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Where the best paid finance graduates go to university?

Based on 700 London Finance professionals who graduated after 2011, (BA, BSc, Masters degrees, excl MBA).

- Are engineering degrees more valued than business or finance? Seeing the two most prestigious French engineering schools at the top of the rankings (Polytechnique and Centrale), shows that financial institutions value such highly-skilled scientific profiles.

- High yielding and low cost! On top of their very high earning potential for graduates, French engineering schools are almost tuition free. Polytechnique students even get paid around £500 per month! While on the other hand most business schools have annual tuition fees of more than £15,000

- Strings attached...: While French business and engineering students pay cheaper fees than their British counterparts, their studies gon on for a minimum of 5years while most British business students will be out in the workforce out after only 3 years. For most French students, drawn out studies mean a heftier bill upon graduation. Even  Polytechnique graduates and their E500 salary must work for the French civil service for 10 years unless they 'buy their freedom' with a â‚¬40,000 penalty fee!

Alice Leguay from Emolument said: 'Sticking to stereotypes, this is a perfect example of the British pragmatic approach whereby experience is king vs. the French love of theoretical learning. I would add just one caveat though that the French schools also require extensive internships sandwiched in their prolonged syllabus.'


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