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It is winter. And almost Christmas. You can see it, smell it and feel it. White ripe shimmers as jewellery on the fields. The special smell of pine green is mixed with syrupy resin. Happy little red berries are dangling together in little cosy groups. They are hanging so close to each other that they seem to talk about something. They move carefully to make some space for the Christmas angels,  the little trumpet and the silver bells. Christmas balls see each other again in the tree after a long year. They mirror memories of the past. What are the memories about? World peace? And how long will it take, before this happens? Or is it about the never ending search for exclusive and individual  happiness? We are burdened with so many things, getting confused, chasing and searching for more….. more security, more success, more money…..more things to hold on to…..until the moment we decide to stand still…. stand still at this very moment. 

The door opens gently. It is very early in the morning. She is almost three years old. Bright blue eyes are looking at me. “Granny, can I come into your bed?” “Of course, my darling”,  and still half asleep, I move up a little. Her little body comes close to mine, even more close…soft little fingers are touching my face while an urgent tone in her soft voice is asking for my complete attention while asking: “granny do you really love me“? She crawls into the hole of my arm as I whisper gently into her ear: “yes dear, I love you more than all the stars in the sky, more than the moon and the sun together. More than the millions of sand grains on the beaches, I love you! She sighs gently and falls asleep instantly. There is peace.

We are all longing for peace. Feeling save and loved. But unannounced cracks in the walls of our comfortable life, can easily harden our natural gentle nature. When life is unexpected hard or cruel,  we can have the tendency to become cynical, or we can exclude and hide ourselves from the ones we love. Almost not able to laugh freely, cry unreasonable, act without any interest. Maybe we do not want to seem sentimental, vulnerable or unprofessional….. but… we cannot keep life on a distance . Because life is too wild, too unpredictable, too compassionate and too free!

It is winter and almost Christmas. You can see it, smell it and feel it. Bright eyes are looking at me in the mirror. Do you love me, granny? Yes, I gently whisper. I love you. I will always do, so that I can love every other human being too. Without limits….. as I love myself. 

Compassion is the only way to peace in the world. It all starts inside, flows with some practice, to the outer world and comes back again. Without any exception. In the heart of every human being beats another heart . Searching for love, connection and peace. 

©Marc Boutavant
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and millions of moments of compassion and inner peace. 

The AMT team and  Eline Snel           
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