September 2019
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Thomas Bucher | EEA General Secretary

Dealing with change

Dear readers,

I wrote in July 2011, for our local church bulletin, an article about change, based on the modern parable Who moved my cheese? That was eight years ago. It was interesting to read and think about that article again and to look at the story in between.

Where is my cheese?

Two dwarves and two mice live in a labyrinth. They are provided with cheese that appears daily at the same place. Cheese stands for everything we (would like to) have in life: safety, health, finances, good relationships, salvation ...
However, over time the cheese is becoming more scarce and action is required: lamenting and demanding rights or facing up to the change or set off and tap into new resources.
Some take up the challenge and come to the following conclusions as they journey along:
  • Everything changes (your cheese continues to move)
  • Think ahead (be ready for change)
  • Notice changes (smell the cheese daily to know if it’s still fresh)
  • Quickly adjust to new situations (let go of your old cheese quickly)
  • Change (and be content with it)
  • Be prepared for this to happen again and again

The Evangelical Alliance

As a local church we have tried to live along those lines with God's help. And it has been a good journey even though it has been rough sometimes.
I believe as Evangelical Alliance we have to face up to some change. We live in a time where the Christian story, the bible and the culture formed through it, is evaporating. Society is trying to build its security with all kinds of risk management schemes much driven by Artificial Intelligence. But as we learned at the EEA General Assembly in June in Bad Blankenburg, it is not just about security. Nobody can guarantee our security. It is much more about certitudio, knowing that I am secure in the midst of insecurity and knowing that there will be an end to evil.
What are we doing to bring this into the public debate? How can we provide leadership with beliefs that are at odds with a society which is moving from believing in science to believing in information based on algorithms? How can we show the “people in power” that there is a very different perspective and approach, something which goes beyond statistics and the immense accumulation of knowledge?
The Evangelical Alliance is an ideal platform where these questions can be wrestled with on local, national, regional and world levels. As a grass roots movement we have all we need to bring together what is needed and make it known in the respective places.
Therefore, please make sure you bring your input to the table. Let us trust together that God will help us to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to change and the biblical response which is required.
Below is a prayer from the Philippines. May God help us to face up to the change he is bringing along and using


Thomas Bucher
General Secretary EEA


Shake us up...

Make us restless, Lord,
if we're too complacent;
when our dreams have come true,
because they were all too small;
when we are in the safe harbour
already at the destination,
because we sailed too close to the shore.
Make us restless, O Lord,
when we talk about the abundance of things we possess,
have lost the thirst for the waters of life;
when we, in love with this earthly time,
have stopped dreaming of eternity;
when we in the midst of all the efforts,
that we're investing in building the new harvest,
our vision of the new heaven faded.
Shake us up, O Lord, so that we may be bolder
and venture out into the open sea,
where the storms reveal your omnipotence,
where, with a dwindling view of the shore.
the stars are shining,
in the name of the one who has the horizons
of our hopes pushed far out
and asked the brave to follow him.



From 17-19 September, the EEA’s staff convened for a retreat Doorn (The Netherlands).

In the wonderful atmosphere of the Het Brandpunt conference center, Julia Doxat-Purser (UK), Arie de Pater (NL), Vitaly Vlasenko (RU), Matthias Boehning (GER) and the EEA’s General Secretary Thomas Bucher (CH) spent time in prayer, discussions and planning. As a team, we wrestled with big questions and looked back upon the Evangelical Alliance Movement’s history in order to get a better understanding of our comparative position in today’s time as well as insights into the necessary future positioning of the EEA and our place of calling. Continue...


Mikael Laursen, General Secretary of FrikirkeNet in Denmark, speaks about his formula for success for the relationship work with Danish politicians and it´s influence on the country´s politics  

Within one and half years, Mikael Laursen, the General Secertary of “FrikirkeNet”, established a successful relationship work with Danish politicians and had every third Member of Parliament in Denmark visiting a church. The Danish network is commissioned by Danish free churches from many denominations to reach into Danish society and politics. Continue...



New Report available on “Women and the Church” in Ireland

The report displays the findings of VOX magazine´s “3:28 Churches?” survey, which has been conducted in July and August 2018 in Ireland. Discovering a lack of data on women´s experiences in the church and the attitudes towards women in the church, the magazine saw a need for actual research in the field. Continue...


#prayforswitzerland – political engagement of a different kind
“Pray for Switzerland” is a new prayer initiative established by the Swiss Evangelical Alliance to encourage committed prayer for Switzerland and its politics. On 20 October 2019, parliamentary elections will be held in Switzerland and the alliances are calling upon Christians from state and free churches to commit to prayer for cantons and federal councilors. Continue...


The Evangelical Seanchaí – Launch of a Weekly Podcast from Evangelical Alliance Ireland


On 31 August 2019, Evangelical Alliance Ireland launched a new podcast on Spotify, called “The Evangelical Seanchaí”. Following the name seanchaí (“shan-a-kee”), which is an Irish word for a traditional storyteller who shares stories in return for receiving food, drink & shelter, the podcast aims to inform, connect and represent via conversations and stories.  Continue...


Business as Mission is bigger than you think        
Business as Mission, BAM, may sometimes be a tricky term, but it is an important concept and an essential praxis. But BAM it is not a silver bullet; it is not the ultimate strategy. It is, however, a growing global movement of Christians in the marketplace asking: How can we shape business to serve people, align with God’s purposes, be good stewards of the planet and make a profit? Continue...


Webinar on the Occasion of the Season of Creation by WEASC, WCC and Bread for the World

On 30 September 2019, the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center, the World Council of Churches and Bread for the World host a webinar “On the Occasion of the Season of Creation – How Churches can Really Engage in Creation Care”. 


Women in Leadership Conference in Schladming, Austria

The Hope for Europe-Women in Leadership-Team and the Austrian Prisca-Team are inviting to the next Women in Leadership Conference under the theme “Stronger together”. The event will take place from the 21 -24 November and is already booked out, but you can still sign up for the waiting list by writing an email to


Sunday 13 or 20 October is Freedom Sunday.  EFN will have a new “Don’t Shut Your Eyes" video ready for churches to use as well as resources available on
For more information, please contact


Business as Mission Course in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The BAM Course is a one-week intensive training from 23 -20 February intended for (future) company launchers or those interested in the BAM concept. It includes teachings from BAM movement leaders and workshops, with a focus on biblical foundations for business, business development and other BAM-related topics.

National Praise Day in Ireland

Evangelical Alliance Ireland is calling the churches of Ireland to join in their National Praise Day on 31 October 2019. The aim is to redeem the day of Halloween for Jesus trough worship and intercessory prayer events across the country. If you would like to join the initiative with your church or organization, please contact
The Refugee Campaign
NEW Refugee Resource
BOOK: Strangers in the Kingdom – Ministering to Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless

Today’s refugee crisis has engulfed public policy and politics in countries around the world, deeply dividing communities. With increased migration many fear terrorism, crime and a dilution of their perceived national identity, while others embrace it as an inevitable reality of the globalized world in which we live. But what does the Bible have to say about migration and displacement and how refugees, migrants, and the stateless should be treated?
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