MAY 13, 2016

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We can't thank you enough for the outpouring of love and memories that you've shared since we announced Other Music will be closing on June 25th. It means the world to us! While our days our numbered, there are still plenty of notable releases coming out in the coming weeks and we plan on continuing our mission of the past 20 years: sharing great music. We've also got lots of events in the works, including next Tuesday's Tim Heidecker in-store performance -- scroll down for info. And you'll definitely want to save the date for the Other Music DJ Night on Friday, May 27th, hosted by OM alum Duane Harriott over at Doris in Bed-Stuy. Lots of Other Music staff past and present will be spinning their favorite records and we hope you'll join us in this celebration!!

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Mark Pritchard
Olivia Wyatt + Bitchin Bajas
Vivien Goldman
Julianna Barwick
Joanna Brouk
Dick Diver (2 Reissues)
Shit Robot
Jessy Lanza


Africans with Mainframes
Chris Cohen
Those Pretty Wrongs
Bonny Billy (Back in Print)





SATURDAY, MAY 14 (11am-6pm)

Smorgasburg: 90 Kent Ave. BLKN

The Brooklyn Flea Record Fair, hosted by Red Bull Music Academy, will be taking over the East River State Park this Saturday, May 14th alongside Smorgasburg food market, including 55-plus record labels, collectors and stores. Other Music is pleased to be joining in on the festivities, bringing out some of our newest releases, reissues, store staples and used LPs that have been stashed away exclusively to sell at the fair. Other vendors include our friends at Sacred Bones, Warp, Secretly Canadian, Luaka Bop, Ghostly International, Captured Tracks and so many more! 

Here's the DJ Line-Up:
1pm: Sam Valenti (Ghostly International)
1:30pm: MR UNO NY (UNO NY)
2pm: Caleb Braaten (Sacred Bones)
2:30: Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave)
3pm: Dre Skull (Mixpak)
3:30: PT (Styles Upon Styles)


TUESDAY, MAY 17 (7pm)

Other Music: 15 E. 4th St. New York, NY

Facebook Event Page // Free Admission

Perhaps best known as one half of Tim & Eric, the comedy team behind TV shows like Tom Goes to the MayorTim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and Tim & Eric's Bedtime StoriesTim Heidecker is also a talented musician and songwriter. His excellent debut solo album In Glendale, which sees release next Friday, May 20, is a fun and often rollicking set that pulls inspiration from greats like Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson. A few days before, Tim will be stopping by Other Music to play an intimate acoustic set and sign his new album for fans. We'll have the record available to purchase a few days early, so come on by on Tuesday evening for this special night!

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First Unitarian Congregational Society: 116 Pierrepont St. BKLN
Facebook Event Page 

On Saturday, May 26, Loren Connors will be performing in celebration of his new album, The Red Painting, which finds the iconic guitarist starting a new chapter in his singular career, releasing his first piece of piano music. This will be his debut public performance on the piano, along with a solo performance from Karla Borecky. Other Music is giving away one pair of tickets to this special night, and for your chance to win, email

Organized by Lawrence Kumpf, Blank Forms Artistic Director with Adrian Rew and Tyler Maxin. With generous support from Howard Wolfson.


this week's update

Under the Sun

After a series of EPs that flaunted his chops in the gridiron of drum 'n' bass and grime, Mark Pritchard took a detour over the past couple of years and found an introspective cove of creation to fabricate the cerebral mediums of Under the Sun. The compositions both call for imagery to accompany them (a summons satisfied in his current video installation for Red Bull Studios in New York) and creates its own. Meditations like "Where Do They Go, The Butterflies" and "Ems" find Pritchard as a snake tamer of different frequencies, unspooling them into his pastures and letting them graze and circulate. Thom Yorke plays the charmer in step with the spellbinding flutes on "Beautiful People," his transfixing falsetto forming an impeccable synergy with Pritchard's buoyant production. Simultaneously subduing and stimulating, Under the Sun is electro-ambience of high order and prime listening for those in need of a little sonic liberation. (Read More)

$34.99 LP
$15.99 CD

Sailing a Sinking Sea
(Drag City)

The promise that the DVD will allow me, the viewer, to "swim under the sea past fishes and mermaids and delve into the minds of shamans" makes it almost irrelevant what the LP sounds like. The fact that it is a stunning combination of nature sounds, snippets of music by the profiled Moken people of Thailand and Burma, and dreamy soundscapes that remind me, at times, of the more blissed-out side of Finis Africae, makes it almost excusable that the group responsible for this lovely music is called "Bitchin Bajas". One of my favorite releases of this Wretched Year of Our Lord, 2016.

$19.99 LP+DVD

(Secretly Canadian)

Though I’ve always been a fan, Anohni's new album, Hopelessness, is quickly becoming my favorite. Marking not only a shift musically with co-production from Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never, but also personally as the first release under her new name, the results are challenging, confrontational and, as with all of her previous releases, a beauty and passion unmatched. Anohni’s strength has always been the power and control of her voice, and here atop the electronic/synthetic backing, the three producers create a perfect triangle. Slightly framed as a dance album, there are moments where you could ignore the weight of the lyrics and simply sway to the rhythms. There is the feeling of a world at odds with the oppressive powers that be, which the oft-brittle soundscapes perfectly mirror. Recommended for those who feel, deeply. (Read More)

$18.99 LP
$11.99 CD ON SALE

Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)

Vivien Goldman went from being a musical participant of the early-'80s London-New York fusion of dub, post-punk, reggae, hip-hop and African sounds to a keen, informative critic and professor of those genres in general. The excellent Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) is the first collection of Goldman's brief yet vibrant musical explorations. Finding herself within a ripe collective of friends from NYC and LDN, she worked and played with some of the scene's key (albeit 'outsider') players. Included among the various talents are members of the Slits, PiL, the Raincoats, Robert Wyatt, Steve Beresford, David Toop, and Adrian Sherwood. These tracks combine a pop sensibility with the avant-dub deconstructionist mindset that lends her work that rare and special mix of accessibility and experimentation. Absolutely recommended! (Read More & Listen)

$21.99 LP
$15.99 CD

(Dead Oceans)

Since Julianna Barwick’s 2006 breakthrough debut, each release that’s followed has marked significant growth. 2011’s The Magic Place proved its beauty primarily through its repetition; the ethereal, lush songs rode waves of barely distinguishable vocal-looped melodies, deeming Barwick one of the most accessible ambient artists of our day. Two years later, Nepenthe added clearer vocals and actual instruments, deviating from the general atmospheric abstraction and colliding more with a pop format. Will, her newest long-player, adds even more, allowing Barwick to reveal her full potential within some deeply poignant electronic music. Drum kits, piano, bass, and cello guide the arrangements, acting as a counterweight to her always-airy layers of reverbed vocals. But these new elements do not replace the traits that made Barwick’s music so great to begin with; amidst the electronics and harsher accoutrements persist her unrelenting voice and graceful environments that we know and love. (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 LP
$11.99 CD

Hearing Music
(Numero Group)

Flutist and electronic music composer Joanna Brouk emerged from the realm of new age music, the quintessential American genre that proliferated in the 1980s West Coast cassette underground. Formed by her training at Mills College, as well as manifold collaborations with the likes of Robert Ashley and Terry Riley, her elegant and classically oriented compositions are at the same time steeped within the lingo of minimalism. This turns out to be a huge feat, as her contribution to new age is entirely devoid of the genre’s oftentimes saccharine tones and other cringe-worthy aspects, such as esoteric flute arpeggios. Brouk’s is a universe of trance-like repetition, stretched by stark simplicity and occasionally dizzying drones. (Read More & Listen)

$21.99 LP
$14.99 CD

New Start Again
(Trouble in Mind)

I'm not here to argue with anyone, merely stating a fact: Dick Diver's Melbourne, Florida was the best record released in 2015. It was also the Melbourne, Australia band's debut American release, so it's great news to report that their domestic label has seen clear to reissue their first two albums to growing appreciation. With 2011's New Start Again, guitarists Al McKay and Ru Edwards lay out missives to a new kind of youthful contemporary rock, one where the guitars occasionally burn but mostly take their lessons from Fleetwood Mac in the Buckingham era. Their playing is nuanced in a way that suggests a musical partnership that spans decades, and while the songs they sing may not speak to specific experiences we know, the tone and realistic depth of these tunes is incomparable to our experience and to any US or European contemporaries. (Read More & LIsten)

$15.99 LP
$10.99 CD ON SALE

Calendar Days
(Trouble in Mind

Given the alleged success of 2013's Calendar Days in Australia, it's a surprise that things didn't happen for Dick Diver more quickly worldwide. From the basis of this one, I wouldn't hesitate to call them one of the most masterful pop bands anywhere, with such a complete grasp of the nuances of the best singer-songwriters to pick up guitars since the '70s, and an ability to leverage commonly felt needs and desires with offhand grace (lyrics like “I get out of bed/I get my toast to the perfect shade of gold” from "Alice" are but one of the dozen or so genius moments on this one that gently thwacks you between the eyes). No group is able to summon such an easy and immediate familiarity, both in topic and approach, the way that Dick Diver does so effortlessly across their body of work. They should be the gold standard of what we should accept from any band picking up guitars. (Read More & Listen)

$15.99 LP
$10.99 CD ON SALE

What Follows

With every Shit Robot release, one can expect loads of vintage synth and drum machine goodness, and you’ll certainly find that here with What Follows. Featuring a lot of DFA-related friends on vocals (Alexis Taylor, Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, Jay Green), and the aforementioned synths, the new album does take a left turn into the after-hours. This really is a late-night record, reflecting Marcus Lambkin’s love and propensity for filling his sets with the dark-club vibes of his early ventures into UK rave culture. Tracks evolve here, take their time, and linger a while. Shit Robot does good on his promise to make more house and techno. Equally good on the way out or on the way home. (Read More & Listen)

$23.99 LP
$11.99 CD ON SALE

Oh No

Singer/songwriter Jessy Lanza returns with a new album for the Hyperdub label. As with her 2013 debut, production comes from Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys), but unlike Pull My Hair Back, her follow-up is more energetic, shiny and upbeat. Gone is the laid-back, sultry attitude which seemed to be the perfect approach for her style of retro-leaning electronic soul. With Oh No, she’s fully embraced her yearning to make an unmistakable pop album, often channeling mid-period Madonna and/or other ‘90s-era top 40 divas. However, this new formula doesn't always have the same appeal as before, so it makes for a bit of an uneven listen. There are still plenty of highlights though, including "It Means I Love You,” with the song’s slight double percussion reminiscent of last year’s great collab with DJ Spinn and Taso. (Read More & Listen)

$19.99 LP
$16.99 CD

also available

(Soul Jazz)

"Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, returns for a new second album on Soul Jazz Records, after last year’s debut The Acid Documents, this time under the name Africans with Mainframes. Hieroglyphic Being and fellow Chicago producer Noleian Reusse have been releasing music under the name Africans with Mainframes for over 15 years now, ever since their debut on Hieroglyphic Being’s own Mathematics Recordings label in 2005. ‘K.M.T.’ is the debut album from the group, a collage of apocalyptic Chicago acid meets industrial and transcendental post-house machine funk." 

$31.99 2LP
$23.99 CD


 "Described by the producer as "naive computer jazz", despite features from two bona fide legends - namely legendary jazz pianist and bandleader Steve Kuhn and Brazilian composer and arranger Arthur Verocai - it's a record that fits perfectly into Brainfeeder's expanding take on the modern evolution of jazz music, following outings by Kneebody & Daedelus, Thundercat and Kamasi Washington."

$16.99 CD

As If Apart
(Captured Tracks)

"California native Chris Cohen is something of a music veteran at this point, having played for years in both his own bands and other people's bands. Writers are quick to note the multi-instrumentalist's sidework with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Cass McCombs and Deerhoof. However, Cohen's 2012 solo debut Overgrown Path established him as a songwriter to be reckoned with. This long-awaited follow-up tends a similar garden of 70s-inspired delights but, as Stereogum notes, 'while it features more of the complex, dreamy pop we've come to expect, it also ventures into a more expansive psychedelic sound.'"

$17.99 LP
$12.99 CD ON SALE

Those Pretty Wrongs

"Those Pretty Wrongs are Jody Stephens and Luther Russell, two old friends and veterans of the music scene in different ways. Jody was the drummer for the legendary band Big Star and now helps run equally legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis. Luther Russell was the leader of seminal roots-rock band The Freewheelers and is now an acclaimed solo artist and producer. Those Pretty Wrongs was tracked entirely to 2” tape at Ardent Studios in Memphis, using much of the old Big Star gear, including Jody’s original kit from Radio City and Third and Chris Bell’s acoustic and electric guitars from #1 Record. The album was mixed by Luther Russell and Jason Hiller at Hiller’s Electrosound Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Jody is way out in front on this release--really for the first time ever--taking all lead vocals and co-writing all of the songs with Luther."

$21.99 LP (PRE-ORDER FOR 5/27)

More Revery
(Temporary Residence)

Originally released in 2000 and now back in print. Backed by a four-piece band, Will Oldham renders songs from reggae artist John Holt (a strange version with vocal flights and echoes, nary a syncopation, either), NZ country-rocksters the Renderers (an especially bitter and wistful song), PJ Harvey, John Phillips, Bill Withers, and a earthy, lovely version of Tim McGraw's "Just to See You Smile," which brings it to wavery country roots.

$16.99 LP


$27.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

Man from Higher Heights
(Soul Jazz)

$27.99 LP



$19.99 LP
$13.99 CD

A New Wave of Violence

$18.99 LP


Modern Pressure

$19.99 LP


$27.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

(Livity Sound)

$29.99 2LP

Self Mythology
(Stroboscopic Artefacts)

$29.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

Cut and Paste

$21.99 LP
$14.99 CD

Union and Return
(Mexican Summer)

$26.99 LP

The Ladies of Too Slow to Disco
(How Do You Are?)

$29.99 2LP
$15.99 CD

Still Life

$16.99 LP
$14.99 CD

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