Countering Hate Before It's Too Late: A Lesson From History by Fr. Vazken Movsesian
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 Lesson From History

Followed by Sign making workshop in preparation for Saturday's Demonstration

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016 - 7:30PM

415 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA
For questions, call (818) 726-2114

• What defines hate speech?
• The perils of targeting a minority group or religion.
• What have we learned from our past?
• What are we standing up against?
• Why is it important to stand up now?

FR. VAZKEN MOVSESIAN is a priest of the Armenian Church. For the past 32 years he has melded the most ancient traditions and practices of Armenian Orthodoxy with contemporary themes to bring about the promise of peace. He is the child of Genocide survivors and understands the importance of transformation to facilitate the healing process. His work has taken him to Rwanda and Armenia to study the processes of survival via the implementation of the very basic human precepts of faith, hope and love.

In 2003 he established the In His Shoes organization as a response to Genocide. It is his commitment that those who have suffered evil have a unique responsibility to take action against injustice to others. Based on Christ’s principles of love, compassion and repaying evil with good as expressed in Armodoxy, In His Shoes challenges people to find the terms which define us as a human race, namely in the language of understanding and compassion.

His flagship “Next Step with Fr. Vazken” is currently heard and followed on six continents, eliciting a growing response for social responsibility by practicing love, compassion, forgiveness and striving for peace.

Armenians, Mexicans and all Immigrants Unite!
Stand Up Against Racial and Religious Intolerance!

Cut down the roots of fear and hate before they grow.
Stand in Solidarity with hard-working Immigrants.
Protest misogyny.  Promote respect.
Denounce the Hate Speech of our President Elect.
If you are for any of these, join us

Saturday, November 19, 2016
1200 – 2:00pm
Sidewalk in front of Glendale City Hall
613 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 
(This is not a permitted rally so we will stay on sidewalk only)
Bring signs.  Get creative.  Respect the law.

As an Armenian-American, I was very troubled to hear the president-elect use words of hate to incite the fears of the people to vote for him.  I was equally surprised that more people weren’t standing up against it.  Although I felt uncomfortable inside, I let it go like most people and hoped for the best.  However, yesterday, as I watched students walk out of school in protest of racial intolerance, I finally woke up to take action.

As an Armenian with roots in Adana, I am all too familiar of what words of hate could lead to.  We know first-hand how a few individuals could incite the fears and hates of the masses to such a degree where it could lead to violence.  A person who has openly blamed another race and another religion for the problems of working Americans is going to become our president.  He has used hate speech and has disrespected different races, religions, and women. This is not acceptable.
Let us get together in Glendale and show the world that we Americans do not tolerate hateful language and hateful people.  Remember, Glendale was once part of Mexico.  The border crossed us about 170 years ago.  Armenians understand this situation very well.  Let us show the President Elect and all of the people who voted for him that immigrants and other religions are not the problem.  Let’s learn from the past and stop the hate now before it gets worse. 
Don’t feel upset, sick, gross, uncomfortable, or scared.  Come and express yourselves in creative ways with like-minded people.

President Elect, show your respect!

Children Walk Out of School to Protest Election

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