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Volume 8 Issue 13  -  28 November 2017

Power of Choice Frequently Asked Questions
Electrical Partners Portal Outage Reminder 
Power of Choice & Energy Academy Feedback Survey
Common Network Charges List Updated
Pillar Access Reminder

Power of Choice Frequently Asked Questions

Power of Choice (PoC) reforms are set to commence December 1, 2017 and we are in the final stages of ensuring we are prepared for PoC go live.

We are committed to helping ensure you are prepared and that you understand how the upcoming PoC changes will impact you and your business.

We have developed a frequently asked questions document to help you respond to questions your customers or staff may have concerning PoC reforms, please see the link below to this document;

PoC Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information regarding this.

Electrical Partners Portal Planned Outage Reminder

To ensure we are PoC ready, please be reminded we have scheduled a planned outage of our Electrical Partners Portal to undertake necessary maintenance from midnight Thursday 30th November to midnight Sunday 3rd December.
If you are logged into the portal during this time you will be automatically logged out. Messaging will appear on the portal to advise users of this outage also.
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and your staff.

Power of Choice & Energy Academy Feedback Survey

Thank you again to everyone who attended the recent PoC Energy Academy sessions; we had a great turn out and we appreciated your participation.

We would like your feedback concerning the session you attended (information, format, speakers etc.) as well as feedback concerning the information we have provided you via these communications to help you prepare for PoC.

The feedback you provide will help us improve future Energy Academy sessions and the type of information we provide you to help support you and your business.

Please see below a link to the anonymous and confidential online survey. Please note participation in this survey is voluntary, however we really appreciate your feedback in advance;

PoC Feedback Survey

Common Network Charges List Updated

In preparation for PoC go live, Energex has updated the list of Common Network Charges to assist you in advising customers of costs for certain services.

The final charge reflected on the customer’s retail bill may vary and customers should also contact their Retailer to ensure there are no additional charges.

You can find this document within our Electrical Partners Portal under the "References" section.

Pillar Access Reminder

Please be aware that Energex supply points, underground pillars etc. must always be accessible for Energex staff  to undertake maintenance or connection activities.

Safe access to Energex infrastructure is mandatory at all times for all sites.
Please consult with all parties on your building sites to ensure safe access for Energex staff prior to submitting an EWR for connection.
The photo below illustrates an example of an inaccessible site, restricting Energex staff to undertake any connection procedures.
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