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Welcome to October, probably the most popular month of the year (after January) for stopping smoking.

Apparently, it’s also – according to the ‘gosober’ campaign – become the month we are meant to deny ourselves alcohol. Which is a is pretty big ask for those who are already heroically struggling with tobacco withdrawal!

Meanwhile, sweets – the fall-back of many trying to quit addiction – are under heavy fire from the medical profession for their link with Type 2 Diabetes.

So thank heavens vaping isn’t on the naughty list! And if you intend to vape this month and for months to come, then perhaps you should consider saving yourself some serious money by buying your prefilled cartridges in bulk.

The main feature below explains which packs are particularly good value. As usual, it’s followed by all the news, views and giggles you’ve come to expect from your monthly hit of Vaping Good News.


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The smart way to order prefilled cartridges

Once you’ve decided that you like a flavour, what’s the point of buying it in small packs? You’ll get less for your money.

V2 offers two ranges of prefilled e-liquid cartridges: Classic and EX Series. Each Classic cartridge is approximately equal to a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes. The highly advanced EX Series cartridges are more expensive but last nearly twice as long – delivering more vapour and more flavour.

Whichever range you choose, less frequent purchases of planned larger orders means you will also save on delivery. What’s more, you won’t have to worry so much about running out.

How do you keep cartridges fresh?

It’s really important to store them in a cool dark, dry place. So don’t leave the blister packs lying around in direct sunlight or other places that get overly warm, like car glove compartments. And always remove the cartridge from the battery when not in use. If possible, use the plastic tips that come with each cartridge to reseal it.


Just look at the savings you make on the Classic range…

Savings table
V2 Red Green Tea Menthol

Buy 80 Classic Cartridges and they’ll only cost you £1.50 each

Once you’ve discovered your favourite flavour it pays to think BIG


Fed up with flat batteries and slooooow chargers?


Then get yourself the Rolls Royce of V2 chargers: the V2 Express. Next team it up with a couple of EX Batteries which work an absolute treat with EX Series prefilled cartridges or EX Blanks – our shisha-style mini refillable tanks.


The 1 Second Survey

Is it right that vaping is banned in the same places as tobacco?


The results of September’s survey

Do you mix e-liquids to make your own special flavour?

Yes 44%  

The power of addiction

Check out this fascinating TED Talk by a man who's seen it all...


“Britain must speak up for e-cigarettes — the health of the world’s smokers depends on it”

Those are the portentous words of Professor Gerry Stimson, an Emeritus Chair at Imperial College London and Director of Knowledge-Action-Change.

In Spectator magazine he wrote: “The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently recognised that switching smokers to less dangerous sources of nicotine would be a major public health victory. But at the same time it refuses to endorse vaping. While some estimate that vaping could save a billion lives in the coming years, the WHO continues to ignore the evidence.”

WHO facts

Borough of Bexley leads by example

Bexley already has the highest quit smoking rate and the lowest number of smokers in south-east London. But the borough is not sitting on its laurels. Throughout October, more free advice, support and treatment will be available for people aiming to kick the habit.

All of the borough’s GPs and its Stop Smoking Service will be offering their services in a bid to get even more people to give up smoking permanently, or as the Bexley Times pertinently points out, “swap to vaping”.


FACT: Bexley has been home to Roald Dahl, Malcolm Allison, Kate Bush and Margaret Thatcher… to name but a few. Did they smoke? Dahl certainly did. But somehow we can’t see Thatcher having a crafty fag behind the Bexleyheath bike sheds.


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