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US vs. UK: the IT pay gap

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Based on 747 UK and US developers' salaries

  • There is a consequent  pay difference between US and UK developers: The average pay gap is 30% widening to 34% for C++ developers.
  • Choosing the right coding specialism has a bigger impact on remuneration in the US : C++ developers get paid almost twice as much as PHP developers in the USA. In the UK, there is only a 32% pay difference between the two. 
  • The pay gap between the US and the UK is wider for top paying specialisms : Sought-after specialisms are particularly well-rewarded in the US (£10,000 more than average), vs. Â£4,000 more than average in the UK.
Alice Leguay from Emolument said 'As ever, perception is reflected in pay: while the US has embraced the techie as aspirational leader (Elon Musk, Zuckerberg et al) and is willing to pay IT professionals accordingly, the UK and Europe still perceives them as support staff and struggle to pay them in line with front office jobs.'
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