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There’s lots to love in your February issue of Vaping Good news - including the all-new Rechargeable E-Liquid Starter Kit, a step-by-step guide to blowing heart-shaped vapour rings, and the usual entertaining mix of vaping news, views, facts and giggles.

So make yourself a brew, grab your vape pen and settle down for a jolly good read…

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Innovation meets style in the new e-liquid vape pen kit

If you’re looking for a versatile and very neat, high-end device that looks the business and is built to last, then here it is.

Vapour 2’s latest Rechargeable E-Liquid Starter Kit is a mini-tank system which offers the discerning vaper discreet style with more power than you would ever expect from such a sleek device.

At 18g it’s less than half the weight of other devices and yet the battery runs at 4.2 volts – considerably more than the 3.7 volts that most batteries deliver. Which means it produces more vapour for longer. Also it’s compatible with all of Vapour 2’s top quality Platinum E-liquids.

To provide protection and for your convenience, we recommend that it’s bought with a Vapour 2 Soft Carry Case.

All in all, it’s a great gift to yourself or a loved one.

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Sexy reasons to vape rather than smoke

New study confirms the safety of vaping

Vaping has been endorsed by health experts at University College London after the first long-term study of its effects in ex-smokers. The study was funded by Cancer Research UK.

After six months, those who switched from tobacco to e-cigs had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than smokers.

And busts some myths

They also said that previous studies suggesting that vaping is as harmful as smoking have little in common with real-world experience.

However, to be safe it’s necessary for smokers to switch over completely to e-cigs or nicotine replacement therapy. Those who failed to make a clean break still had significant amounts of tobacco-related toxins in their saliva and urine.

Stopping smoking

The 1 Second Survey

Has vaping improved your love life?


The results of January’s survey

Have you successfully encouraged anyone to switch to vaping in the last year?

Yes 73%  

How to blow her/his heart!

Your step-by-step guide to an impressive trick…

1. Pull a large amount of vapour into your mouth. Open your mouth wide by lowering your jaw, so you gather more smoke in your mouth instead of just your lungs.

2. Move your mouth into an O shape. Your lips should make a round opening – lowering your jaw will make the opening larger. Don’t puff out your cheeks. And don't exhale or inhale. The vapour should remain as a dense cloud in your mouth.

3. Curl the tip of your tongue to the far back of your mouth. Then flick your tongue forward, scraping the top of your mouth or just beneath it, to push smoke quickly through the O opening of your lips. Place your hand on your throat as you do this. If you're doing it right, your Adam's Apple will move up as you flick your tongue.

4. Snap your fingers, right above the smoke ring. The shockwave will push the top of the smoke ring down, bending it into a heart. Alternatively, gently poke the smoke downward with your finger.
Stopping smoking

Bonkers new mobile game


Vaping now has its own mad mobile game. Launched in January, ‘Vape Master’ is available on Android and iPhone. The idea is to earn coins toward upgrading your vape gear by blowing the perfect cloud and naughtily vaping where it’s banned, whilst escaping the clutches of grumpy security guards.


Lobbyists call for hospital ban to be lifted

Patients should be allowed to vape in hospitals to encourage people to quit smoking, a lobby group has said.

The Irish Vape Vendors Association (IVVA) said that the blanket ban on vaping and smoking – forcing people to vape alongside smokers – creates the impression that vaping is as bad for health as tobacco. Furthermore, it exposes vapers to the known dangers of secondary smoking.

Health Service not thinking straight

Public health experts in Britain have also called for a relaxation of rules about vaping in hospitals. A number of Hospital Trusts in Scotland and England have already reversed bans.

The Health Service Executive banned vaping in its buildings and on hospital campuses in 2014. Gillian Golden, spokeswoman for the IVVA, claimed there was a lack of joined-up thinking in the Executive’s approach to smoking cessation.


FACT: Live and let vape

James Bond

‘Bond… James Bond’

Sean Connery’s James Bond was first seen smoking in ‘Doctor No’ in 1962. His last smoke was a cigar in ‘Die Another Day’ when Pierce Brosnan played the role. Bond hasn’t lit up anything (apart from evil geniuses’ plans for world domination) since. But will we ever see him vaping?


What’s on this blogging February?!

Week 1 All about inhalation. Mouth hits versus lung hits. How to optimise both and work out which works best for you.

Week 2 How to protect your vaping equipment on the go.

Week 3 An in-depth look at nicotine. Can vapers get nicotine poisoning? What exactly is synthetic nicotine and how could it impact vaping?

Week 4 We turn the spotlight on our followers and share the results of the various vaping polls we've been running on social media.

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