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Space2think Newsletter July 2018
Learning. Development. Change. Action.

Newsletter March 2018

Welcome to the July edition of the Space2think newsletter.

Sometimes it is easy to minimise the impact that we can have in organisations; that in turn enables organisations to impact others for good. As directors of Space2think we often talk about the importance of the connection between our own values and the values of those we are working with. We’ve been excited over the past few months to be working with two influential organisations committed to developing a stronger society; one through supporting economic development and stability in the business world, and one through ensuring the creation of and release of funds to support the vulnerable in our society. 

Developing Coaching within the CBI
Space2think coaching development programmes are well established and provide relevant learning and development for many individuals in a variety of sectors. Recently we have enjoyed our work with the HR and Learning and Development team at the CBI. The relationship has developed and gone beyond the individual development of coaches. See what one participant (also the commissioner) has to say about our work.

We have really enjoyed working with Space2think to complete our coaching qualification. Rob and Andy create a collaborative learning environment and have offered so much support and flexibility to allow us to complete the qualification in a way that works for both our team and the wider business. They have provided guidance and support in setting up our own coaching and quality assurance processes internally, ensuring our own coaching approach is embedded and sustainable.

Lauren Kane, HR Director CBI.

Facilitation at Comic Relief 
Whether an individual or a team, we can benefit from the support, questioning and challenge of someone outside of our situation. Often what can be helpful is someone who will help us make sense of things or just hold the space so we can do our own thinking. Our experience in facilitation includes working with teams to improve effectiveness and working relations, working with boards to develop organisational vision and connect with purpose. 

A recently facilitated 2 day event with Comic Relief highlights our work in this area. See what Liz Warner, CEO at Comic Relief had to say about the event.

Andy was a calm influence who steered our away day with integrity and encouraged reflection. He enabled a stimulating and thoughtful learning environment, enabling us to consider how we work together as a leadership team and how we move forward to take decisions and actions. His handouts were introduced at timely moments like little drops of Buddhist wisdom.

Liz Warner, CEO Comic Relief

For further information about our coaching programmes or facilitation services please contact

Clarity 4D
Over the last 12 months we have been developing our work using Clarity 4D. Clarity 4D is a creative and accessible starting place for conversations around personal development; communication and team working.  It is based on both ancient and modern psychology and uses the language of colour to understand personality.

We have worked with Clarity 4D with Chiltern Wood School, Fine Lady Bakery, Nottingham Trent Students Union and the Oxford Summer School Foundation programme.

Evaluating and Strengthening organisations. 
In our last newsletter we wrote about three evaluations we have been involved in evaluating very different projects in organisations we respect very much and have a long-standing relationship with.  The source of the word evaluate is to strengthen. Evaluations can strengthen organisations and projects they deliver. This results in the strengthening of individuals, both staff and service users. 

The Release Project for Young Carers at Sutton Coldfield YMCA is a well established and much needed project supporting young carers and their families. Our in-house writer, Mark Chester, conducted interviews with young carers to evidence the impact the project has directly on their lives. Please use the following link if you are interested in seeing the report.  Click here

If you also have a need for Clarity 4D or evaluation services for your own organisation please get in touch with Sara at 

News from Andy
If you didn’t know already Andy is now the proud grandad to 3 young grandchildren, 3 year old Arthur, his 9 month old brother Albie and Jessica who is 18 months. All three are now his main teachers in curiosity, determination, making yourself heard, experimenting with new situations, following your own path, eating when you’re hungry and sleeping when you’re tired. Great learning.

News from Rob
I enjoy rituals, especially those around nature and its cycles and seasons. One of the rituals that I feel particularly drawn to is the summer equinox. I love to be outside and preferably sleeping under the stars on the longest days of the year. For the last two years this day has coincided with an invite to work with the incoming student Executive team at Nottingham Trent Students Union.  I really value the integration of working with and for others, while honouring my own need for particular rituals and rhythms. 

Our ILM Approved Centre continues to help people gain relevant professional Coaching, Leadership and Management Qualifications – this newsletter we celebrate with and congratulate:

Jeanette Attryde on successfully completing the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Sue Cavalier, Marcin Kucharski, Kenneth Fowler, Aaron Hetherington, Helen Hunt, Daniel Kenward, Andrew Longbottom, Joanne O’Driscoll, Felicity Parker and Farrel Symonds Cherwell and District and South Northants Joint Council on successfully completing the Leading in a Commercial Environment (Applied programme)

Lisa Bell, Sarah Credland, Zarah Foard, Tracey Hill, Kathleen Holloway, Karyn Panting, Jo Round, Tracey Thomas and Kirstie Baker Cherwell and District and South Northants Council on successfully completing Leading in a Commercial Environment (Development programme)

Literature to inspire
Honest Dialogue
– Presence, Common Sense and Boundaries when you want to help someone authored by Bent Falk. It is a fascinating and refreshing look at how powerful authenticity within dialogue can be in helping others and ourselves, often in sensitive and critical circumstances. 

A little more reading – recent blogs from Space2think
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And finally...
Our company is built on the crucial and valued relationships we have with our customers and suppliers. We would like to continue our presence in the world so please like and share us on your social media and word-of-mouth channels. If you need to get in touch please do with the contact details below.

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The majority of our work comes through recommendations. If you know of an organisation who would benefit from our services please let us, and them, know.

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