cosgrove (first Senator, and with Dame Margaret Kidd, the first women to have portraits hanging in Parliament Hall), Elish Angiolini QC, (first Lord Advocate), Lady Dorrian (first advocate-depute and first Lord Justice Clerk) and Lady Smith (as Anne Smith, QC, first woman to wear trousers in the Inner House).

“It is equally important to recognise the efforts of those before them who tried but did not succeed in overcoming barriers, the women who knocked on the doors before those doors were opened,” said Lady Wolffe.

“On International Women’s Day, we must celebrate those who have preceded us, our foremothers, and acknowledge what we owe to those who went before...those who got there as the first woman this or the first woman that are not ‘superwomen’...we are all of us where we are because of the efforts of those who preceded us.”

Recalling her own days of “bar and babies”, Lady Wolffe said it was pleasing to see in recent years a rising number of women being admitted to Faculty and progress being made to retaining them and welcoming them back after any break.

“New policies and practical support – simple and mundane support but really important - are where the greatest strides have been made since I started at the bar. Then, it was not the fashion to take any significant maternity leave because you were seen to be ‘not committed’ - that has, hopefully, been dispelled. The new developments, not available in my time, are heartily to be welcomed. But there is no room for complacency.”

Drawing to a close, Lady Wolffe said: “If you take one message away from this talk, it should be that you do not need to be a ‘superwoman’ to succeed. You have to work hard, and make the best of opportunities, and take any bumps in the road in your stride and retain a sense of humour and proportion. Remember the efforts of those who preceded you, women who tried and failed but tried and persevered, and the men who helped achieve the necessary reforms.”

Lady Wolffe said she looked to the day when days like International Women’s Day “become superfluous”.

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Gillespie Macandrew promotes Lianne Lodge to partner

Gillespie Macandrew has promoted charity and private client lawyer Lianne Lodge to partner.

Ms Lodge joined Gillespie Macandrew as an associate in 2014. Over the past two years she has spearheaded and grown the firm’s charity offering and is ranked as an associate to watch in Chambers and Partners.

She manages a range of charity and private client work, and is a regular speaker on both topics.

Ms Lodge co-authored the legal textbook The Elderly Client: A Practical Guide and authored the private client chapters of Scottish Older Client Law Service. She is also a member of Solicitors for the Elderly and the Edinburgh Care Forum.

CEO Robert Graham-Campbell said: “We are thrilled to appoint Lianne to partner. This is a thoroughly deserved promotion in recognition of her hard work growing our charity division over the past two years, and her input on our private client team.

"Lianne provides an incredibly knowledgeable approach for our clients and has a real talent for understanding their needs, particularly those who require additional support.”

Ms Lodge said: “I’m pleased to join the partnership at Gillespie Macandrew and excited about the future. The firm is going from strength to strength and I look forward to continuing to work with colleagues to help provide support and advice to our clients.”

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Elisa Miller joins Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP in Inverness

Pictured (L-R): Angus MacLeod, John Smart and Elisa Miller

Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP has announced the appointment of associate Elisa Miller to its Inverness office.

Ms Miller joins the firm from the Inverness office of Ledingham Chalmers LLP, which she joined in 2005.

She has over 11 years’ experience working in the commercial property sector and regularly advises clients on a range of matters, including the sale and purchase of business premises, commercial leasing deals, investment purchases & development projects and implements security work for banks.

John Smart, commercial property partner in WJM’s Inverness office, said: “We're delighted to welcome Elisa to WJM. Elisa’s commitment to client service is well known in the Highlands and she brings significant experience in handling complex transactions and reacting quickly.

"That skill set is a major boost to WJM’s commercial property and rural teams as a whole and in particular to our Inverness office. Elisa will be working closely with myself and Paul Adams, Senior Associate, as our property offering from Inverness goes from strength to strength."

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DWF announces £366m market cap ahead of IPO

Andrew Leaitherland
Andrew Leaitherland

DWF has announced a market capitalisation of £366 million ahead of its initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange.

The offer price for the recently-incorporated DWF Group Limited has been revealed today as 122p per share.

CEO Andrew Leaitherland said: "The IPO is only the start and I am confident in DWF's strong fundamentals and continued growth prospects as a listed company."

Immediately following admission to the stock exchange, it is expected that approximately 25.7 per cent of DWF's shares will be held in public hands.

Around £19 million of the net proceeds of the offer will be used to repay a portion of members' capital contribution to DWF LLP; up to £10 million will be invested in additional IT systems, including the development of DWF's global platform for managed services; and the remainder will be used to fund general corporate purposes, including working capital and future potential acquisitions.

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Rising dementia rates prompt calls for elderly to grant power of attorney

Rising dementia rates have prompted calls for Scots to get their affairs in order as they enter old age, The Herald reports.

The number of people with dementia is expected to rise by 50 per cent in the next two decades.

Professor June Andrews, a dementia expert, and adviser to the Dementia Services Development Trust said there is increasing concern that many people are failing to arrange powers of attorney in the event they fall ill.

“A power of attorney says if you can’t speak, are no longer making sense, or the doctors say you no longer have the capacity to take care of your own affairs, then this is what you want to be done on your behalf,” she said.

“Some people don’t do it because they don’t see the point, and others are superstitious and think something bad will happen because they have thought about it.

“They should ask themselves what is the worst thing that can happen? The worst thing would be for strangers to be making decisions about their finances and welfare without them having any influence. They should realise power of attorney takes that fear away.”

Sandra McDonald, former Public Guardian for Scotland, said fears that the power will be abused are often unfounded and that some 80 per cent of attornies appointed fulfilled their task competently.

Of the remaining 20 per cent who may be investigated, only two per cent, about 2,000 people a year, take advantage of the role.

Ian Macdonald, partner and head of private client at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP, said: “Granting a power of attorney is a relatively straightforward process and can be done quickly and inexpensively.

“If a person loses capacity before a power of attorney is granted and circumstances arise where that person requires assistance in managing their affairs, the options available are complicated, expensive and time consuming.”

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Double wins for Burness Paull and Brodies at IP awards

Colin Hulme

Burness Paull LLP and Brodies LLP have scored double wins for their intellectual property teams at an international awards ceremony.

The Managing IP Awards saw Burness Paull named winners of the Scottish Patent Contentious Firm of the Year and also Scottish Copyright Firm of the Year awards at the event which took place in the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London last week.

Brodies was recognised for the seventh consecutive year, picking up the awards for Scotland’s Trade Mark Contentious Firm of the Year and IP Transactions and Advisory Firm of the Year.

Brodies’ IP team received the awards in recognition of excellence in innovation and specialist intellectual property work over the past 12 months.

Burness Paull’s IP practice is led by Colin Hulme, the only Scottish IP litigator ranked as band 1 in Chambers UK and as a "leading individual" in Legal 500.

He said: “The patents award is reflective of the ongoing work we are doing with AstraZeneca in the Court of Session and acting for both operators and major service companies on patent disputes in Scotland and internationally in the oil and gas sector.

“The breadth of our practice is underlined by the copyright award in recognition of our work for significant rights-holder clients such as the Harris Tweed Authority, Sky, PPL, PRS for Music and the enforcement of their rights across Scotland ensures we are the heaviest user of the Scottish IP Court by some margin.”

Robert Buchan

Robert Buchan, partner and head of Brodies’ contentious IP team, said: "IP continues to be critical in safeguarding the future of many businesses, encouraging innovation and improving the bottom line. This year we have worked on international patent and trade mark disputes and high value IP transactions, as well as using the local Scottish courts to successfully protect valuable IP rights.

“Receiving these awards from Managing IP for the seventh consecutive year is a great honour, and is testament to the hard work of the team at Brodies, not to mention our clients, who we thank for continuing to trust us with challenging and interesting mandates.”

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David Hossack and Graham Boyack discuss mediation in new podcast

In the second episode of Morton Fraser's podcast series, Stuck in the Middle, David Hossack a partner and accredited mediator chats with Graham Boyack, director of Scottish Mediation about the Justice Committee's report "I won't see you in court".

Mr Hossack previously wrote of it: "The report considers not only mediation but also other forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration, conciliation and adjudication. These are described as forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR. In my view, the description of these as “alternative” may have an unfortunate connotation. Rather my preference would be that these are viewed simply as methods of dispute resolution to be treated as having equal status with use of the courts."

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Former DPP Alison Saunders rebuked by government committee over Linklaters appointment

Alison Saunders

Former Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders broke Whitehall rules after leaving public service to join City law firm Linklaters last year, a watchdog complained.

Ms Saunders, 58, whose tenure at the Crown Prosecution Service was controversial, failed to inform Whitehall officials that she was joining the Magic Circle firm as a business crime partner.

The office of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments was highly critical of her in a statement only published recently by the government rebuked her severely.

It registered its “concern that Ms Saunders sought advice on this appointment after it was announced she was joining Linklaters at the end of her term as DPP”.

Whitehall rules, it explained, specify “that individuals should not accept or announce a new appointment/offer of employment before advice has been received; and that retrospective applications will not normally be accepted”.

While it acknowledged her apology, the committee banned her from participating in cases involving the CPS or the Serios Fraud Office for two years from beginning her role at Linklaters.

Furthermore, she is banned for the same period from adivsing on CPS contracts and lobbying the government on behalf of Linklaters' clients.

A spokesman for the firm said it “noted the committee’s routine guidance and the conditions recommended in this instance. Both the firm and Alison will remain in full compliance with these”.

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In Friday's edition of Scottish Legal News (8 March 2019) we mistakenly stated that Lady Wolffe authored the opinion in AP, Gordon Burns and Joseph Millbank v Lord Advocate. It was in fact authored by Lady Carmichael. We apologise for this error.

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And finally... for whom the bell tolls

CowA senior judge has decided to sleep next to a small dairy farm to help resolve a dispute over the sound of cowbells throughout the night.

Judge Johannes Nagorsen suggested that he and his colleagues spend a night listening to cows to help bring an end to the farm's long-running dispute with its neighbours, The Times reports.

Legal proceedings were brought against the farm near Munich by a couple who moved in next door in 2011.

The couple allege that they have suffered insomnia and depression because of the volume of the bells, which they say is more than 70 decibels.

The case has now reached a higher regional court in Munich, where Judge Nagorsen is hoping to reach a firm conclusion.

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Advertorial: Stewart Title

Stewart Title Limited have been providing lawyers and their clients in Scotland with title insurance for a large range of title defects and issues for more than 14 years. We can provide the common range of title covers and also other solutions for less common or unusual situations. To find out more call Elizabeth Birrell on 07940 513681.

We will be attending and sponsoring a number of events throughout the year. If you’re a delegate or attending, we would be delighted to meet you:

7th March - Sponsors of the CCPD Conference at The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh.

12th of March - Sponsors for the CLT Commercial Property Conference at the Glasgow Hilton.

In addition to being exhibitors, we will be speaking on recent developments in the law, how cover may be available as well as recent changes in insurance regulation insofar as they relate to title indemnity policies.

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Advertorial: Lockton unveils risk management tool for law firms

A tool to help law firms with their risk management has been published today by Lockton, the insurance brokers for the Law Society of Scotland's Master Policy.

The risk tracker can be used by law firms to manage their risks and log information centrally to inform their risk management processes.

The risk tracker, which was designed by Glasgow trainee solicitor Daryl Jarvis as part of the Innovation Cup competition and developed by Lockton, can be viewed and downloaded from Lockton’s website.

Murray Etherington, the Law Society of Scotland’s insurance committee convener, and a partner in private practice, commented: “I would strongly encourage law firms to use this risk tracker. It’s a great tool which tackles head-on the requirement to identify, monitor and manage risks.”

With law firms being required to deal with more risks than ever before, Mr Etherington said that risk management was one of the most important challenges faced by the legal profession today.

He said: “Risk management should be one of the top priorities for all law firms and at the forefront of all practitioners’ minds. The Law Society’s Insurance Committee is keen to ensure that firms are armed with as many tools as possible to help with their risk management activities and we think that the risk tracker is a terrific solution in terms of logging and evaluating risks.”

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Advertorial: First Scottish sponsors Paralegal Association

First Scottish Searching Services have again been confirmed as the main sponsors of the Scottish Paralegal Association (SPA), over the coming year they will take an active role in various CPD events across the country including the annual conference in Glasgow on 18th April 2019 at the Grand Central Hotel.

Best known for its title reporting and property enquiry certificates, First Scottish also offers services in areas such as plans, title investigation/rectification, AML compliance, environmental, flood and mining reports.

The SPA was formed in 1993 to promote the interests of paralegals in Scotland. It is a voluntary not for profit association with an elected committee bound by a constitution.

The SPA is the only association recognised by the Law Society of Scotland as the body representing the interests and promoting the development of paralegals in Scotland.

First Scottish already have a good relationship with the SPA having supported them in the past. Managing Director Ian Fraser said “We are really pleased to be main sponsors again and will support all their events with our specialist staff”

SPA President Sandra Reid said: “The association are delighted that you are continuing your sponsorship and I am sure that we have lots to offer each other”.

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite.

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Advertorial: Clark Foundation invites grant applications

The Clark Foundation is inviting grant applications from students and practitioners

The Clark Foundation for Legal Education (SC018520) is a charitable trust established to promote and advance the legal, professional or business education or training of (1) persons studying or teaching law at universities or other institutions of higher education based in Scotland or anywhere else in the world; and (2) other persons practising law or involved in the administration of law in Scotland or elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

In furtherance of the above, the foundation’s trustees invite applications for grants and scholarships from postgraduate and undergraduate students to assist them with courses of study in Scots law, or comparative legal systems, or the law of the European Union, or foreign languages or business management.

The trustees will also consider applications from persons practising law in Scotland, whether as solicitors or advocates, those teaching Scots law, those arranging conferences, seminars and lectures, and those involved in research in, and the writing of legal textbooks on, Scots law and/or its relationship with other legal systems or the institutions of the European Union.

Applications may also be made for grants to provide facilities and equipment (including computers and other IT equipment) for study and research including for the establishment and maintenance of libraries and study centres.

The grant and amount of any award, and the period for which it is to run, is within the discretion of the trustees.

Awards will be made in September 2019 and all applications, which are to be completed on a standard application form available by downloading from the Foundation website ( or upon request to the email address noted below, must be submitted in electronic form by no later than 31 March 2019.

Please note that the Foundation does not support students studying for LLB/Diploma in Professional Legal Practice other than in exceptional hardship circumstances, which should be explained in the application form.

Please send your completed application before the stated deadline by email to:

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Advertorial: John Fotheringham joins Flexlaw Solicitors

John Fotheringham

Flexlaw Solicitors has welcomed John Fotheringham as a consultant solicitor to the firm.

Mr Fotheringham is recognised as an expert in the sphere of child and family law, particularly in respect of child support and aliment. He has published and lectured widely on these topics and is general editor of the Butterworth Scottish Family Law Service and writes their regularly updated material on child support and aliment.

Mr Fotheringham said: “Child Support and the related area of aliment are peppered with traps for the unwary. How much should a particular individual pay in child support? What other payments is he making and which, if any of them, are relevant to the calculation?

"How can you challenge a calculation which seems to be too high or too low? How can you be sure that a calculation which seems more or less ok is correct? What Variations can be brought into play on your client’s behalf? No calculator can give you all the right answers.

"The government’s own Child Maintenance Options service is notoriously unreliable. Having been involved with every aspect of Child Support since the inception of the CSA in 1993, as Tribunal Chairman and as representative on behalf of many mothers and as many fathers, I welcome instruction from members of the profession for opinions and to provide representation at tribunals when required.”

Flexlaw managing partner Mark Harrison added: “I am delighted to welcome a solicitor of such standing in the profession as John Fotheringham to the firm.

"His expert status in the areas of Child Support and aliment mean that he is the first port of call for many fellow members of the profession seeking external assistance in this complicated legal territory.”

Mr Fotheringham is available for instruction now in his new position with the following contact details:

Direct Dial - 07976 758027

Email -

Postal Address - Flexlaw Solicitors, CBC House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG

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Advertorial: Global Language Services

Technology in the 21st Century is providing us with the means to communicate our thoughts and ideas across the planet in a way that would have been unthinkable, even 10 years ago.

However good the technology is, it cannot pick up the subtleties of a language, the culture that underpins it, or even the humour that oils many of our conversations.

For this reason there has always been a need for skilled interpreters and translators and probably always will. That’s where Global Language Services Ltd can help you.

Not only do we have the language service talent that you are likely to need, we also have a track record that spans Government, health, justice, commercial and private sector contracts.

So, whatever you want to achieve in a different language, we’re on your side from the word ‘go’.

We go out of our way to help with any translation and interpreting requirements and you can test that simply by picking up the phone and getting in touch. Calls are answered by trained operators with no call centres – just real people determined to help you achieve your language service requirements as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been searching for Professional Translation or reliable Interpreting Services at competitive prices, we like to think that Global will be your long-term partner after your first project with us.

With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen we are committed to finding local interpreters and translators wherever possible. Our reach, however, goes much further than Scotland and we are happy to take translation projects from across the world.

Call Today on 0141 429 3429 to discuss your Project
or email

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Advertorial: Exhibiting at a Scots Law Convention – the value for your business

‘the value of potential clients and contacts you can get from this event is quite substantial…you’ll have a great profitable event’ - Simon Barber, Title Research

‘it’s important for us to be talking to our clients – our clients are here’ - Simon Greig, LawWare

‘the value to our business is huge’ - Martyn Ross, Voice Technologies

‘a great day to get in front of the market in general’ - Joe de Wet, LEAP

Is your organisation keen to raise or maintain its profile in the Scottish legal market? Would you like to meet current and potential clients in a relaxed environment?

With over 500 attendees representing firms and organisations from throughout Scotland, exhibiting at a Scots Law Convention provides you with the opportunity to make those essential connections that help your business develop.

Interested? Then watch this short video to see for yourself and hear a little more from some of our exhibitors.

Our next Scots Law Convention is at the Glasgow Hilton on 11 & 12 March. If your business would like to exhibit at that Convention or at our events in June and October, simply contact Roy Spiers on 0141 225 6700 or by email at for more information.

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Advertorial: The Benefits a “Tech” Plan will bring to your Law Firm

Do you want more profit? Your own time back? Work when you want from where you want? A happier practice with happier clients?

Being a busy lawyer and running a law practice can be both rewarding and demanding. There are rarely enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Sometimes planning the future of the practice and bringing modern practices in to the business gets put on the backburner as clients’ interests come first.

Having a plan around systems however cannot be put off to another day. We are living in an era where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adapt. Failing to evolve and to embrace new ways of working and dealing with clients can quickly lead to irrelevance and insolvency.

When implemented effectively technology can revolutionise your law practice. Your clients increasingly expect a customer experience similar to that they receive when dealing with companies such as Apple and Amazon. While it is often hard for law firm clients to assess the quality of legal services provided it is easy for them to assess the customer experience.

What are the benefits?

So if your firm managed to put IT in to the DNA of its practice what are some of the key benefits that would bring?

• Profitable practice – technology will deliver efficiencies, client satisfaction and repeat business
• Happy clients – most complaints against lawyers arise due to lack of communication, great systems can assist with keeping clients up to date on progress and fees
• Your own time back – flexible and remote working are key elements of the modern approach to work and robust case management software and connectivity can make this happen
• Happy workforce – just as poor systems bring stress, good systems bring wellbeing
• Eco friendly entity – seamless client notifications mean you will print less
• Easy recruitment of engaged staff – everyone wants to work in a firm with great systems

Getting a Plan
Buying software though, a bit like a gym membership, doesn’t deliver results in itself. Most software is purchased and then used to only a fraction of its capabilities. It won`t make your practice in to a tech led entity without an overarching plan focused on your short, medium and long term business objectives and a case management provider which works with you to agree on that plan and then works with you to implement it.

At Denovo we help busy lawyers use our Denovo Business Intelligence case management software effectively so they have a more profitable, healthy practice and more of their own time back.

Click here for more information

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Latest Traineeships

Trainee Solicitor – BBM Solicitors


BBM Solicitors are a boutique practice recommended by Chambers and Legal 500.  Best known for their insolvency, restructuring and litigation practice, the firm also has a well-regarded property offering, and growing private client list. We operate from offices in Wick, Caithness and Edinburgh City Centre.

We invite applications for a Traineeship commencing August/September 2019. The Traineeship will involve specialist training in Litigation and Insolvency law, and will be based in our Edinburgh office.

Candidates should hold the Diploma in Legal Practice by Summer 2019.

Applications should be made by CV and cover letter (indicating why you want to work at BBM) by email to:

Information about BBM can be found at:

Closing date for applications is 27th March 2019

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Place a free traineeship advert here

Please contact Jeff Anderson on or call him on 01292 479443 to place a free traineeship advert in SLN.

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Latest Jobs

Director of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and Senior Teaching Fellow – University of Edinburgh

Applications are invited for the post of Director of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and Senior Teaching Fellow at Edinburgh Law School. The Diploma in Professional Legal practice is an integral part of the suite of Postgraduate Taught Programmes offered by the School.

The successful candidate will be expected to provide leadership and management for the Diploma, coordinating and ensuring the successful delivery of the programme. The Director will also work to enhance the reputation and professional standing of the Diploma both in Scotland and more broadly. Working in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, the postholder will ensure that the programme continues to equip students with the necessary skills to compete in the challenging and evolving professional legal marketplace.

We welcome applications from everyone regardless of gender or ethnic group. All appointments will be made on merit.

The position is available from 1st July 2019. Appointment will be on a full-time (35 hours per week), permanent basis.

Salary: £40,792 - £48,677 per annum.

Closing Date: Tuesday 2nd April 2019, 5pm GMT

To apply please visit:

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Senior Associate or Partner – Dallas McMillan Solicitors

Dallas McMillan Solicitors are seeking to recruit a Senior Associate or Partner for our Commercial Property team.

The successful applicant will have significant experience in all aspects of Commercial Property work and will have a client following.

The position available carries with it genuine prospects of career progression. The firm is experiencing significant growth in all practice areas and the successful applicant will join one of the country’s most prominent Commercial Property teams. The role offers a very exciting opportunity to be part of the further growth of Dallas McMillan.

For more information or to submit an application for the role, please contact David McElroy at

The closing date for applications is Friday 22 March.

Please note that we will not consider any applications from agencies at this stage.

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Senior Solicitor (Litigation) – Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

£42,051 - £45,283 (Permanent post)

Exciting and unique opportunity to join the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Legal Team (SFRS).

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to lead a newly created Litigation Team, within our dynamic Legal Team, focusing on Employment Law and General Litigation (Enforcement, Fatal Accident Inquiries, Debt Recovery, Health and Safety). The Senior Solicitor will assist and contribute to the development of the in-house legal function and support business as usual activity in other areas such as governance and statutory duties (including Data Protection, Human Rights and Equalities, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Enforcement). The Senior Solicitor will be a Deputy Data Protection Officer and more generally deputise for the Legal Services Manager in terms of general Legal Services Team management.

The role is aimed at Solicitors with a minimum of 3 years PQE although exceptions will be considered subject to proven track record in Employment Law.

For an informal discussion about the role contact Vlad Valiente, Legal Services Manager on 0141 646 4699 or email

For further information and to apply please visit

Closing Date: 31 March 2019

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Senior Solicitor (Commercial) – Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

£42,051 - £45,283 (Permanent post)

Exciting and unique opportunity to join the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Legal Team (SFRS).

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to lead a newly created Commercial Team, within our dynamic Legal Team, focusing on Commercial Law (Procurement, Contracts and Property Law). The Senior Solicitor will assist and contribute to the development of the in-house legal function and to support business as usual activity in other areas such as governance and statutory duties (including Data Protection, Human Rights and Equalities, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Enforcement). The Senior Solicitor will be a Deputy Data Protection Officer and more generally deputise for the Legal Services Manager in terms of general Legal Services Team management.

The role is aimed at Solicitors with a minimum of 3 years PQE although exceptions will be considered subject to proven track record in Commercial Law (Procurement, Contracts and Property Law).

For an informal discussion about the role contact Vlad Valiente, Legal Services Manager on 0141 646 4699 or email

For further information and to apply please visit

Closing Date: 31 March 2019

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Proposal for Recruitment Assistance – Manor Estates Housing Association Ltd

The Board of Manor Estates Housing Association Ltd wish to receive expressions of interest from suitably experienced recruitment consultants to assist them in the appointment of a new Chief Executive, the current incumbent retiring from his current post on 31st May.

Proposals for Recruitment assistance should involve advice and liaison on:

  • The review of the posts job description and personal specifications.
  • Advertising of the position
  • The shortlisting of potential candidates
  • Any appropriate pre – interview assessment mechanisms
  • The organisation of and participation in the resulting interview process
  • Taking up of references as required
  • Any final assessment and recommendations

Formal proposals including the costs associated with the provision of such a service should along with any enquiries, be submitted to Graeme Russel, CEO, Manor Estates HA. 0131 347 - 3701 by 12.00 on Monday 18 March.

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Deputy Head of Enforcement – Scottish Information Commissioner

The Scottish Information Commissioner enforces and promotes freedom of information (FOI) law.

This vacancy is due to retirement.

As one of two Deputy Heads of Enforcement, you’ll provide essential support to the Commissioner in fulfilling his responsibilities which will include the following:

  • Managing the caseload of a team of investigators
  • Directing investigations and giving advice and guidance to your team on individual cases
  • Reviewing drafts of decisions to ensure they are legally and technically correct
  • Carrying out work in line with the Commissioner’s Enforcement Policy and Intervention Procedures
  • Responding to complex enquiries (including information requests and subject access requests)
  • Managing your team and overseeing their professional development

You’ll bring:

  • Experience of working in a regulatory/statutory-based environment
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, including the ability to write for, and speak to, a range of audiences
  • Excellent drafting skills, including the ability to write legal documents
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Strong time-management skills and the ability to manage competing priorities
  • Education to degree level (or equivalent level of skill or knowledge)

We offer:

  • Interesting, challenging and varied work
  • A starting salary of £42,066 on a scale rising to £52,679 (gross per annum) (FTE)
  • Work location in St Andrews, Fife
  • Flexible working arrangements (applications on a job share basis are also welcome)

Applications must be made using the application form in our application pack (CVs will not be considered). The pack also includes a full Job Description and Person Specification and a summary of the main terms and conditions of employment. Security clearance is also required for this post.

For more information on the security clearance and visa/work permit requirements, data protection, equal opportunities and the evidence of the skills, knowledge and experience that you will need to provide, please see the Job Description and Person Specification.

The next stage will be an interview and an assessment exercise.


Download the application pack from:

Or contact us:


Telephone:      01334 464610

By post:           Scottish Information Commissioner

                        Kinburn Castle

                        Doubledykes Road

                        St Andrews

                        KY16 9DS

Closing date for applications: 12 noon, Friday 22 March 2019

Interviews and assessment exercise will be held on Tuesday 16 April and week beginning 22 April 2019.

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Litigation Lawyer (0-3 years' PQE) – Digby Brown


Digby Brown has enjoyed a sustained period of success in recent years, which is reflected in our top rankings in Legal 500 and Chambers. We have developed a reputation as a formidable court firm, focused on quality service for our clients and expertise in our people. 

Digby Brown is committed to being an employer of choice, and were the first law firm in the UK to achieve Investors in People accreditation at Platinum level. 

Due to continual growth within the business, an opportunity has arisen for a client-focused litigator to join one of our team in Ayr. There may be a possibility of the flexibility to work from our Glasgow office 2 days per week once the successful candidate has settled in.

Ideally, you will be 0-3 years qualified and have personal injury/court experience. Alternatively, you may have had commercial training and be seeking an opportunity to work in an area of law where you can make a real difference to clients and know that you are doing work that really matters. 

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to work in a supportive and stimulating environment, providing a high quality legal service to pursuers of personal injury claims nationwide. 

A competitive salary and benefits package is on offer for the right candidate. 

To apply, please email a CV and covering letter to Jan Laidler at The closing date for applications is Friday 29th March 2019.

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Solicitor (1-3 years' PQE) - Litigation / Insurance & Risk Division (Casualty Team) – Brodies LLP

Based in Glasgow with travel to Edinburgh as required


Elena Fry, Partner


We currently have an opportunity for a solicitor to join the Insurance and Risk (Casualty) Division. The casualty team handle a wide range of defence instructions every year, from efficient processing of low value liability claims to technically complex multi-million pound property damage and personal injury cases. The team acts on behalf of insurers, Lloyds Syndicates, specialist underwriters, the public sector and corporates in the defence of cases in the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts.  

In this role, you will have a varied and exciting workload. You will have your own caseload and assist more senior members of the team in more complex cases. You will be deal with the full range of defender personal injury claims including motor, employer's liability, public liability, industrial related diseases and fatal accidents. You will also have exposure to health and safety regulatory work including exposure to HSE prosecutions, FAIs and health and safety advisory work. You may also be called upon to assist with recovery work where the team pursues recovery of insurers’ losses from other parties.


  • Provide assistance to Partners, associates and senior solicitors dealing with large and complex motor, public and employer’s liability claims in the Sheriff Courts and Court of Session
  • Handling your own caseload comprising a mix of work which is mostly carried out in the Sheriff Court
  • Pre-litigation or investigatory work
  • Disease Claims
  • Assistance with health and safety prosecutions and advisory work
  • Assist clients through regulatory regimes within which they operate
  • Property damage claims and advisory work
  • Advocacy in the Sheriff Court
  • Actively participate in the business development of the unit and liaise with current and prospective clients
  • Operate within the firm's case management system
  • Be aware of Brodies’ information security policies, and protect information assets from unauthorised access, disclosure, modification, destruction or interference at all times.


  • Works effectively with other team members, and able to work as part of a team on larger cases
  • Takes responsibility for their own caseload subject to supervision
  • Works to understand the team, the department’s and the firm’s key clients, the industry they operate in and the challenges they face
  • Has strong drafting skills and works in a logical manner
  • Provides client advice that is well presented and tailored to their needs
  • Maintains regular contact with the clients and shows understanding of the priorities for the client
  • Communicates in a confident, clear and relaxed way
  • A flexible approach to tasks as may be working for a number of people at one time


  • Self-motivated and driven
  • Prepared, organised and able to prioritise
  • Applied knowledge
  • Commercial and profit focus
  • Conduct and communication skills

To apply for this position please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to quoting reference number BR731. If you would like to discuss the role in further detail, please contact Samantha Mudie on 0131 526 4040.

Brodies is committed to equality, diversity & the creation of an inclusive work environment where no partner, employee, potential employee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment. We value the skills, experience and perspective that a diverse and representative workforce offers us in terms of our ability to deliver top class legal services to our clients.

Please go to to understand in greater detail how we may use your personal information.

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Offices of Sheriff and Summary Sheriff – Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland

The Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland (JABS) invites applications from suitably qualified individuals who wish to be considered for appointments to the Offices of Sheriff and Summary Sheriff. Depending on the Sheriffdom appointed to, it is expected that successful applicants will take up post between 4 November 2019 and 13 January 2020.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to justice in Scotland. There are currently 7 vacancies:

  • Glasgow and Strathkelvin 2 x Sheriff 4 November 2019
  • Grampian, Highlands and Islands 1 x Sheriff – Inverness (Floating) 4 November 2019
  • Lothian and Borders 1 x Summary Sheriff – Edinburgh (Floating) 4 November 2019
  • South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway 1 x Sheriff – Airdrie (Floating)
  • 1 x Sheriff – Hamilton (Floating) 13 January 2020
  • 1 x Summary Sheriff – Dumfries (Floating) 4 November 2019

Please note successful applicants may be required to sit in any court within the Sheriffdom appointed to, or in other sheriffdoms.

During the current appointment round further Sheriff/Summary Sheriff vacancies will arise. Applicants will be advised of any further vacancies and asked if they would wish to be considered for these.

Please note: you should apply for the role of Summary Sheriff OR Sheriff, not both.

You should think carefully about the office to which you seek appointment. Both the office of Sheriff and Summary Sheriff have a critical role in the administration of justice. As such, the Lord President does not regard appointment to either office as a stepping stone for future appointment to another judicial post. It is therefore expected that successful applicants would remain as a Sheriff or Summary Sheriff for a substantial period of time (and certainly not less than 3 years).

JABS encourages diversity and particularly welcomes applications from groups currently under-represented in the judiciary. The principles of fair and open competition will apply and recommendation for appointment will be made solely on merit.

Following the conclusion of this appointment round, the Board may hold open a list of appointable candidates for six months. Should further posts become available during that period, those vacancies may be offered to candidates on this list. Please note that being on the list does not guarantee a recommendation to Scottish Ministers.

Further information can be found within the Guidance Note and Role Profile on the JABS website or from the JABS Business Management Unit, telephone 0131 528 5101,

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Family Solicitor – BLM

We are currently looking to recruit a solicitor to join our family department in the Glasgow office.

The position will involve handling high value and complex family law cases with a focus on court appearances both in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session. We are looking for a candidate with care, passion and commitment who has excellent written and oral communication skills. High level client care skills are vital alongside experience in financial provision and child law. An alternative dispute resolution qualification or a family law/child law accreditation would be of assistance but not essential.

We are keen to attract candidates that are current associates or senior solicitors looking to progress their careers within a highly regarded family law team. We are interested in hearing from solicitors that have 7 or more years PQE with a focus on family law.

For a confidential conversation please contact Claire Jackson on 01618386300 or email .

To apply please click here. The closing date for this role is the 15 March 2019.

BLM is committed to promoting equality and diversity across all aspects of employment and is proud to be a Top 50 Inclusive Employer.

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Incapacity and Mental Health Solicitor – Legal Services Agency


LSA’s Mental Health Legal Service based in Glasgow provides a high quality legal advice, assistance and representation service to those with mental ill health, their relatives and carers on all aspects of civil law.   The work is rewarding and the expertise of the Service is highly regarded and nationally recognised.

We currently have an opportunity for an enthusiastic and committed individual to join our team.   The position offers considerable scope and opportunity for personal and long term professional development.

Salary negotiable and dependent on experience.

To apply, please submit your CV with a covering letter stating why this post is of interest to you, details of your current salary and notice period to:

LSA is an equal opportunities employer.  

Scottish Charity No. SC017160.

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Property Officer – Maternity Cover – Weslo

Property Officer – Maternity Cover

(Fixed term until April 2020)


Hours - 37 Hours Per Week [Maternity Cover]

Based – Glasgow Road, Bathgate

Salary - £27,234 per annum [Under Review]

Internal and External Secondment Opportunities considered


Weslo Property Management is an award winning letting agent based in Bathgate, West Lothian. It offers a range of property management and factoring services throughout West Lothian and Falkirk.


The Job

The Property Officer will be responsible for the day to day management of Weslo Property Management’s factored developments and the letting and management of the company’s own private stock in addition to that of Private Landlord’s in West Lothian and Falkirk. The Property Officer is responsible for all reactive and planned repairs and maintenance work including work to new landlord property, as well as tenanted and void property.


You will have:

  • Hold a Letwell, Propertymark or NFOPP qualification
  • Experience of marketing and viewing properties
  • Experience of rent collection, debt recovery and debt management
  • Experience of the First-tier Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber
  • Experience of preparing Private Residential Tenancy agreements and associated documentation
  • A sound understanding of the Repairing Standard
  • Experience of the Scottish Factoring system
  • Experience of the Welfare system, including Universal Credit


For a comprehensive list of the essential and desirable criteria required for the post, please refer to the job specification.


What you’ll get in return

Weslo Housing Management offers excellent terms and conditions which include:

  • Defined Benefits Pension Scheme
  • 5 Days annual leave and 7 public holidays
  • A non-contributory Healthcare Cash Plan scheme
  • Health/fitness benefits
  • Corporate membership/passes to a range of attractions

We are an Investor in People Platinum Award and Investors in Young People Gold Award holder; we aim to provide a wide range of development opportunities for staff. We also hold a Health and Wellbeing at Work Award and offer access to healthy living initiatives.


For an application form and job specification please visit our website at or contact Corporate Services on 01506 634286 or For further information on the position, please contact Ashley Millan, 01506 639168.


The closing date for completed applications is 10am on Monday 25 March 2019. Interviews will take place on Monday 3 April 2019.


   Weslo Housing Management



Weslo Housing Management

66 North Bridge Street


EH48 4PP

Weslo is committed to equality of opportunity in employment practice and therefore we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

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Front of House Property Sales Adviser – Gillespie Macandrew Residential

Morningside, Edinburgh

Gillespie Macandrew Residential (formerly Hunters Residential) is currently recruiting for a part-time Front of House Property Sales Advisor role within their busy Morningside office.


The key responsibilities of the role include:

  • to actively seek opportunities where initial queries can be converted into business to maximise generation of fees and accelerate growth;
  • to ensure that all incoming enquiries are dealt with courteously and efficiently on all occasions and directed to the relevant Partner or member of staff to deal with as appropriate;
  • to provide comprehensive administrative support to the Residential team as required

Person Specification

The ideal candidate will have an interest in and knowledge of the local property market and have experience of working in a similar role within a property services environment.

Key attributes:

  • You will possess excellent communication skills with the confidence and ability to build and maintain collaborative working relationships both with internal and external parties
  • You will be a proactive self-starter, as well as an excellent team player
  • You will have the ability to effectively plan and manage a high and varied workload
  • You will work in conjunction with the firm to achieve organisational goals
  • You will have the ability to re-focus aims and priorities to meet changing business
  • You will be proficient in Microsoft Office Packages including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas is desirable

Gillespie Macandrew LLP is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and demonstrating that they value the diversity of their workforce.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to develop their career in a professional and rewarding environment. A competitive salary and benefits package is offered. If you are interested in applying for this role, please send a full CV stating current remuneration to:

Please see the following link if you wish to view our privacy notice in line with 2018 GDPR legislation:

Please note that all applicants’ information will be held by the Firm for the purpose in which it was collected. All applications will be deleted following a period of six months, unless applicants request otherwise.

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Family Law Solicitor – DJP Solicitors


We are looking to recruit an additional solicitor to increase our family law capacity from one solicitor to two. We stopped taking on legal aid cases over five years ago and have developed a good private practice client base in divorce and child contact cases.

This post could be open to the right candidate in either a full-time or part-time basis. We are very comfortable with flexible working hours. Experience preferred but there is support from an experienced colleague if needed. This is a standalone role, with your own clients and cases.

We are moving this month to a brand new office (just down the road to 226 Holburn Street) so you will have a nice environment, friendly colleagues and a central location with good amenities. Please apply by emailing Dean Purdie at and enclose your CV.

Please do not apply through agencies.

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Senior Solicitor – Renfrewshire Council



GRADE: GRK (£36,354 - £39,748) (Pay Award Pending)


Working within Legal and Democratic Services, you will be part of our Contracts and Conveyancing Team based in Renfrewshire House.

Your main duties will include providing advice and support on contract law and procurement matters and liaising with and advising Scotland Excel and other partner organisations. You will draft, negotiate and revise contracts and framework agreements and will also provide general advice across all of the Council’s functions.

You must have experience of contracts and procurement law and be aware of legislative developments. Effective interpersonal, communication and research skills and the ability to work as a team member as well as on your own initiative are essential.

Good report writing, and time management skills are vital as is the ability to develop strong links with elected members and clients.

You must be able to deal with complex legal matters and undertake a range of diverse tasks while achieving successful outcomes. The abilities to prioritise a varied workload, work with the minimum of supervision, and to carry out work to a high standard within set timescales are also required.

Knowledge of the Companies Act and local government law and an awareness of Council policies and initiatives would be advantageous as would IT skills.

For an informal discussion about the role please contact Lynn Mitchell on 0141 618 7163 or email

For further information and to apply please visit

Closing Date: Monday 18 March 2019

Interviews are likely to be held in the week commencing 25 March 2019

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Solicitor – Orkney Islands Council


Solicitor (Ref: ORK03157)

35 hours per week
Temporary up to 31 March 2021
£37,935 to £40,125 (including Distant Islands Allowance)

Orkney lies eight miles north of the Scottish mainland and is the smallest local authority in Scotland. There is a strong cultural life and visitors world-wide are attracted to the scenery, history and archaeology. Orkney is home to a cosmopolitan community of about 20,000 residents and, among its many attributes, offers a safe environment, excellent educational and recreational facilities, a community spirit, and an exceptional quality of life.

Orkney Islands Council is looking for an enthusiastic and committed professional to carry out a variety of duties as part of our legal team.

The post will suit a candidate with an interest in a broad range of areas of law including social care, education, planning and civil litigation, but also a willingness to deal with any other areas of work allocated by the Head of Legal Services. The post provides an excellent chance to develop further experience across other areas of work that Orkney Islands Council covers.

You should hold a law degree (LLB) and a Diploma in Legal Practice or Diploma in Professional Legal Practice or equivalent. You also should be a qualified solicitor holding (or eligible to hold) an unrestricted Practising Certificate issued by the Law Society of Scotland.

You should have the experience to work under limited supervision, with well-developed communication and IT skills and must have a working knowledge of relevant legislation.

This post is subject to Standard Disclosure Scotland clearance.

If you would like to talk over how you might meet this challenge, please contact Gavin Mitchell, Head of Legal Services, on 01856 873535.

Further information is available from, and online applications can be made through

Closing date: Sunday 24 March 2019

Please note that interview and relocation expenses will be paid for this post in accordance with our Relocation Policy.

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Non-Executive Board Member vacancies – Weslo

Changed any lives recently?

Non-Executive Board member vacancies.

Weslo Housing Management is an independent Registered Social Landlord with a passion for doing the right thing and making a difference every day. Uniquely in Scotland, our board of governance includes three executive directors working collaboratively with nine non-executive colleagues. We are seeking one new non-executive director to join our main board and two non-executives to join the board of our subsidiary organisation Weslo Property Management which operates bringing our RSL values and standards to the private rented sector. Recent changes in legislation mean that the old lines between the social and the private rented sector are blurring and we position ourselves to meet these challenges while providing the best possible service for the people who live in our houses.

The Roles

These roles require preparation for and attendance at eight meetings per year (WHM) and six meetings per year (WPM) as well as training, development and company events. We are unable to offer payment for these roles but all reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

Insight, experience and a desire to make a difference around our board table is important to us, so we would welcome applications from people with a range of backgrounds. Knowledge of the housing sectors and our areas of operation would also be desirable.

About us

Weslo Housing Management owns and manages some 2,384 houses for social rent in West Lothian and Falkirk districts. It also owns some 120 houses for let in the private rented sector which are managed on its behalf by Weslo Property Management, which also manages over 100 individual flats and houses for some 25 private landlords.

For further details and an application form, please visit our website at , telephone 01506 634286, or e-mail

For an informal discussion on these roles feel free to contact Mike Bruce, Chief Executive also on 01506 634286.

The closing date for completed applications is 9am on Monday 18 March 2019. Interviews are scheduled for 27 March 2019.

Previous applicants need not apply.

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Associate – Litigation / Insurance & Risk (Shipping and Marine) – Brodies LLP

Based in Edinburgh but with flexibility across our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices


Duncan MacLean, Partner


We currently have an opportunity for a solicitor at Associate level or above to join our Shipping and Marine team in Edinburgh, in our Insurance and Risk Division, to act for a wide variety of clients in the sector across both contentious and non-contentious business. You will ideally be Scottish qualified, but we will also consider those qualified in England and Wales who have experience of practicing there. You will be interested in the shipping and marine sector and be able to convey that interest enthusiastically to clients as we continue to develop our top rated team.

Variety – This is a key attraction of the role. This role is a sectoral one, so you will have the opportunity not only to work for our leading marine insurer clients and for vessel owners, operators and others in the industry in handling personal injury, regulatory issues and other claims and litigation, but also to work with the team and others in the firm for owners, charterers, ship builders, banks, ports and others in transactional work such as new building, sale and purchase and chartering. This will develop and grow your understanding of the breadth of the sector. You will have exposure to a very wide variety of clients in the sector, many of them operating internationally, so although the role is based in Scotland it has a much broader reach. Experience of handling arbitrations and disputes outwith Scotland would be beneficial although not essential. You will be flexible and adaptable.

Responsibility – You will be experienced in dealing directly with insurer and insured clients as part of a team, and in providing concise, prompt and pragmatic advice. You will have experience of assisting clients in responding to and investigating accidents and the regulatory investigations that follow them. You will develop relationships with clients so that they see you as part of a team of trusted advisors. You will be involved in face to face contact with many clients. The role includes dealing with high value and sometimes high profile cases and transactions in the sector. You will work closely with partners in a flexible and open team.

Resolution - As well as representing clients in the Sheriff Court, including ASPIC, and the Court of Session, you may be involved in various types of ADR, settling cases through negotiation or mediation for example. Experience and/or an interest in arbitration are an advantage but not essential.

Blue chip clients - We act for many of the world’s leading marine insurers, including those in the International Group P&I Clubs, as well as London and international underwriters. They insure vessels worldwide which operate in or trade to or from Scotland. We are instructed for ferry operators, shipbuilders, companies operating vessels in the oil & gas sector, in the fishing sector, by banks funding new vessels, and others operating in the wider transport sector. You will have the opportunity to meet and strengthen relationships with clients and understand how Brodies can contribute to them achieving their business goals.

Personal development - The successful applicant will be encouraged to develop their network of contacts within the industry in Scotland and more widely, and of course to get to know and be trusted by the Team’s key clients. Brodies offers an in-house training programme, and clearly defined career paths and our ambitious growth plans offer significant opportunities for career advancement. Team training will include key industry legislation and practice so that you understand and talk the client’s language.


  • Provide assistance to partners dealing with large and complex claims and transactions.
  • Handle your own case load including investigating and defending litigated personal injury and other claims against owners and operators.
  • Handle a variety of general commercial claims and advice in the sector.
  • Advocacy in the Sheriff Court and other forums.
  • Representation of client in their dealings with their regulators and other statutory bodies.
  • Actively participate in the business development of the team and get to know current and prospective clients
  • Operate within the firm's case management system


  • Works effectively with other team members, in the direct team and across the firm more widely,
  • Able to work as part of a team on larger cases
  • Takes responsibility for their own caseload subject to supervision
  • Works to understand the team and wider department’s key clients, the industry they operate in and the challenges they face
  • Has strong drafting skills and works in a logical manner
  • Provides client advice that is well presented, commercial and tailored to their needs
  • Maintains regular contact with clients and shows understanding of their priorities
  • Communicates in a confident, clear and relaxed way
  • A flexible approach to tasks as balancing competing demands and deadlines will be a constant requirement


  • Self-motivated and driven
  • Prepared, organised and able to prioritise
  • Experience of high value personal injury claims, including disease
  • Experience of acting for insurers
  • Experience of commercial claims and disputes
  • Some experience of transactional work and drafting, and a willingness to develop this
  • Commercial and profit focus, with particular recognition of the dynamics when representing insurers and their insureds
  • Good conduct and communication skills
  • Practical and pragmatic
  • Clean driving licence, and prepared to travel at short notice

To apply for this position please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to quoting reference BR725. If you would like to discuss the role in further detail, please contact Samantha Mudie on 0131 526 4040.

Brodies is committed to equality, diversity & the creation of an inclusive work environment where no partner, employee, potential employee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment. We value the skills, experience and perspective that a diverse and representative workforce offers us in terms of our ability to deliver top class legal services to our clients.

Please go to to understand in greater detail how we may use your personal information.

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Associate - Professional and Financial Disputes – Edinburgh – Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co has the largest and most highly regarded specialist professional negligence team in the UK.

Our professional liability team supports and defends a wide range of insurers and professionals across all disciplines, in relation to all aspects of professional liability claims from policy response, to litigation and any associated disciplinary matters. We provide dispute resolution support through mediation, arbitration and litigation. We also specialise in representing professionals before their regulators.

Our achievements have been recognised and we have been awarded International Law Firm of the Year 2018 Law Awards of Scotland

A consistent and ever-growing work-flow has led to a fantastic opportunity for bright, ambitious litigators to join this market-leading team. Clyde & Co's Professional and Financial Disputes group advises both insurers and professional "insured" businesses on the complex commercial litigation which arises from alleged professional negligence.

We are seeking candidates at a range of Associate levels on either a fixed term or permanent basis to work on a varied workload covering professional negligence and commercial dispute resolution work based in our Edinburgh office. This is an exciting opportunity to work within a highly respected Band 1 team and to gain exposure to some of the most challenging and interesting claims in this practice area.

The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work on claims for a broad variety of professionals (including solicitors and construction professionals) in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session and will also gain exposure to ADR. There will also be an opportunity to become involved in business development.

The roles will involve:

  • Running a case load of files in a manner compliant with our service level agreements with insurers
  • Assisting in the defence of high value and complex claims
  • Communicating with clients effectively and complying with deadlines and clients' reporting requirements
  • Capturing and recording management information
  • Sheriff court advocacy
  • Instructing experts
  • Instructing counsel
  • Playing a role in business development activities

The successful candidates will display an excellent legal ability, initiative, confidence in managing and prioritising a full and varied caseload and be a strong communicator with attention to detail.

We offer a competitive salary and a contributory pension scheme, together with agile (home) working.

If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and covering letter to

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Senior Solicitor – NHS National Services Scotland

Central Legal Office

Senior Solicitor Commercial Contracts


Band – 8C

Salary Scale - £59,090 - £72,675

Hours – 37.5

Location – Edinburgh

Post Reference – IRC19822

As a vital part of NHS Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland’s mission is to enable and support the delivery of better health and better care, working in partnership. We do this by providing a range of specialised support services that enable NHS Boards to focus their efforts on delivering health improvement and patient care.

The CLO delivers legal services to all Health Boards throughout Scotland, in litigation, employment, commercial contracts and commercial property.

CLO wishes to recruit two senior solicitors to the CLO Commercial Contracts Department – one with a focus on data protection and the other with a focus on procurement. However the post holders will provide expert legal services to a number of NHS clients as part of the commercial contracts team across the full range of commercial contracts work.

The requirements for the posts are as shown below and in the accompanying job description. The job description is generic and is for Senior Solicitor Litigation.

The post holders should have extensive post-qualifying experience including experience in all aspects of commercial contracts law. They will be part of a team that delivers a comprehensive commercial contract law service to the NHS in Scotland. They will have a complex and challenging workload and will enjoy all aspects of commercial contracts legal work including drafting, revising and negotiating contracts.

The CLO is located at Anderson House in Leith, Edinburgh.

The successful candidate will be required to undergo a PVG Scheme Disclosure Scotland check. Any candidate who has worked overseas for more than 3 months will also be required to provide a criminal record check from the appropriate overseas agency.

Our benefits package includes pension scheme, comprehensive range of work-life balance policies, occupational health services, learning resource centres and discounted leisure, financial and shopping benefits.

For an informal discussion on the post, please contact Margaret Passmore on 0131 275 7879.

Further information on NSS is available from:

Closing date for completed applications is 22nd March 2019.

Please note that the majority of correspondence is sent by e-mail only, so please check your e-mail regularly (including junk folders).

NHS National Services Scotland is an equal opportunities employer and as committed participant in the disability confident scheme, guarantees to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for our vacancies.

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Limited places left - Scots Law 2019 on 11 & 12 March

Time is running out for any delegates who have not yet registered for the next event in the Scots Law Conventions Series which will take place at the Glasgow Hilton on 11 and 12 March.

Featuring prestigious speakers from the Bench, the Bar, academia, commerce and industry and private practice, the conferences on 11 March will cover Conveyancing, Contract Law, Employment, Family Law, and Personal Injury.

On 12 March, Commercial Property, Succession, Criminal Law, Licensing and Corporate will be covered. Each individual conference qualifies for 6 hours' CPD, with prices starting from £175 plus VAT.

Delegates can register by booking here, emailing or calling 0141 225 6700.

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Operetta Double Bill in aid of Tumbling Lassie Appeal 2019

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Human rights experts set to debate refugee protection at student law conference

Human rights experts are set to debate refugee protection at a student-led human rights conference in Aberdeen next month.

Lawyers Without Borders Student Division at Aberdeen University will hold its Human Rights Conference 2019 on March 11, examining the question: "Are refugees afforded sufficient protection under human rights law?"

Taking place in Elphinstone Hall, the fifth annual conference will feature a panel consisting of four expert speakers who will in the first session present their research on the topic.

The speakers are:

Dr John R Campbell, SOAS University: 'Thinking outside the box: identifying solutions for refugees from a global perspective'

Dr Caroline Nalule, Oxford University: 'Refugees and the right to an effective remedy under international law'

Ms Sarah Craig, Glasgow University: 'Getting protection: identifying access to justice issues for refugees in the UK'

Ms Mariana Gkliati, Leiden University: ‘The refugee as a human, as a border crosser, as a survivor of trafficking. The different identities of the refugee before the ECHR’.

The panel discussion will be followed by an hour-long Q&A session moderated by a faculty member from Aberdeen Law School.

Refreshments will be provided from 18:00 and ticket entry is free.

If you have any questions contact:, Twitter: @aulwob

Register on Eventbrite

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Tickets on sale for SYLA Spring Ball

Taking place at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Glasgow Central on Saturday 23 March 2019, and now in its eighth year, the SYLA Spring Ball is one of the most popular social fixtures in the Scottish legal year, with over 200 people attending annually.

Individual tickets cost £60 per person while tables of 10 cost £600.

The night will commence with a drinks reception, followed by a three-course meal with complimentary wine on all tables. There will be live music provided by the Jiggers Ceilidh Band followed by a disco.

Every year there is a charity raffle with great prizes and this year will be no different. There shall, of course, be a few extra entertainment surprises on the night...!

Dress code is black tie. Friends and partners are very welcome.

Once you have booked your table, please email with a note of the names for your table, and any special dietary requirements. Tables are for ten people.

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