honoring the legacy of Lee L. Lipp, Ph.D. 

by Tracy Masington, M.A.

"When meditation works as it should, it will be a natural part of your being. There will no longer be anything apart from you
to have faith in.  Hope starts the journey, faith sustains it,
but it ends beyond both hope and faith."   – Ram Dass


Dear friends,

If you are new to practice, it may be the hope of living with greater ease in your life that inclined you to learn about mindfulness.  After a while, you may find yourself trusting the practice because you notice that, in fact, it is bringing you greater ease.  So you keep practicing.  That’s the faith.  Eventually, with practice, meditation becomes your way of relating to life.  It becomes your way of being
This way of being has recognizable characteristics.  If you are wondering what they are, a good example comes from Dr. Lee Lipp’s life and the words that colleagues, friends, family and students use to describe their experience of her: compassionate, kind, transparent, welcoming, honorable, patient, inclusive, accepting, connected, grateful, present.
This issue of Every Now and Then Encouraging Words brings news of Lee's death, following a deep and full engagement with cancer in the body that was representative of everything that made her an exemplary teacher.  Each step of the way, she opened to the experience of whatever was unfolding.  Even when it was frightening.  Even when it was painful.  Even when it was unbearable.  And also, when it was life affirming and downright funny.  In the process of dying, the vast range of mind states that can arise is no different from the rest of life -- from light-hearted playfulness to full-bore terror.  Lee embraced them all, equally.  “Hello fear!” she’d sometimes find herself saying during sleepless nights.  “Hello lovely!” was the greeting that accompanied her big bright smile when a volunteer walked in to help with her laundry.  “Hello ancestors!” she’d say to the dust piling up on the windowsill.  “Hello” to it all!  This is the welcome mat the mindfulness practitioner places at the front door and the way in which Lee embraced life. Fully.
Her “encouraging words” linger now in the lives of those who loved her and learned from her.  And her teaching and encouragement continues through various means, outlined below.  

Recognizing that the news of Lee’s death may be coming to you for the first time, I would offer, as Lee might have, that this is an opportunity for practice.  Notice the ways in which this news activates body sensations or particular thoughts and feelings.  You may be experiencing surprise or sadness or gratitude for her teachings.  Perhaps a tear wells up your eye or a sweet memory emerges -- or something entirely different and seemingly unrelated.  Whatever it is for you, consider putting out the welcome mat -- and simply saying “hello!”

Just “hello.”   

Warm regards, Tracy Masington
*Tracy Masington, M.A., is a non-sectarian pastoral counselor and longtime Dharma practitioner who knew Dr. Lee Lipp for many years as a dear friend and colleague. She has been a contributing writer and co-editor of Every Now and Then Encouraging Words and will continue the legacy of Lee’s newsletter. Stay tuned.


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Transforming Depression and Anxiety: A Path of Skillful Compassion will continue to be offered periodically through the San Francisco Zen Center,
led by Dr. Lipp's colleagues, Kanzan David Zimmerman and Paul Irving. http://sfzc.org/calendar

For those who have taken the qualifying workshop, practice classes will continue to be offered through the San Francisco Zen Center. Details below.

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Dr. Lee Lipp biographical tribute is here.

Lee Recommends links to resources, posts,
books, and articles related to her teachings.

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Ongoing Online Course 
Befriending Your Pain

Transforming our Relationship
to Depression, Anxiety,
Physical and Emotional Pain,
with Mindfulness and Compassion

Lee Lipp, David Zimmerman 
& Paul Irving
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