FOLD of the WEEK #297: Stitched Stepped Accordion Composite Brochure
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FOLD of the WEEK #297:

Stitched Stepped Accordion Composite Brochure

Sometimes a great stitched and folded brochure idea comes along, and we just can't wait to share it. Produced by V3 Printing of Oxnard, California, for client J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, this composite format cleverly stitches a 4-page short trim cover to a 6-panel stepped accordion for a lovely and organized stepped map brochure. The short trim cover provides a view of the stepped edge, and the stitched-in map creates an easy pull-out map on one side, and organized regional vineyard information on the other. Now, that's smart design!
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Countdown to Episode 300!

After 6 years of spreading folded inspiration, Fold of the Week is about to reach an exciting milestone – our 300th episode! We know what you're thinking: What will the 300th fold be? What will Trish's shirt say? Will there be any special surprises or announcements? We know, the suspense is killing us, too. Please join us for the celebration, and the excitement, in THREE short weeks!

FOLD of the WEEK #297 Project Credits & Specs
Folding Style: Stepped Accordion stitched into 4-page cover 
Production: V3 Printing, Oxnard, CA
Client: J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Finished Size: 9" x 4"
Flat Size: insert - 9" x 22," cover - 9" x 7.375"
Finishing: Cut, Score, Fold, Stitch
Budget Rating: Low - Moderate 
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