CPS must be held accountable for its illegal actions against the Pardo family!

Holding CPS Accountable for Drake Pardo’s Removal

The Drake Pardo case is gaining a lot of attention as people all over the state continue to pray for this little four-year-old, a medically fragile child with special needs removed from his home and family illegally by Child Protective Services (CPS) on June 20th. The video of two CPS caseworkers accompanied by four police officers removing the little boy while his parents wonder why is heart wrenching.

The discussion on THSC’s Facebook page has a question that arises over and over. Why? Why did CPS take the child and the answer is they won’t say. CPS Attorney Chris Branson tried for almost two weeks to get CPS officials to comply with the law and tell him what the allegations were, but to no avail.

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Drake Pardo Update: CPS Doubles Down Despite Hospital Saying Concerns Are Resolved

Children’s Medical Center Dallas (Children’s) requested a meeting with the Pardo family and Child Protective Services (CPS) earlier this week. This request followed Children’s recent filing of a CPS report which resulted in the illegal removal of Drake Pardo (age four). The Pardo family was joined at the meeting by their legal and advocacy teams, including THSC.

This devastation occurred after CPS collected a court order to take the medically fragile four-year-old from his family, claiming an “emergency” situation although the investigation had already been ongoing for nearly two weeks at the time. The family videoed the horrible incident.

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Four-Year-Old Traumatized by Illegal CPS Removal (Update on Drake Pardo)

After five days of forced and illegal separation from their four-year-old son Drake, Ashley and Daniel Pardo were given the chance to meet with him briefly during a visit on Tuesday. Drake, a medically fragile, special-needs child, was elated to see his parents and asked repeatedly if he was allowed to go home with them. His parents were forced to explain to him that this would not be possible.

In a heartbreaking display, Drake spent about 15 minutes of the visit with his parents reenacting the moment when CPS removed him from his home, asking his parents to pretend to knock on the door and scare him when it opened. Drake periodically switched roles and pretended to knock on the door and scare his parents.

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ACTION REQUIRED: Help THSC Stand Up Against Juvenile Curfew Ordinance in Houston!

What if your homeschooled child was picked up by the police any time of day and wrongfully charged with a class C misdemeanor? It would be traumatic for both the child and the family. That’s why THSC has stood up against city councils for years to fight curfew ordinances that are bad for homeschoolers.

On Jul. 10, 2019, the Houston City Council will be taking public testimony on the city’s juvenile curfew ordinance and considering whether the ordinance should be continued. We need homeschoolers to come and testify against this ordinance!
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