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Deciding on whether to stay put or make a move for your family? School options are often the biggest driver of where and when to move. Understand the facts to make a well informed decision. We can help!
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CPS Dates to Note
Feb 3- Deadline to re-rank
Mar 27- HS Notifications
Apr 24- ES Notifications

is continually being updated with Open House dates for Preschool through High School tours.  Check with us often to plan your schedule and let us know of any we missed.  Most private schools require RSVPs while most public schools do not. 
Confirm with each school as dates and times can and do change.
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No Deadline for Neighborhood Schools

Just prove residency prior to starting anytime of year

Families contemplating a move often ask us whether there is a "deadline" to register for a neighborhood school. While oftentimes a local school will encourage registration in the spring for planning purposes, many are surprised to find out that an assigned neighborhood school (confirm via the CPS School Locator) does not have a registration deadline because families can enroll at any time their residency is confirmed. To confirm residency, families must provide 2 proofs of address such as a utility bill, driver's license or deed. While it would be great to attend the first day of a new school year, it isn't always possible but your child won't have missed his chance. 

Contact Us to help you understand your school search timing, relevant criteria, and evaluating a good school fit.
Tour a School at Catholic Schools Week

Many open houses on Sunday, January 26

While many school application deadlines have passed, there are others that you may still have an opportunity to apply to, or at least tour to consider for next year's application period. The annual Catholic Schools Week always kicks off the last Sunday in January with a plethora of school tours, showcases and opportunities to get to know the communities. Take advantage of this coming week 1/26/30-2/1/20 to get more info on a school you have been interested in.
CPS Notifications Still Months Away

All high school apps and SEES can be re-ranked by 2/3

CPS applications for 2020-2021 were turned in by mid-December, but notifications for high schools will not be released until March 27 and elementary schools on April 24.  If you are doubting the rankings for any high school programs or selective enrollment elementary programs, you can still re-rank your schools by February 3rd. Submit a paper re-rank request form by emailing or calling 773-553-2060 to talk with the Office of Access and Enrollment.  You cannot add different schools, just re-rank your order choices.
Non-CPS Students Take Spring NWEA

CPS NWEA Map Testing for Fall 2021 done Spring 2020

Current private school students interested in applying to 5th-9th grade CPS programs for Fall 2021 entry (including SEHS & Academic Centers) should plan to take the NWEA MAP qualifying exam this May and June 2020.  Any current 7th or 5th grade private school students should especially consider Spring testing and get on a list via the NWEA MAP Information Request Form
Data for GoCPS High School Applications

Stats available from last two years of HS process

GoCPS's online single application platform for all CPS and Charter high schools was first released for entry to the 2018-2019 school year. It is now in its third year and data for the first two years has been released.  If you have the time and interest, you can find out how many seats a high school program had available, how many spots were offered, and how many students accepted those offers. It also shows a breakdown of how many students listed that program as their first choice high school program and how many students matched with that choice, their 2nd choice, etc. Fascinating data to be gleaned from the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 entering high school classes.

Examples from 2019-2020 current freshmen high school class:
  • Jones SEHS: 405 program seats, 509 offers made, 439 offers accepted; 2,433 students ranked it as 1st choice, 385 were offered that as their 1st choice.
  • Disney II Magnet HS: 223 program seats, 515 offers made, 177 offers accepted; 347 students ranked it as 1st choice, 87 were offered that as their 1st choice. 
  • Taft IB: 248 program seats, 319 offers made, 106 offers accepted; 656 students ranked it as 1st choice, 99 were offered that as their 1st choice.  
  • Chicago Agricultural Magnet HS: 256 program seats, 396 offers made, 224 offers accepted; 624 students ranked it as 1st choice, 210 were offered that as their 1st choice. 
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