With the autumn leaves now fallen, a new year about to begin and the world constantly changing, it doesn't take much to realize how quickly time flies. So fast, in fact, that CISS is celebrating its 30th anniversary! With a variety of approaches, our program has always stayed true to its mission - to promote inclusion and support all licensed child care centres in the City of Ottawa. Over the past 30 years, we have evolved with the same purpose, passion and values. 30 years of building community partnerships, supporting families and children, and reaching thousands.

Through our newsletter, we have found a way to celebrate this accomplishment with you. We would not be here today without your contribution, collaboration, dedication and passion. We invite you to travel back in time to discover our history and some of the faces that have shaped Children’s Inclusion Support Services. We have included a glimpse of our history, messages from significant people in our program, interviews with team members who have been with us since the very beginning of CISS, wishes from our partners and pictures from our early days up until today.

On behalf of the entire CISS team, we thank you for the past 30 years and look forward to collaborating with you in the years to come.
The team celebrating the end of the School Age Pilot Project.
Part of the team at the 2019 ECRTNO conference in Niagara Falls.

Interviews with current staff:


A bit of history...

Photos of current CISS staff

East Team:
Lisa Sletcher, Caitlyn Murray-Ford, Meghan Hightower Smith, Brooks Hachey, Ceilidh Caverly & Carolyn Lavigne (Absent: Stephanie Sauvé).
Bilingual Team:
Cynthia Bélanger, Stéphanie Falardeau, Sylvie Giroux, Marie-Josée Landry, Roxane Desjardins & Anjou Delplancke (Absent: Alexandra St-Jean).
West Team: Kendra Ray, Tanya Terrade, Kai Foster,
Suzanne Roy, Meghan Scott & Lenni Frame.
South Team: Danielle LeCourt, Pina Giovannitti, Brenda Frey, Devinn Bartlett, Taylor Ann Gardner-Jenkins & Rebecca Vosper.
Admin Team:
Shawna-Lynn Russell, Kim Legault, Ginette Bédard & Tara Matte.

Messages from programs

Photos from the past...

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