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Holiday Hackathon

I don’t celebrate many holidays – mainly due to the facts that I don’t usually eat animal products from non-humane sources, I don’t drink, and many holidays don’t do much for me. It’s how I’ve always been. Often when everyone takes time to celebrate a holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to for me to take a day to focus on projects that I don’t have time or energy to work on day-to-day.
This past Thanksgiving was no exception. I did a personal hackathon where I devoted the day to working on “Project T-Rex” – my online course for photographers about the legal issues related to their industry. My goal for the day was to write the first draft of the outline for the course, capturing every topic I wanted to hit. Five hours and twelve pages later, it was done. I originally expected this course would have 10-12 lessons, but once I laid out everything I might want to cover, I saw that I easily have 20-22 lessons about forming a business entity, copyright, and contracts, and probably 2-3 bonus lessons on top of that. The good news for the audience is seeing the vast scope didn’t make me want to increase the price of the course – they’re just going to even more value than I originally expected.
Looking forward to next year’s projects – the online course (Project T-Rex), my next book (Project Little Foot), revising parts of my website, and teaching a masters-level copyright course at ASU Law School, I suspect most of the work on these endeavors will get done via hackathons where I’ll be banned to my home office, the ASU Law School, or a library until a specific amount of work gets done.
So what’s next in Project T-Rex? Once my initial outline was completely, I sent it to two photographer friends for review. They provided valuable feedback, including requests for a few more elements to add to the course. The next step will be integrating their feedback and creating the final outline and solidify the scope of each lesson.

Phoestivus for the Rest of Us!

I will likely do a hackathon over Christmas weekend, but there’s one holiday event in the valley I look forward to every year: Phoestivus! It’s a street fair with all local vendors and all the joys of Festivus (Feats of Strength, Airing of Grievances, and the Festivus pole). It’s a lot of fun. I usually take Rosie the basset hound, grab dinner at one of the food trucks, and wander through the vendor booths letting her sniff all the things. And knowing me, I’ll probably pick up a few bags of homemade dog treats for Rosie. If you’re in the Phoenix area, I recommend you check it out.

What are you Working on for 2017?

Are you busy clearing the decks from 2016 this month to get ready for next year’s projects? (I know I am!) I’d love to hear what’s on the horizon for you – personally or professionally – and if there’s anything I can do to help.

Merry Everything! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful end to 2016 and an awesome launch into 2017, surrounded by people you love.

Onward and upward!
Ruth Carter, Esq.

Photo credit: Roxanne Ready from Flickr (Creative Commons License)

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