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 April 26, 2018 
Social hour 6pm, dinner is served at 7, program begins in Chase Hall at 8pm.

Lt. Col. Ed Reynolds
200 Countries
and Driven 1953 MG in 48 States

Travelin’ man has visited nearly every country in the world.

Ed figures if you’re going to travel halfway around the world to see how people live, you should get in the dirt with them to really know.

Ed finally spent the last of the $400,000 he set up in a travel account from the sale of his late mother’s house in Lompoc at a hot time in the housing market in 2006.

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Lt. Col. Edward “Ed” Reynolds, Jr.  USAF 1957-79, (22 years)
Master Navigator
Aviation Cadet: Harlingen AFB, TX 1957-58
Commissioned as 2nd Lt. and awarded Navigator Wings AUG 1958 

  • Cold War & SAC Alert: KC-97, Dow AFB, ME, Aircrew Navigator, 1958-62
  • (Winner 8th AF Combat Navigation Competition 1960)
  • Cold War & Cuban Missile Crisis: KC-97, Kindley AFB, Bermuda, Aircrew Navigator 1962-63
  • (Russian Cargo Ship Tracking)
  • Cold War & SAC EC/KC-135, March AFB, Wing Staff Officer 1963-66 &, Pease AFB, NH, Wing Reports & Analysis Officer, 1966-67
  • 966-67SAC Vietnam Air Operations Staff Officer KC-135 Okinawa AFB, Japan 1
  • (Injured in near mid-air collision between two KC-135s over the Gulf of Tonkin 1966)
  • Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff: MIRV Missile Targeting Team Chief, Offutt AFB, NE & Airborne Command Post “Looking Glass”, Battle Staff Intelligence Position 1967-71 
  • Vietnam: Senior Intelligence Advisor to the Vietnamese Air Force, 1971-72
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln: MA in Data Processing Management 1972-73
  • HQ USAF, Pentagon, Data Branch Chief, Aircraft Inventory & Designations, 1973-79
  • Developed a set of standard aircraft/missile accounting terms and definitions still in use by all of DoD.  Implemented Computer Terminals in the USAF Air Staff 1978 before Personal Computers

Total USAF flying time: 5,000 Hours;
640 Combat Hours in 147 Combat Missions

Post USAF Career

  • United Airlines: IT Manager at SFO Maintenance Operations Center, 1979-82
  • SRI: IT Management Consultant with projects in Saudi Arabia, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico, 1982-86
Woodland Hills resident since 1987
President, Air Force Association, General Doolittle Chapter, 1988 -93
Currently leads a Monday morning meeting of 100 veterans, veterans supporters and military and aficionados for Wings Over Wendy’s, a group of 300 veterans that meet weekly at the Wendy’s Restaurant in West Hills, CA.
World Traveler

One of only 100 people known to have visited every country in the world.  Completed visiting all the 193 UN countries in 2014.  One the top 50 most traveled people in the world on the lists that record world travel.
  • President, Air Force Association, Tennessee Ernie Ford Chapter, 1984 -86
  • ERC: Project Manager of the USAF Wing Command Control System at German USAF Bases, 1986-87
  • Nucleus International Corporation, Santa Monica: Director, 1987-91
  • Founder Client Server Solutions, Woodland Hills, 1991-92
  • SHL/MCI: IT Management Consultant with projects throughout Canada and the US, Brazil, Norway, Israel, Mexico, UK, The Netherlands, and France. 1992-98
  • VISTA IT: VP, Service Management Consultant with projects throughout the US. 1998-2001
  • Founder QMX Support Services: 2001-2005
  • Service Management Consultant on DoD Projects 2005-2015

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Purchase Dinner Tickets by Tuesday.
Proof of purchase is required at the club
in the form of a printed hard copy or digital receipt on phone.
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