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Dear Robyns,
It is that time of the year again!


This is the official call to the members' Annual General Meeting 2017


The members' annual general meeting (AGM) of the coop will be held on December 29th (1 PM) - January 15th (1 PM) in, just like the previous general meetings. Opening and closing dates and time of the meeting correspond to Finland's time zone.

Only members will be able to attend. 

Each member will get the individual invite link to the meeting area on the e-mail associated with their RHcoop account.

Watch your inbox for the link to Loomio and other important emails coming up!!


The agenda items are the following:


(the full agenda is available in the meeting area on

Agenda 1: Opening of the meeting

Agenda 2: Accepting the agenda

Agenda 3: What happened 2016-2017

  • This was a year of trouble. The old database system crashed in May 2016, and after that we have not been able to onboard new members.

  • The development of the Ethereum base system was delayed and ultimately stalled. Members were onboarded in April 2017, but after that HitFin has not delivered the agreed product nor kept the server in working order, and we have been unable to provide customer care or feedback.

  • Since October 2017, we have been working with Luottamuksen Löyly Coop; LL intends to finish the work left by HitFin, if possible.

  • In the Extra General Meeting in August 2017, a new investment strategy was decided, see the Minutes.

Agenda 4: Annual accounts 2016-2017

  • We have about 0.2M assets in the coop. The turnover of the fiscal year was 0,4 M€, with 111,7 K€ loss (before taxes), and 112,8 K€ loss after taxes.

  • As discussed in the AGM 2016, the Board decided to take all assets out in cash in January 2016. 30 000 EUR was invested in a new version of the Parasite in spring 2017. Since we have had continuing costs, but no new members, we have been forced to take cover the costs with the cash assets.

  • We will have a detailed financial report and auditor’s report available in the meeting space.

Agenda 5: Selection of the Board

The board selected last year was: Akseli Virtanen, Tere Vadén and Daniel Hassan.

According to the rules, the turn of leave for two members or one third of the board is every second year. This year, Tere Vadén and Daniel Hassan have their turn of leave.

Agenda 6: Next steps of the cooperative

  • The crucial thing is to get the new database system working, so that members can access member pages, and that we can enroll new members. As noted above, we are working with Luottamuksen Löyly Coop towards this goal. However, as HitFin are not cooperating, the work is difficult, and the timeline unsure.

  • The coop needs new volunteers to run its operations. Volunteers are needed for many different tasks. As always, marketing and PR work by members is very valuable.

Agenda 7: Ending of the Meeting


The full, detailed agenda will be present in Loomio.

All members will get an invite to Loomio via e-mail.

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