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Winners Announced for "PhosWords of the Year"


All our Congratulations to

the Winners:


Enrico Cullen

photodendron n. 1. interlocking beams of light 2. Christmas tree [f. Gk. Photo- 'light' +  Gk. dendron 'tree']

Connor Johnson

photofloral adjdescribing a relationship between plants and light photoflorally adv. See photofaunal [f. Gk. Phos 'light' + Lat. floralis 'flower']

David Manier

phoneiric adj. 1. of or relating to light with a dreamy quality 2. of or relating to dreams about light ☐ phoneirically adv.[f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' +  Gk. oneiros 'dream']

Glenn Shrum

phodega n. a small neighborhood shop selling light or light therapy for everyday needs [f. Gk. Phos 'light' + Gk. apotheke 'store']


Davor Stevceski

photohoric adjwith a boundary formed by light syn. photohoricalphotohorically adv. [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + Gk. horos 'boundary']


Joe Wieder

aphoplexy n. being stunned or incapacitated by light.  aphoplectic adj. [f. Gk. apo- 'off' + Gk. phos 'light' + Gk. plessein 'hit']


Monica Williamson

phossential adj1. essential light or lighting 2. having an essential need for light ☐ phossentially adv. phossence n.[f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + L. essentia 'essence’]



and a big Thank You to the



Jim Conti
Makalé Faber Cullen
Andrea Kahn 

Nic Kelman
Stephen Rustow
Lynn Saville
Kenneth Silber
Paul Tarricone



PhoScope will integrate all winning entries with our online PhosWords by the end of 2015 and with our second print edition available for download in 2016.

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Also new in 2016:

iconophotal adj.  pertaining to an image and its light iconophotic iconophocy [f. Gk. eikon 'image, portrait' + photal]

melophotal adj. 1. that includes sequential light notes 2. that relates to any synesthetic condition involving music and light 3. fig. light that feels melodious melophotic  ☐ melophocy n. melophotally adv. [f. Gk. melos 'song, melody' + photal]
phoscognition  n. 1. learning that is related to light  2. learning that results from light phoscognitive adj. phoscognitively adv. abbrev. Phocognition [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light'  + L. cognitio 'learn']
phosmath n. someone who is knowledgeable about light  phosmathic adj. [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + Gk. -mathēs 'to learn']
phospod n.a portable light player  phospoder n[f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + U.S. ipod]
phostedious adj. monotonous or tedious light [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + L. taediōsus 'tedious']
photerse adj. relates to a sparing or sparse use of light ☐ photersely adv. photersity n.[f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + L. tersus 'concise']
photocracy n. 1. an organization ruled by a theme related to or property of light 2. fig. an organization ruled by the enlightened or illuminated  photocratic adj. photocraticlly adv. [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light'  + Gk. kratia 'rule']
photofaunal  adj. describing a relationship between animal life and light ☐ photofaunally adv. See photofloral  [f. Gk. Phos 'light' + Lat. Fauna]
photune  n. & v. •  n. a light tune • v. to adjust a lighting composition to a correct standard -ing -ed (often followed by up) [f. Gk. phôs-, phōt- 'light' + M.E. 'tune' musical sound]
pornophocy n. light related to or suggestive of prostitution pornophotal pornophotic adj. ☐ fig. vulgar, obscene light [f. Gk. pórnē 'prostitute' + phocy]
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