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Proposed County Budget Guts Road Work


The budget recommended by the Sonoma County Administrator for the 2013-14 fiscal year proposes to slash general funding for pavement preservation by $8 million.
Picture of board of supervisorsPage 140 of the recommended budget for Transportation and Public Works describes a reduction of $8 million in one-time support for various pavement preservation projects. See the road budget here

SOSroads strongly supported funding for pavement preservation last year, and many of those projects will be completed this year.  
The recommended  budget also proposes to cut funds for pavement preservation from the franchise tax on waste haulers by $250,000.
The board of supervisors will begin discussing the budget on 8:30 a.m. Monday, June 10, in Santa Rosa at 575 Administration Drive.
Please contact your supervisor and ask that the pavement preservation funding be restored to at least the level the board approved a year ago.  

If you can, attend the hearing on Monday, June 10.  Let the supervisors know that Sonoma County roads are in a crisis because of their funding decisions for two decades.  This is no time to move backwards again.
Please read the two-page SOSroads position statement on road funding.

Email us at if you will attend the budget hearing. Also, tell us your thoughts on SOSroads and/or the condition of Sonoma County roads. 
Will your road look like this next winter?

Roads to Be Fixed in 2013

The county will be resurfacing 53 of 1382 miles of roads this year.

The roads indicated only represent 3.8 percent of the roads in the county. Most of the roads being worked on are the highly traveled roads such as Old Redwood Hwy or Stony Point Road. More than half of county roads are classified as poor or failing. 

Click here to see an enlarged map of the roads getting work. 
Map of road work in 2013

Are you tired of bad roads?

Here are five steps you can take right now.

1. Join SOSroads as a paid member. Your membership helps SOSroads convince our supervisors to make roads a priority.
2. Make a donation to SOSroads to support advocating for roads. 
3. Read the various road reports on our website.   
4. Put up a Tired of Potholes sign in your neighborhood and on the bad roads you drive. Go to Contact Us to request signs or visit the Trek Bike Store in Santa Rosa to pick up a sign at 512 Mendocino Ave at 7th St. 
5. Write your supervisor and/or city council person to express your concern about the condition of our roads.

Thank you SOSroads supporters

We want to thank everyone who has become a paid member or donated to SOSroads. 

We are an all-volunteer group of citizens concerned about our deteriorating roads.

Your membership dues allow us to do the work that will help convince policy makers to make roads a priority, not just in words but in the county budget. 

The problem will not be solved next year or the following. Indeed, it may take many years, but appropriate decisions need to be made today for the future.

If you haven't joined yet, please consider joining. You can support SOSroads by becoming a Road Supporter for only $25 per year or a Road Champion for $100.

Click here to become a member now. 

If you have received a renewal notice in your email, click here to renew now.

International Wire Service, Reuters, Discusses Sonoma County’s Road and Budget Problems

The serpentine strip of asphalt known as Sonoma Mountain Road wends its way through a bucolic landscape 50 miles north of San Francisco, curving past rows of grapevines, dipping into redwood groves, rising again through rippling hills.

It's a beautiful ride. But it is also a bumpy one.

"You get pothole patch after pothole patch," groused Craig Harrison, a local resident and attorney who is part of a grass-roots campaign to fix the crumbling roads of Sonoma County. "We're going to be a test case of what a county does with a completely failed road system."

By Jonathan Weber and Tim Reid
Reuters - 5/29/2013

Make your voice heard

Now is the time for you to contact the supervisors to let them know your view on road funding.

Write them at:
Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
575 Administration Drive, Rm 100A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Telephone: 707-565-2241
Fax: 707-565-3778

1st District:
Susan Gorin

2nd District:
David Rabbitt
3rd District:
Shirlee Zane
4th District:
Mike McGuire
5th District:
Efren Carrillo

Please send a copy of your letter to

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