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What bonus for which career?

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Emolument has analysed data from more than 14,000 UK professionals


  • To start off with, focus on salary:  While 90% of junior employees’ pay comes basic salary, more experienced employees’ bonuses represent more than 20% of their total income
  • Bonus still equate Financial Services: in the financial industry, 50% of Senior employees’ income is paid as bonus, showing a strong bias to rewarding risk taking; by contrast, in government jobs, bonuses represent less than 5% of remuneration
% bonus in total income
  • Low % of your pay is bonus? You are in a low-paying industry, such as local government or accounting, the  average total income remains lower than in industries where there is a wider use for bonuses
  • Except for law professionals, the cushy jobs : Senior Legal professionals have a relatively high salary despite their low bonus, with a total income superior to £179,000 from which only 13% is bonus; they can therefore expect recurrent annual pay, without worrying about annual bonus packages, as bankers do

Thomas Drewery, CEO of Emolument said : ‘The financial industry is known – and has been pilloried – for its large bonus payments. This analysis shows how deep rooted the bonus culture is, which even junior bankers earning more than 20% of their annual income from bonus payments. Such large payments are unlikely to be justified by revenue generation, as younger employees are usually trained to achieve impeccable execution, rather than business development.’ – an overview was launched in 2012 as the only real-time bonus & salary-benchmarking site dedicated to finance and other professional services industries. With over 40,000 contributions from individuals at over 8,500 institutions the service has become the leading provider of validated real-time remuneration data. sources salary and bonus data directly from individual professionals who contribute anonymously. In return, contributors receive free access to aggregated market results broken down by title, location and sector.  Emolument’s mission is to provide greater transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions. has just launched its ‘Alumni’ service which allows users to benchmark themselves against their university peers ( Users can now view both their ‘education’ report on top of their existing job report. The new Education reports feature compensation ranking, industry spreads for their university peers. In line with Emolument’s existing services, these reports are free and available to users of and
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