A special birthday tribute to Stan Matthews 
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Thank You Stan is a short animated tribute to Stan Matthews. Created by BAFTA-winning animator Tony White, the shorter 'Birthday Edit' of the film is being released for broadcast this Sunday, 1st February, to mark the start of Stan’s centenary year.

Click on any image to go to the SirStanimation site, where it will be screened for 24 hours only - this Sunday! 

The Birthday Edit will also be screened on the Football Association's website from Sunday, on a special webpage dedicated to the memory of Stan and his legacy.

The full 'Thank You Stan' film has already been entered into more than 20 film festivals around the world, and will be screened in locations as far flung as Los Angeles and Mexico (for which a special Spanish version has been created). 


Thank You Stan is available for broadcast without charge on and around 1st February as a 1 minute 38 â€˜birthday edit’ edition. Contact Geoff on 07581 221462 or Jacky on 07796 904473 for details.  


Spirit of the Game - the movie

Tony is also the director of the full length animated feature film Spirit of the Game. Its story, based on the classic young adult’s novel Spirit of the Game by Geoff Francis, has at its heart the sporting philosophy of Sir Stanley Matthews, who is arguably the game’s greatest ever ambassador and the man of whom Pele said, “He taught us how the game should be played.” 


Joan Walley MP said “I feel strongly that the values Stan embodied should be put on the map so that whole new generations can really reach out to what he stood for." 


Tony White’s reputation in the animation world has drawn an amazing range of talent to this project, including leading animation professionals (from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks) plus UK voiceover artists including RSC actor Patrick Robinson and actress Carol Royle.


Tony says “Not only will this be an important film for football worldwide, it will become a landmark for the British animation industry. Animated films are timeless and enthusiastically received when well made. They cross borders, cultures and language divides. Spirit of the Game will take traditional 2D animated filmmaking to new areas of socially-relevant expression and creative storytelling. It will do so in a way that only the very best of award-winning, British live-action dramas can do – yet with the added dimension of mature hand-crafted animation that is far removed from the traditional ‘cartoon’ format. 


Through this we hope that the wise and humble integrity that is defined by Stan’s life will speak to all people, young and old - in Britain, the USA and around the world.”

Tony's long-held ambition is to make a commercially-successful, creatively-groundbreaking animated movie that has something positive and inspirational to say to a worldwide audience. He knows that â€˜Spirit of the Game’ is that film! 


We are looking for well-placed national and international organisations, and prominent individuals, who are willing to lend their voice, funding and active support, to help ensure that Spirit of the Game gets made.

Books about Stan

Spirit of the Game is a semi-graphic novel by Geoff Francis which has been written in a way that really engages young adults, and especially young men.


The story unfolds against the background of football (which has enormous global influence and provides role models for countless young people) and, as well as being an engaging story, gently invites the readers to address any prejudices they might hold. 


Geoff has also written a companion book Stanley Matthews: The Black Man with a White Face, an authorised biography of Stanley Matthews with the help of Stan’s daughter Jean.