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Letter from the OVPRI and the Graduate School

UO embarks on $2 billion fundraising campaign

The University of Oregon launched the public phase of the state’s largest-ever fundraising campaign on Friday, Oct. 17. The campaign departs from conventional fundraising efforts by seeking more than just funds — it establishes goals based on a list of needs and priorities developed by the campus community to advance the UO’s mission of academic and research excellence, and student access and success.
The impact of last week’s launch resonates in both the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation and the Graduate School as we anticipate some of the exciting outcomes of the campaign.

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Brad Shelton
Interim VP Research & Innovation / Vice Provost Budget & Planning
(541) 346-2090
Andy Berglund
Interim Dean of the Graduate School
(541) 346-8425

Research News

SPS announces mandatory certification program for Principal Investigators

When it comes to research, scholarship, and creative inquiry, sponsored activity is a critical component of our identity as a research university and it is imperative for us to exercise good stewardship of the dollars associated with sponsored awards.
To ensure that we are administering our sponsored projects to the best of our abilities and in accordance with the many complex rules and regulations that come attached to each award, the UO’s Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) division has developed a mandatory certification program for Principal Investigators. Similar to the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) certification put in place a few summers ago, the SPS PI certification program was developed to meet the recommendations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies. The program takes into account feedback we received from UO faculty members who indicated that the institution needed to provide more specific guidance on the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of Principal Investigators.
Once instituted, the training will apply to all individuals with PI or Co-PI status (or who subsequently request PI status). The annual training will be mandatory. This new program will negate the need for the pre- and post-award certification processes that are currently in place within EPCS and online.
Additionally, in an effort to further provide PIs with information relevant to the administration of their sponsored projects, SPS continues to make improvements:
  • Enhancing, expanding and updating the SPS website
  • Developing and updating guidance for common sponsored administration topics based on current sponsor rules, laws, and regulations
  • Offering new award orientations that are specific to the awards of PIs
  • Assuring consistency of information for unit colleagues
  • Enhancing, expanding, and updating the SPS online training calendar for the campus to include not only SPS developed trainings, but also training opportunities from sister units such as Research Compliance Services, Innovation Partnership Services and Research Development Services
  • Making it easier to navigate research units with new tools such as an online roadmap for research services
More information about the upcoming SPS PI certification program will be made available within the next month.

Series explores careers after doctorates

A new series for graduate students offers unique perspectives on career development to those pursuing doctoral degrees. Made possible with the generous support of the UO Graduate School through an Innovations in Graduate Education grant, Outside the Academic Box: Careers After Your Doctorate features speakers who pursued a diverse array of careers after completing doctorates. A session on Careers in Healthcare Management on Oct. 23 featured Patrice Korjenek, COO at Trillium Health Plan.

Patrice described her work at Trillium and her transition from academic researcher to healthcare analyst, which included 10 years as a consultant to the World Bank providing policy advice on healthcare strategy to developing countries. Patrice said one of the greatest differences between her work in academia and industry is that academia drills down into the details of a specific question whereas industry is looking for solutions, often in a very short time frame. She compared it to needing to produce “A” work in academia, but “C” work is good enough for industry — as long as the “C” work provides a solution that’s sufficient to take action and move a project forward.

The seminar series will continue with monthly presentations through June 2015.  Check the website for details on upcoming presentations.

2015 Faculty Research Awards — Call for applications

The Vice President for Research & Innovation invites faculty from all academic disciplines to apply for 2015 Faculty Research Awards.

The Faculty Research Awards program provides faculty with support for research expenses including travel, summer stipend, equipment, supplies, contractual services, shared facility use, and graduate or undergraduate student research assistance.

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UO linguist receives award to document disappearing Sino-Tibetan language

UO linguistics professor Scott DeLancey recently received an NSF award of more than $300,000 for his project, “Documenting the languages of Manipur: Clues to the prehistory of Sino-Tibetan languages.” DeLancey will document the Northeast India language of Monsang, one of two dozen Sino-Tibetan languages of the Indian state of Manipur, most with less than 10,000 speakers.

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Upcoming Events

The Colligan User Interface Design Challenge kicked off Oct. 23. The program seeks to inspire University of Oregon students from all programs and classes to create a novel graphic user interface (GUI).

See the program details →
Exploring Complexity Conference
Nov. 19-20

See the schedule of events →
Workshop: Writing Winning Grant Proposals
Friday, March 20, 2015
Time/Location TBD

RCS is here to support you in getting your new year started well 

Research Compliance Services (RCS) is available to support you in starting the new academic year. For researchers and instructors who guide student research, RCS has provided helpful tips that may be useful to you: 

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Making Headlines

'All rodents might be created equal'

A story in The Atlantic Monthly examines newly published research co-authored by UO biology professor Santiago Jaramillo. The study showed that mice can perform decision-making tasks in the lab just as well as rats.

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'Why the UO tackled the Gates-led condom challenge'

Portland Business Journal reporter Wendy Culverwell interviewed UO research professor Richard Chartoff to find out more about his Grand Challenges Explorations Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Research Highlights

Strong working memory puts brakes on problematic drug use

A University of Oregon-led research team finds that impulsive adolescents who lack focus are more likely to face substance-abuse issues Adolescents with strong working memory are better equipped to escape early drug experimentation without progressing into substance abuse issues, says Atika Khurana, a professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services. 

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New neuroscience research examines food cravings, early adversity

Why do we find it so hard to say no to fatty, processed foods? How do we reverse the spiral of negative outcomes that occur later in life as a result of early adversity? New research from University of Oregon psychology professor Elliot Berkman aims to answer both of those questions.

Berkman recently received two new grants, a $580,000 award from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and a $347,000 award from the National Cancer Institute.

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Colligan Challenge participant lands Amazon internship 

In January 2014, Claire Sakaguchi, as part of Team IRIS, competed against four other design teams in the final round of the 2013 Colligan User Interface Design Challenge. Although her team did not win the competition, her participation in the Colligan Challenge led her to earn an internship with one of the most heavily sought after tech firms in the world. She served as an intern in the Amazon Concept Lab, an experience she says she would not have gained without the Colligan Challenge.

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September 2014 Research Award Tallies

Researchers at the University of Oregon were awarded $9.5 million in grants, contracts and awards during the month of September. To view a list of all the awardees, including the granting organizations and the award amounts, please visit our September 2014 Awards page. For a monthly breakdown of awards received since September 2013, visit our Summary of Monthly Awards page.

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Parting Shot

Andrew Ritenour (right), a chemistry Ph.D. candidate interested in developing scalable materials for solar energy conversion, credits his decision to come to the UO to his advisor, chemistry professor Shannon Boettcher (left). As a recipient of the Julie and Rocky Dixon Award, Ritenour is pursuing innovative experiences in preparation for a career outside of academia. His hope is to launch a startup company after graduation in the spring of 2015.

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