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Week of April 9-13
Upcoming Events

Grade 8 Class Meeting
Thursday, April 12  I 7 PM

Grade 3 Class Meeting
Friday, April 13  I 7 PM

Senior Project Presentations
Friday, April 13  I 7 PM

Early Childhood Puppets & Tea
Saturday, April 14  I 9:30 - 11 AM

Senior Project Presentations
Saturday, April 14  I 2 PM

Grade 5 Class Meeting
Monday, April 16 I 7 PM


Eurythmy Performances
Friday, April 20 I 1 PM

Grade 2 Class Meeting
Friday, April 20 I 7 PM
Earth, Humanity, and Technology: How Can We Harmonize Their Co-Existence?
Sunday, April 22 I 7-8:30 PM

Senior Class Trip
Wednesday, April 25-Friday, May 4


Grade 7 Circus
Thursday, April 26 & Friday April 27 I 6 PM


Dear Families,

We hope you all had a restful Easter break and that you are returning to school ready for Spring! Although the air maintains its wintry crispness, our skies are blue, our days are longer, and the last patches of snow are finally melting. If you look carefully those first flowers are peeking up out of the ground and trying their best to remind us that it is indeed April. Our stream flows with a clear vitality that invigorates passersby. Come and experience it when you get a chance.  
With loving kindness,
Karin Almquist, Lower-School Co-Chair

By the stream I dream in calm delight, and watch as in a glass,
How the clouds like crowds of snowy-hued and white-robed maidens pass,
And the water into ripples breaks and sparkles as it spreads,
Like a host of armored knights with silver helmets on their heads.
And I deem the stream an emblem fit of human life may go,
For I find a mind may sparkle much and yet but shallows show,
And a soul may glow with myriad lights and wondrous mysteries,
When it only lies a dormant thing and mirrors what it sees.

-By the Stream by Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872 - 1906

Don't forget to check out our Community News and Classifieds page!
Parent Child Classes
Spring Classes Begin | April 12,13 & 21

The Baby Garden | Mondays, 9-10:30 AM
Tea and conversation centered on child development, health, nutrition, and life rhythms.

Robin’s Nest | Thursdays or Fridays, 9-11 AM
Parents and children (18 mos to 3 years) are warmly invited to a morning of play, song, and puppet stories. 

Bluebird’s Nest | Saturdays, 9-11 AM
Parents and children (18 mos to 3 years) are warmly invited to a morning of play, song, and puppet stories. 

Click here to learn more about Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School's Parent Child program

Click here for applications for next year!
HVS Annual Fund
100% Participation Challenge 

HVS students Kestrel '26 and Freia '28 have found a fun and creative way to raise funds in support of the HVS Annual Fund. You may have noticed they have been offering eggs to HVS families from their family farm in exchange for contributions to the Annual Fund. Special thanks to Krestrel and Freia for their inspiration!
What creative ideas do you have to help fund-raise for the Annual Fund and increase participation in the 100% challenge?

Click here to learn more about the Annual Fund and the 100% Challenge!
Donate to the HVS Annual Fund
NEW Farm to School Lunch Program
Seed Funds Needed!
Thank you to those who have helped raise $7,875 of the $15,000 needed to cover the start-up costs and allow us to take concrete steps forward with the Farm to School Lunch Program. Our next steps include: successfully raising the seed funds and signing up families for a one-year commitment.

The NEW Farm to School Lunch Program will include:

  • the use of locally sourced organic/Biodynamic produce and ingredients whenever possible;
  • a designated menu and program coordinator;
  • integrated cooking classes; and
  • a sliding scale cost to allow everyone an opportunity to participate.
Please consider adding your support to this exciting initiative! 
Donate to the Farm to School Lunch Program
It's Cookie Season!
Monday, April 16 I 3 PM 

HVS Girl Scout Troop #1216 will be selling cookies for one afternoon ONLY! 
The Troop will be donating 30% of proceeds to the
Philmont Food Shelf and Girl Rising
"Outdoor Skills"
Are you interested in discovering the adventures of Girl Scouting? Join the fun with a series of workshops for Non-Girl Scouts in grades kindergarten – 3 !

For information contact Robin Conner or 518-489-8110 ext. 153
If you are interested please register by 4/16/18. Registration forms are available in the Main Office and by clicking here.
Henriette Reiss Award
Application deadline: Wednesday, April 18
The Henriette Reiss Award was created in 1993 in order to help aspiring students further their educations in the arts. The award is given annually to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School seniors and/or alumni.
All HVS alumni and seniors are invited to apply for the 2018 Henriette Reiss Award.

Download guidelines online. Check website for updates.           
American Red Cross Blood Drive
Monday April 30 I 1 - 6 PM
In the HVS Assembly Hall

This is our third and final blood drive for the 2017-2018 school year.

Our second blood drive of the year, in January, was a solid success: our goal was 23 pints of blood...and we donated 23 pints of blood! If we get the same kind of response we have had in the last two drives, we will certainly earn another scholarship for Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School!

You can go through the
American Red Cross website or  (800-REDCROSS) to schedule a donation, or you can contact Bruce Frishkoff or 518-528-8735 if you prefer, and I'll schedule you for a time that works for you.

Many thanks for your support!

Bruce Frishkoff


~Join us for Coffee Hour, each Wednesday from 8:15-9:30 AM. Stay a while, or just drop in for a bite to eat and an espresso to start your day! We often ponder questions together, craft, or just socialize. Theme discussions will be posted in the newsletter or on the sandwich boards.~

The PTA is reaching out to parents, staff and community members who might be interested in offering a class during our second Pilot After School Program starting on May 7 (3-4:30 PM Mon/Weds. and 3-5 PM Tues/Thurs). Please contact
Karine Bouis-Towe (202-290-6235 -cell) if you would like to offer something or be a parent volunteer.


Soccer season is here! Game schedules can be found here under “scores and standings.” We have a Boys U19 team, a girls U19 team, and a girls U16 team this year and are the “Roe Jan Wildcats” for scheduling purposes. Stay tuned for updates!

Coach Race is still missing a bunch of uniforms. Please return them to her as soon as possible.
The date for the sports banquet will be decided by the end of next week. Stay tuned!


Peach Blossom          Rose          Morning Star

1st Grade          2nd Grade          3rd Grade           4th Grade          5th Grade

6th Grade         7th Grade         8th Grade         EARTH

9th Grade          10th Grade          11th Grade          12th Grade
Peach Blossoms

"Oh, come and look what has happened- our Easter Eggs have hatched!"

-Frau Zay

I have heard a Mother Bird,
singing in the rain.
Telling all her little ones,
Spring has come again. 

-Miss Nancy

Morning Star

 Tirra lirra lirra, Spring is here!”
 From the leafy branches you may hear,
 Orioles and Robins sweetly sing,
“Tirra lirra lirra, in the Spring,
Welcome back to all our families...we are looking forward to new discoveries with the children as the buds blossom and green blades rise!

-Mrs. Ping

1st Grade

I hope everyone had a peaceful Spring Break! First grade is continuing our language arts block, and will soon begin working on our play!

-Ms. Conroe

2nd Grade

Each Thursday, the second grade enjoys a nature study class.

Sometimes our studies take us out into nature to observe and collect certain natural things. The intention is to create a sense of wonder, awe and respect for the world around us. We do this by experiencing nature directly, hearing stories about nature and hearing lessons about the natural world.

In the fall, when the woolly bear caterpillars were out and about, we collected a few and made a safe habitat for them outside where we could keep an eye on them and watch them build their cocoons in the spring. 

As spring is upon us, we have noticed that the woolly bears are doing well. As a result, we have created an even bigger space for them to cocoon and become Isabella Tiger moths. 

We will let you know when they have finished their transformation and will share pictures of them in the days to come.

-Ms. Stone

3rd Grade
Welcome back from spring break! In the third grade this week and next we will finish our exploration of various types of houses and how those are built. The children have begun planning and/or working on their small-scale model houses. 

-Ms. McKenna

4th Grade

I hope everyone had a nice vacation week! 

As we return to school, the fourth grade will begin our second Human and Animal block of the year. During the course of the block, each fourth grader will prepare an animal report and a diorama, which students, parents, and friends will have an opportunity to view toward the end of the month. 

-Mr. Sansone

5th Grade

In fifth grade we finished up our study of North American geography in a big way. Thank you to all the students, parents, and community members who passed through our State Fair—you made it a lively, interactive, and memorable event that the class will remember and cherish. We also shared regional food and heard the various oral presentations from the different states and the Bahamas. It was wonderful to experience all that the students managed to learn on their own and share with each other.
This week we move across the globe and back in time to Ancient Greece. We will begin our preparations for the upcoming Olympiad, hear excerpts from Greek myths and learn about life in the golden age of Athens.

-Ms. Almquist

6th Grade

Let the medieval merriment begin! In Main Lesson, the sixth grade class is diving into the history, legend, arts and music of the Middle Ages, where we'll be immersed throughout the spring. History and literature studies will be interwoven with work on our class play, with performances planned for mid-May. The class will also experience various styles of Calligraphy and learn traditional folk dancing. 

-Ms. Lacey

7th Grade

As we return from break we will be working diligently on preparing the 7th Grade Circus!
The Circus will be presented for the school and the community on Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27 in the Assembly Hall. Daytime performances for the school will be at 10:45 AM and evening performances for the community will be at 6 PM.

-Ms. Weimer

8th Grade

The eighth grade will begin to study Anatomy. We'll review the systems of the body from last year and then begin looking at the skeletal and muscular systems. Dr. Frishkoff will teach much of the content. The students have read All But My Life, a Holocaust memoir by Gerda Weissmann Klein, over the break and we'll be discussing it in English class. They also return to art class with Ms. Parrilli.

-Mr. Kilb


Education and Renewal through the Hands

The EARTH Program completed its maple sugaring block before Easter. We made four gallons of syrup! 

Making maple syrup is a lot of work. This year the older students looked for ways to accomplish the work more efficiently. We were able to tap the trees on the steep slopes by running plastic tubing from tree to tree. This greatly increased the ease of harvest! We also found that we could salvage broken pallets from the waste stream at Hawthorne Valley, greatly easing the burden of woodcutting. We are looking to purchase an evaporator with fire box to increase our efficiency and decrease our carbon footprint.
**We will be selling maple milk, maple candy and other delectables on Wednesday afternoons at dismissal. 
Maple milk is the most
delicious thing ever! 

-Mr. Summers

9th Grade

The ninth graders are coming to the end of their calligraphy art block, and with only a few classes until the block ends, students are coming down the home stretch and preparing to create their finished work. A lot of care and work has gone into this block.

-Ms. Christiansen
10th Grade

Impressionist Painting
Sketching by the creek behind the school in frigid winter weather, to quickly jot down some impressions not only of the actual scenery, but also of the sounds, smells and the feeling of the whole scene, the tenth graders immersed themselves with an impressionist’s heart and mind into our beloved valley. Their paintings are attempting to go beyond the purely visible and use colors and textures that capture as much of the mood as possible. The picture shown here is still in process and will be finished soon.

-Ms. Müller
11th Grade

In the grade eleven wood shop this session the students are carving wooden panels. Most have chosen variations of Celtic knots. They have learned the process of chip carving with knives, stop and relief cuts with chisels and gouges, and specialized work with special use tools like router planes. All this requires patience, attention to detail and perseverance.  

-Mr. Cronin

12th Grade

The twelfth grade self-portrait art block came to a close just before spring break and aside from a few finishing touches, the student's paintings are now complete. Painting a self-portrait can be a daunting task for even the most accomplished artist. The human face is one of the most challenging subjects and possibly the least forgiving. With a “portrait” comes the expectation that we will “recognize” the subject. But to capture something of an individual is more than just the noticing of physical features and the ability to translate them from the three-dimensional into the two-dimensional world. The painting of a self-portrait is not only a technical task but a self-reflective one. Who am I? Who was I yesterday and who am I becoming? The artist is constantly at the center between th e past and the future with every stroke of the brush. This group of seniors were particularly dedicated to their work and the results are impressive!

-Ms. Parrilli

We are grateful to Sara Parrilli for the watercolor images in this newsletter.
You can see more of her work by clicking here.

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