It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: ALL THE ACTIVITIES! Ok, maybe not ALL of the activities – but we’ve got a ton of cool stuff to share with you!
Click on each of the icons below to learn more about what happens when the music turns down and the fun turns way up. We've added two additional activities with Paramore! (Yasss!) Take note of all of the sign up events, and make sure you submit info for a chance to participate.

Participation in these events will be determined via random lottery, so be sure to sign up for the ones you're interested in. Even if you don't get picked, you're 100% encouraged to come watch!
These activities feature some of the other incredible artists on our lineup! Be sure to sign up if you want to particiate in Family Feud or Deep Search: The Relay.


No sign ups required for these activities. Just a ton of extra fun!

We asked our salty sailors for their best advice when it comes to packing & prep. See what they had to say below!
Pack and then take half the stuff out, you’re not going to wear nearly as many clothes as you think. Overpacking is the worst! You’ll want space in that suitcase for fun stuff/merch that you will inevitably buy.
             - Jeree R., Brooklyn, NY
Bring a big empty bag to separate your clean and dirty clothes! You may not wear everything so it may save you a bit of laundry when you get home.
             - Kelly L., Hoboken, NJ
If you’re going with friends, delegate who can bring what. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, curling iron, etc that can be shared. You don’t really all need to bring the same stuff.
- Jayda K., Franklin, TN
Bring motion sickness pills/oils....start using them a couple days before we set will help!
- Shannon N., Astoria, NY
BONUS TIP: Not sure where to start? Check our handy packing list! Want to submit your own Pro Tip, or read up on tons of great advice from fellow cruisers? Join the discussion in our official group on Facebook!
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