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FLEXCoop Newsletter #1 - November 2018
Demand Response for Energy Cooperatives

FLEXCoop is a European project enabling energy cooperatives to experiment Demand Response tools and discover new business models.



Dear colleagues, cooperative members and online subscribers, thank you for joining the FLEXCoop community!

The FLEXCoop newsletter is our chance to get a bit closer to you, to explain what we do, to reflect our progress and to give you the opportunity to comment on it! We will issue a FLEXCoop newsletter regularly, at least every 4 months, to keep you updated on our activities.
Stay tuned and share your remarks and questions by email to Roland Tual.

In this newsletter

What is FLEXCoop?

FLEXCoop is a European project financed by the Commission, under the Horizon 2020 Programme. The project aims at building Demand Response tools for energy cooperatives.

The project gathers 14 partners co-developing the project (you can check them here). Each of them holds a different and complementary expertise needed for the project. Our partners include Smart Grid technologies experts and demand response software geeks, but also 2 energy cooperatives who provide real-life ground for the research and will experiment the role of aggregators.

The tools that the partners develop include tools at prosumers level (a smart box and a dedicated app), tools for the cooperative (aggregator tools to coordinate devices), and a platform designed as marketplace where aggregators and prosumers can trade among each other. The FLEXCoop solution aims at providing a complete environment enabling energy consumers to valorise their consumption’s flexibility for different purposes in the electricity grid.

FLEXCoop stands for the “decentralisation” of energy systems, it supports energy systems with important amounts of renewables through neighbouring, giving people more opportunity to “self-consume” without losing the link to the socialised network as FLEXCoop also enables to contribute to the stability of the grid.  Finally, FLEXCoop is a safe and secure solution, with data privacy at its core.

FLEXCoop intends to strengthen the local economy in Europe by making possible to set up “cooperative aggregators” providing consumers access and control:  making individual energy consumption and production more transparent to consumers; enabling consumers to become prosumers; and finally unlocking the integration of more renewables in a community-driven manner.

Why FLEXCoop?


Flexibility from cooperatives for a more participative energy system

Heinrich Böll Foundation, Energy Atlas 2018, link

In a near future, an increasing share of our energy needs will be fulfilled by electrical equipment fed by renewable resources. Consumption’s flexibility is key in order to manage such an electrical system based on variable resources like the wind or the sun. As pioneers of the energy transition, energy cooperatives have the opportunity to be at the fore-front of these new system needs and develop new flexibility services. 

Read the full article on our website →

Where are we now?


FLEXCoop has been active for one year already(!)

Credit: from left to right: Liesje, Dominique and René from ODE Decentral, Panos from Hypertech and Joan and Carol from Som Energia. (Dominique and René are also 2 of our Friendly Users!)

During this first year, the whole consortium has been fulfilling the main initial steps making possible the implementation of the project.

Fine-tuning the technical solution
The FLEXCoop partners have clarified most aspects related to the context, going through end-users and business requirements; regulatory and market contexts,  both at national (ES and NL) and EU levels, and  assessing emerging business models. We have also explored the more technical environment by going through interoperability standards and data models in place for Demand Response services; as well as existing performance verification and measurement methodologies. Finally, FLEXCoop partners have set up models of Decentralised Energy Resources devices (divided into demand, generation and storage) and associated forecasting algorithms and defined a Framework Architecture for FLEXCoop, including functional, technical and communication specifications.

Involving pilot users
Now that an early version of FLEXCoop is available, the purpose is to test it in a real-life environment. The pilot phase will take place in two steps.

  1. Three staff persons from ODE Decentraal and Som Energia are acting as “friendly users” who will be installing the Smart Box by the end of November and will provide feedback to fine-tine the solution.
  2. Once complete, the first version of the FLEXCoop solution will then be deployed to 17 additional households, selected among the two cooperative members.
The installation should take place in April next year. The process will be performed by the cooperatives with the support of the technical partners.

Let's stay connected


The next newsletter will be issued around April next year. You can still keep an eye on our website where our deliverables will be published in the weeks to come, and on our Twitter account to get regular updates on the project and news on energy cooperatives and smart grid services.

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