Slow School Newsletter, May 2015
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Welcome! We hope you enjoy this shiny new newsletter design, created by the talented Marissa Cookson (thank you!). In this edition, we feature The People of Slow School, Katrina Edwards and Yamini Naidu. We also invite you to join our next two Slow Dinners being hosted at Slow School HQ and we make an exciting announcement about one of our flagship programs!
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Life is a Participation Game
Katrina Edwards
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Leading with Story
Yamini Naidu
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Slow Dinner - Storytelling
Tuesday 26 May 6pm | Facilitated by Yamini Naidu
Storytelling is the ultimate way to engage your partners, clients, employees and the wider business community. And of course, engagement is key to achieving great results.

Join Yamini Naidu, a global thought leader and speaker on storytelling, as she discusses how to craft compelling stories that will help you achieve success in both business and life.

This event will be fully catered, with food and beverages included in the ticket price.
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Slow Dinner - Speaking TED-style
Tuesday 16 June 6pm | Facilitated by Jon Yeo
Inspired by TED talks? Wondering if you have one in you, and what it actually takes?

Being able to share your "why" and tell your story is the most powerful way to engage your audience, build interest and effect change in the world. Join TEDxMelbourne curator Jon Yeo as he discusses how to develop speaking and presentation skills into powerful tools for your business and life.

This event will be fully catered, with food and beverages included in the ticket price.
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Is there a TED-style talk in you? Now Talk on Purpose!
Congratulations to the 40 graduates of Slow School's "Is there a TED-style talk in you?" program, including our 12 most recent grads from Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services.

This program has proven to be nothing short of life-changing for participants.

It’s helped them advance their speaking skills and confidently share their stories in front of a live audience. It’s helped them reconnect with what truly matters, to uncover the deepest reasons behind what they do - their purpose. As a result, some participants have started brand new businesses, others have found renewed passion for their work, and yet others have injected their old business with a new-found sense of purpose and vision.

You can check out some of our amazing past talks on Slow School's YouTube channel.

Clarity of purpose is what this program offers. That’s why we’ve decided to rename it Talk on Purpose and introduce a condensed four-day course that will see you unearthing, crafting and sharing your own talk (yes, still TED-style) in just four days. We hope that you’ll join us and be one of the first to experience this new revolutionary program for change-makers.

Please note that there’s only one public program being held in Melbourne for the remainder of this year, so if you’re serious about doing it, now’s your chance.

Check out the course details here and call Carolyn on 0412 806 950 if you have any questions.