Q. Why did the cat cross the road? A. Why do cats do anything?
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Cat Show comes to Purrth Fringe!

Playing songs about cats while also dressed as a cat.
Jan 23 - 29. (No show Jan 26) Noodle Palace. 8:40pm. 
If you have pals in WA do let them blinkin' well know about it...
If you have pets in WA do let them blinkin' well know about it... 
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  • I witnessed an armed robbery. I was sitting in my local cafe eating a blueberry muffin with a clear view of a carload of men in black uniform with white neckerchiefs. (I thought TISM might be reforming). They went inside to rob cigarettes from a shop. (I still thought it could be TISM). A brave bloke from the cafe kicked the passenger door closed and the robber couldn't get it open because of the child lock. (It was a scene straight out of ‘Idiot Box.’) The shopkeeper came out wielding a chair. The robber swung at him with a mallet. (I still thought it might be a TISM gig). There were gasps inside the café. The scuffle ended and the car sped off. The woman behind me leaped up to take their rego. She repeated it strongly while holding her phone to her ear. I wasn't sure what to do. I had a surreal ‘what if they came and attacked us?’ contemplation similar to when I’m on a plane and ask ‘what if it crashed?’ I finished my muffin and the Cornershop interview from a 1999 copy of The Face. (Tjinder Singh slagging off Radiohead). It was 11:30am on New Years Eve. There's a news report of it with footage HERE. (ps I think TISM have reformed.)
  •  I witnessed a double rainbow. I saw it by chance as I was taking out the recycling. (Unlike thunder and lightning, rainbows don't make any sound. Imagine if they did! Surely it would be some kind of twinkling?) The upper rainbow was complete. I couldn't remember a time when I'd seen an unabridged rainbow from beginning to end. (I wonder if rainbow behaviour differs by region?) The second arch was partially obscured on top. The glow was vibrant on a dynamic canvas of molten grey. I stared for a long while. The streaming beams of infinity raceway were fantastic. It was sprinkling lightly on my face. I didn’t mind. I needed this. A family across the road came out and I felt part of something. The kids were commentating. I heard the young Dad mutter "...not as good as the one we saw...."
  • I witnessed a family watching the end of The Never Ending Story. I was on my regular night walk on a sultry January eve when I heard the unmistakable sound of Falkor the Luck Dragon bellowing with glee. (Note: I went to spell it ‘Falcor.’ Next time you are stuck for conversation, blurt out “So….Falkor from Neverending Story, do you spell it with a ‘C’ or a ‘K’?) Roused by the iconic Giorgio Moroder soundtrack, I stood on the footpath for some time. I visualised the final sequence where Bastian and Falkor pursue three bullies into a skip. The film finished and I was eager to know what these modern day kids made of it. I couldn't make out their comments but was delighted when the parents started singing along with the theme song. I mean….really. When does this happen, ever? (Apart from the one time it does.) Taking into account the personal relevance of the film, nostalgic nature of the memoir I'm writing, epic power struggles within my deepest relationships - this was one of the better cosmic reinforcements from the multiverse.
  • Mum gave me a unicorn fridge magnet for Chrissy.

Cat Show Adelaide

Feb 24 - Mar 2. The Producers Bar. 

Cat Show Melbourne

Mar 30 - April 9. Malthouse Theatre. 
Want to change how you receive life? 
You may negotiate an internal redistribution of your lovelorn catastrophe senses.
Choices are optimised by a reduction in malleability of cognitive dissidence.
ie Think softly, worry hardly, be curious and trust your imagination to deliver the gods. 

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