A beautiful Merlot Glitter Wrap over vintage shells, compact kits, and a chance to win a TreeHouse Snare!  

Fresh from the Drumgeon

The latest builds from TreeHouse Drums.

Merlot Glitter Vintage Kit

Mmmm.  Tasty.  Vintage Mahogany shells--with Merlot Glitter Wrap on the toms and bass--Consolette Rail, Vintage Cymbal Arm, Tubes on the waxed snare, Beavertails everywhere else...Tasty. 8x12, 14x14, 15x20, 7x14; vintage mahogany; Merlot Glass Glitter Wrap.
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Tricked Out Vintage

With tube lugs, a Trick strainer, Equalizer snare wires, and 1" maple re-rings, this mahogany/poplar/mahogany shell is looking fine and ready to make some sweet sounds!  6½x14; vintage mahogany; satin wax. 
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Swoosh CS-185

Take our standard CS-185 Compact Nesting Kit, add a beautiful blue and 3 cymbals arms, and voilà, you’re off to the gig in one trip, thanks to the nesting abilities of this versatile drumset.  7x8, 8x12, 10x15, 16x18, 4½x14; plied maple; satin wax.
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Tupan in the Bayou

Where the Mosquito serves as the State Bird, this drum is Tearing It Up in the Bayou!  Outfitted with the epic customer-provided, "reliced" (mauled on an anvil with a hammer then dragged thru swampmud) strap eyelets--which are strong enough to haul your Jeep out of the lake--the new owner of this splendid instrument will have no trouble strapping this drum over-the-shoulder.  Made with a comfy 15" width, this drum is easy to reach around throughout the whole gig.  15x22; plied maple; satin wax.
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Compact Polka

Because every Polka Band needs a drumset that all fits in one case!  Check out this band--Alex Meixner Polka Band--and dig their new Purple TreeHouse Compact Nesting Kit at a Bavariafest/Squeezebox Convention/Brauhaus/Biergarten near you!  7½x10, 9x13, 9¾x16, 16x20, 4½x14; plied maple; satin wax.
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Blue Valley North Jazz

Now the Mustangs can Jam on their new Jazz TreeHouse set!  This project shows off the elegant Beavertail Lugs on rich oiled-n-waxed maple shells. 8x12, 14x14, 14x18, 5x14; plied maple; satin wax.
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From the Archives

A look into some past projects from TreeHouse Drums

Green Tubes (2012)

Black hardware over green finish, rims mounts, booming bass drum. 7x10,  8x12, 14x14, 16x16, 14x20; plied maple; semi-gloss wax.
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Purple Rice (2011)

Purple in honor of a graduating Topeka West drummer.  3.75x13; plied maple; semi-gloss wax.
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Player Pics

Shots of TreeHouse in action!  Send your photos to


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