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Economic Emergence and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Morocco

“Why isn’t Morocco on a steady trajectory of economic emergence in spite of seemingly largely adequate conditions?”. Read Bertrand Savoye’s macroeconomic analysis on Morocco’s development strategies.
“Economic Emergence and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Morocco: Balancing the Quest for Productivity Gains and Job Creation”, MacroDev No. 29, December 2019.

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In-Depth Analysis

Armenia achieved an average growth rate of 6.6% between 2000 and 2018. The figure for 2018 was 5.2%.

“Almost 30 Years after Its Independence, How Is the Armenian Economy Doing?”, MacroDev No. 28, December 2019.

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Latest Publications

Towards a Sustainable Belt and Road Initiative? Paving the Way for a Common Sustainable Development Finance Framework.

This article makes a number of recommendations for creating new convergences, and offers some approaches to a common framework for sustainable finance and development.
Policy Paper No. 2

Financing TVET: a comparative analysis in six Asian countries

Over the last years, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has been rising in the political agenda of both the international community and many governments around the world.
Technical Reports No. 56

Committed emissions and the risk of stranded assets from power plants in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this paper, we assess committed CO2 emissions from existing and planned power plants in LAC.
Research Paper No. 116

The economic trigger: Enabling gendered social inclusion processes and outcomes amidst poverty escapes in Niger and Malawi

This mixed methods paper explores social inclusion of poor women and children in Niger and Malawi.
Research Paper No. 113

Ideas Forum

For a “Green New Deal” south of the Sahara

In its annual study on Africa, the International Energy Agency (IEA) describes two scenarios on the evolution of energy access by 2040. Christian de Perthuis outlines a third scenario based on a “Green New Deal”.

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AFD's urban incubator: a new governance regime for urban innovation?

Raphaël Besson (PACTE / Villes Innovations) supported teams at Agence française de développement in the creation process of the urban incubator, in collaboration with Catherine Piekarec, Laurie Tallotte (Algoé) and Julien Brouillard (Dédale).

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19 Dec 2019
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The 14th France–Morocco High-Level Meeting

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Expert Workshop

Looking Back on the Social and Inclusive Business Camp | 30 November – 5 December 2019 


After 4 months of remote digital coaching, 60 entrepreneurs hailing from 37 African countries gathered in Aix-en-Provence and at The Camp for the Social and Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC), which was conducted by the AFD Campus for the third year in a row. The program aims to identify and nurture “champions” that generate positive social impacts in Africa and to support them by opening up AFD’s networks (mentors and investors). Christophe Itier, the French High Commissioner for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Bertrand Walckenaer, AFD’s Associate CEO, presented them with certificates of completion, marking their entry in SIBC’s community of builders of a fairer and more sustainable world.

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learn more about the SIBC.

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