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Jury Announced for "PhosWords of the Year"


PhoScope, think tank on light

We are pleased to announce

the Jury


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 We have created PhosWords for you. 

PhosWords is a series of neologisms initiated by PhoScope. We reclaim the Greek etymology of light (Photo-, Phos-)
to communicate about light and lighting. 
 The lexicon raises awareness about light-related disciplines
and advances the narration of light
and lighting in everyone’s daily life.  
 PhosWords now features about 500 words with definitions, etymological roots, synonyms and antonyms,
and it is accessible as an online open source resource.

 Now you too can create PhosWords. 
 PhosWords is an untapped source waiting to be expanded.
We want to celebrate the International Year of Light IYL2015
with you and your PhosWords:
We invite everyone to contribute to phoslocution
and to spread knowledge about phocy and phototecture.
 PhoScope will integrate all winning entries with PhosWords online at the end of 2015 and with the second edition in 2016.


PhoScope, Think Tank on Light

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October 1st


> Submit words that you would like to think, say, read or write
> Submit complete entries with full definition(s) in English and all etymological references
> Submit entries with the Greek root Photo- or Phos- for light (entries that use the Latin root Lux- instead will be disqualified)
> Submit one application for every PhosWord you wish to enter (you can submit multiple entries)
> You can submit alternative or supplemental definitions for existing entries
> Refer to PhosWords for existing lexicon


> to
> subject
POY2015 _ Last_First_entry #

POY2015 _Smith_John_1,

POY2015 _Smith_John_2)
> message
Your PhosWord, adj./n./ v.: definition(s), synonyms and antonyms as applicable [include etymological roots and meaning]
acrophotal, adj.: bearing light at the apex. syn. acrophotic
acrophotally adv. acrophocy n.  [f. Gk. ákros 'tip, peak' + photal])


Photosophy: winners
will receive a
Photosopher card


> october 1
0:00am EDT
 (UTC -4)

Competition ends

> november

> december
Winning entries announced and published online

> 2016
"PhosWords of the Year 2015” published in PhosWords, 2nd ed.

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