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Volume 8 Issue 8 - 22 September 2017

Power of Choice Update
NMI Selection in the Energex Electrical Partners Portal
Declared Non-Live Tasks 
Fail Safe Interlocks & Preventing Paralleling of Transformers

Power of Choice Update

Power of Choice (PoC) is a national reform to the electricity industry that will be introduced from 1 December 2017. These reforms are designed to increase competition in the electricity supply chain and provide customers with access to more detailed information about their energy usage through the introduction of digital interval metering.

New roles in the market and digital meters

Across Queensland all new or replacement meters for small customers must meet minimum service specifications to be compliant with the PoC Reforms. New meters must have digital readouts and be capable of interval readings and wireless communications.  These new meters will be Type 4 digital meters.
The reforms introduce competition by making the installation of these new digital Type 4 digital meters contestable. A Metering Provider (MP) will install, maintain and replace new meters, and a Metering Data Provider (MDP) will manage the data that comes from the meter.
PoC involves the introduction of a new, accredited market role, the ‘Metering Coordinator’ (MC). The customer’s Retailer will appoint the MC and this is the organisation that will coordinate, and appoint, the MP and MDP metering roles.  
Energex will continue to read and maintain existing meters (basic Type 6) until they are replaced with digital meters, due to fault, age or customer requirements.

How this will affect you
  • Energex will only be responsible for the connection of supply to the Meter Isolation Link.
  • You will see MPs on site performing digital Type 4 metering work for all small customers from 1 Dec 2017 (including Temporary Supply).
  • Where there will be an impact to an existing customer on site, there will be a requirement for MP’s and Distribution field crews to coordinate their activities.
  • There will be no change to the way you submit your connect or EWR (Form 2) to us, through the Portal.
If you have any questions about PoC, please email

NMI Selection in the Energex Electrical Partners Portal 

What is a NMI?
The key purpose of a NMI (National Metering Identifier) is for premises identification and billing via electricity Retailers. Energex uses NMI’s to identify premises and to process connection enquiries, applications, offers and EWR Submissions. 
In the connections process an enquiry is required prior to submission of an application for the following reasons;
  • Where maximum demand greater than 100amps per phase
  • Where an extension to the Energex network is required
When submitting jobs in the Electrical Partners Portal please ensure you have selected the correct NMI. This is important for connection enquiries and these can be completed successfully by following these methods;

For Upgrades, i.e. Adds & Alts - the best method is to request this NMI number from your retail customer via their retailer bill. 
  • Then search by NMI in the Enquiry Form
For New Connections - the best method is to search via Lot and Plan details for the premises you need supply to.
  • If you can't find your Lot and Plan or Address, please follow the link to Manually enter a new premises, please see below the image below.
  • This will trigger a new NMI to be created after your CX has been submitted.
  • Please note, a new connection application can't be processed on an existing connected NMI.

For New Multi Tenancy Connections - to avoid delays entering your CX, please complete the details on the NMI creation for multi tenancy dwellings form to arrange creation of the NMIs in advance. There is also a link to this form within the Electrical Partners Portal within the References section.

Declared Non-Live Tasks

Please note, the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 places restrictions on the performance of live work and only allows it where it is not practicable to perform the work de-energised and the work can be done safely. 

Energex has declared that due to this risk the following activities will only be performed de-energised:

Consac cable
All work on consac cable is to be carried out de-energised other than the following tasks:
  • electrical testing in pillars
  • fuse replacement in pillars
Concrete tombstone type underground pillars are normally associated with Consac cables.

Concrete tombstone type pillars are also fitted with a removable access cover that may contain Asbestos.

Care should be exercised by contractors when accessing all concrete pillars, ensure appropriate control measures and personal protection equipment is utilised.

Fail Safe Interlocks & Preventing Paralleling of Transformers 

Energex has some sites where the transformers have been paralleled and low voltage circuit breakers have been utilised to isolate faulty sections of the network. However, these low voltage circuit breakers are no longer part Energex’s Standard Building Blocks.
Paralleling of transformers results in very high current in the faulted section of the network, requiring faults to be cleared very quickly.

Section 5.10.2 Multiple Transformers of the Queensland Electricity Connection and Metering Manual (QECMM) specifies that for multiple transformer sites, transformers are not to be paralleled. Further it states, that bus-tie switches are to be fitted with fail safe interlocking devices.

Energex advises that should you be involved in upgrading low voltage boards on these sites, the board must not allow transformers to be paralleled on multi-transformer sites as per QECMM requirements.
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