Facts At Your Fingertips

PowerShift is full of facts about your business – facts that can assist you in making decisions. Knowledge is power!

Here's a handful of ideas to get your analytical juices flowing:
  • If you think sales of an item are moving up or down, take a look in Item Inquiry (ISI) to see what is really happening. ISI summarizes data for the past three years by period. If you see a period with exceptional sales numbers, for example, you can drill to the associated orders and make a determination if these were one-time sales, if you landed new customers, etc. 
  • To see if a customer’s business with you is expanding or contracting, Customer Sales History Inquiry (CSHQ) is a great tool. You can see sales, bookings, cancellations and returns going back years. From the annual summaries, you can drill to period detail.
  • If you want to quickly look at inventory, check out the Inventory Activity History Report (IAHR). By setting sort, select and program options, you can see the top fifty items by inventory value on a single page. You’ll also get lots of other useful information, like the last dates each item was sold, purchased, received, used and counted.

Did You Know...

If you’re new to PowerShift – or even if you’re not! – you might not know that...
  • Several inquiries (ODSQ, OLDQ, OSDQ, OSHQ, OSQ) can optionally function in auto-refresh mode so that the display is automatically updated at user-specified intervals -- ideal for a large unattended monitor that people can check for shipping activity. Let us know if auto-refresh would be beneficial in other inquiries.
  • The address window used throughout PowerShift for customers, vendors, sales reps, orders, etc. has icons that can launch a map, telephone call or email message.
  • You can display the installed PowerShift version and update date with System Options Inquiry (XQ).
  • The report version of Sales Order Summary (OSLQ) can be run automatically by the PowerShift Job Scheduler (JOBS).
  • The Payment History Report (RPHL) prints a listing of a customers' payment performance.
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