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Team T-Shirts

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Students


Have small groups of students work together to learn more about each other. First, allow them time to visit and share their own interests such as favorite hobbies, books they enjoy reading and what characteristics they possess that make them a valuable team member. Then, have the group decide on an inclusion themed slogan that represents the team such as “Grow Relationships Together”and a symbol such as a flourishing tree. Finally, they can design a team jersey to represent their theme and display them.

Download: Team T-Shirt

Miraculous Me

Audience: All Grade Levels & Staff

Distribute the “Miraculous Me” thinksheet (free download) to the staff or students. Have them quickly record their first thoughts about each of the items. Then, they can go back and explain their choices in the "Why?" section. Have a share session about some of their choices and display the completed sheets on a bulletin board or door so  everyone can get to know their community members better.

Download: "Miraculous Me" Thinksheet

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