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Looking after number #1.

Helping ourselves before we help others.

Everyday we help someone in someway, even if it's just smiling at someone when we pass them in the supermarket. Or listening to friends and family as they off load their worries.
It is important to have an awareness that we are of little help to other people if our own rucksack (our head) is full of our troubles and worries. As we wont be in a place to listen to their obstacles, as our minds will be occupied with what we have to deal with ourselves.
It's important when helping people that you take the time to help yourself, to deal with your own troubles and worries then re-energise and replenish yourself. Carrying this out you will be helping people from a more centered place.
  • Emptying your rucksack
If you imagine you were wearing a rucksack and everything you were worried about was a rock. As the day goes on you will be adding rocks to your rucksack, and your rucksack will be getting heavier and heavier. Then if you start having people putting their rocks in your rucksack it wont be long before the rucksack becomes to heavy and you cant move.
Take time out daily to look at your worries, concerns or the aspects of your life that need some healing, see if you can work through some of them and take the rocks out of your rucksack, put them on the ground and walk away.
Also when someone else gives your their rock (worry) hold it in your hands instead of putting it in your rucksack and carrying it, and then put the rock down on the ground when they leave.
  • Healing boundaries
Picking up on what I was just saying it is not your job to carry other peoples worries, concerns or aspects that need healing around with you. Whatever is happening in their life is part of their journey. But it is the same for you it's not those around you's job to carry your worries, as its part of your journey.
  • Ability
However it doesn't mean you don't tell other people your worries and concerns or listen to theirs, but know why you are doing it. Are you just being a soundboard for them, or are they telling you because they feel one of your strengths will help them find a solution. This highlights that knowing what you are good at is vitally important because it's your strengths which provide the solutions and help people to unload their rucksack.
  • Burnout
Burnout can occur not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. This can be seen when you become really tired or feel you have brain fog and cant think straight. This is the time to definitely look after yourself, go and have a rest or carry out an activity that replenishes you. If someone starts asking for help its OK to say to them at this very moment I need to just go and replenish my energy stocks, because if I was to help you right now I wouldn't be providing you with the best service I can.

You are of greater help to all of us when you are on top form.
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