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Dr Rosie Cooney
Welcome back to SULiNews after a rather longer than expected break!
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Indigenous communities and their dependence on wild fauna
(c) Arun Kanagavel

Do we need to ban bans? The case of the seahorse in India
By Tanvi Vaidyanathan

Does banning the catch and trade of a species really help conservation efforts? SULi member Tanvi Vaidyanathan explores the case of seahorses in India to tackle this question. 

Read Tanvi's article

Ten oars: big boat of a fishing group, Yayo, northwestern Pongso no Tao
(c) Si Ngahephep, Tao Foundation


Giraffes: a tall and disturbing tale
By Robin Sharp

SULinews editor Robin Sharp responds to the push to list giraffes as endangered under the US Endangered Species Act by consulting the IUCN Red List and dispelling myths. 

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Skullduggery and success in the High Pamirs: sniffing out illegal wildlife trophies
By Tanya Rosen

Tackling wildlife crime in Central Asia has been no easy feat. Tanya Rosen from Panthera describes the newfound success local enforcement is having with sniffer dogs.  
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Wildlife numbers in Namibia and Kenya over the past 50 years
(c) Chris Brown

South African Wildlife Economy workshop in Pretoria, March 2017
By Mike 't Sas-Rolfes

A group of diverse experts, including some SULi members, met in Pretoria earlier this year to discuss the contribution of wildlife ranching to conservation and human development and how the practice is affected by different forms of governance.  SULi member Mike 't Sas-Rolfes summarises the outcomes of the workshop.
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Participants at the East and Southern Africa regional meeting, Zimbabwe 2017
(c) Rosie Cooney


Robin Sharp, the editor of SULiNews provides an overview of this issue's content. 

Read Robin's introduction to SULiNews 11

Five Giants of Conservation Pass On
By Robin Sharp

SULiNews editor Robin Sharp writes a fitting tribute to five heroes of sustainable use of wildlife and involvement of local communities in conservation.
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To eat or not to: The case of wild meat utilisation by the indigenous communities of Kerala in the Western Ghats

By Arun Kanagavel & Sethu Parvathy

Hunting, though prohibited, exists across India among indigenous and non-indigenous communities for local consumption and trade.  SULi member Arun Kanagavel and colleague explored the extent of wildlife utilisation among indigenous communities in Kerala and report on their findings. 

Read Arun and Sethu's article

The incidental catch of seahorses and other organisms in shrimp trawls
(c) Sarah Foster, Project Seahorse

Traditional conservation institutions and indigenous local knowledge at work on Pongso no Tao, Taiwan  
By Sutej Hugu

SULi member Sutej Hugu describes how the Tao people have strived to maintain their indigenous local knowledge and customary use of wild resources in Taiwan.

Read Sutej's article
Reticulated Giraffe, Samburu National Park, Kenya
(c) Julian Fennessy, GCF
Dogs detect illegal trophy hunts in Tajik National Park
(c) Joel Caldwell


Hunting and tourism can work together for conservation: the Namibian experience
By Chris Brown

Chris Brown argues that hunting and tourism are necessary for conservation in Africa and explains why wildlife has a comparative economic advantage as a land use over agriculture.
Read Chris' article 

Participants of the WRSA Earthmind Wildlife Economy Workshop, South Africa 2017
(c) Meldt van der Spuy


SULi regional East and Southern Africa meeting in Chiredzi, May 2017
By Rosie Cooney

In May this year, Eastern and Southern African SULi members met in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe at the beautiful Chilo Lodge to discuss the potential for the two regions to work together on sustainable use and livelihoods issues.  The group workshopped, brainstormed, and came up with a clear direction and set of goals for the collaboration.   
Read the full report

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