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Issue: August 2013
Born to be a Coach?When International Coach Academy began, 12 years ago, it was with a pilot group of 20 students.  Today, we have trained over 4,000 students and are known for our industry credibility, faculty expertise, friendliness, program flexibility and value for money.  Below are some community news from August so you too can share in what it's like to be a part of ICA.


Robyn Logan
CEO International Coach Academy
August 2013
[Audio] How is Our Training Different?
In our August Coaching Panel, Robyn Logan, Susan McCauley and Nick Bosk talk about what they think makes ICA stand out from the crowd.  All agree that Student Respect, a sense of Community and the unique learnsite make ICA different...
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[Podcast] Choose Your Niche, or Not?
Robyn and Andrea talk about the importance of finding a niche and how it can be hard to find just one niche or area to specialize in when you have so many passions. This episode should give coaches in this situation all the motivation they need to dump all but one area of specialty.
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[Case Study] Interview with Life Coach, Scott Masciarelli
ICA Graduate Scott Masciarelli (ACC) is the CEO of Clear Insights Coaching, offering executive leadership and business coaching. During a 24-year corporate career Scott held leadership positions in the United States and Middle East.  As a leader he recognized that the most rewarding aspect of his work was the people - and this lead him to coaching.
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[Video] How Long Should You Coach A Client For?
There are many different ways to structure your coaching contracts, and often coaches will structure them around weekly calls and charge a set monthly fee. So, what is a good length of time...
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[Coach Training] Which Program is for Me?
The best way to pick a program at ICA is to think about how you plan to use Coaching.  Do you want to become a Professional Coach and run your own coaching business, or do you want to add Coaching Skills to your existing profession - or maybe do both?  Explore Options
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