August 2018 Newsletter 
Volume 7, Issue 8
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News from Start School Later

Sleep Makes National Geographic's Cover

If you need a crash course on sleep, don't miss this month's version of National Geographic, which includes several articles on sleep--including the cover story! Find out more below, plus some exciting new opportunities and developments thanks to the work of Start School Later advocates around the USA.
National Geographic Cover Story on Sleep
An imbalance between our lifestyles and the sun cycle has become epidemic. This comprehensive article from National Geographic explains why we should be worried--very worried!

Rhode Island Legislature Issues School Start Time Report

New Rhode Island Commission Report on Later School Start Times
In a just-released report, a Rhode Island Legislative Commission recommends steps at both state and local levels to study and encourage later school start times.

Testifying in Texas

Start School Later Advocates Talk about Sleep and School Violence

Members of Start School Later's Texas and Houston chapters testified last month to a select state select senate committee on school violence. Part of the charge from the governor was to look for ways to improve school culture.

Start School Later Houston Chapter Leader Yen Rabe and her students testified, along with Texas Chapter Leader (and National Chapter Director) Debbie Moore. Click here to hear their testimony, and how their work impacted what Senator Larry Taylor, chair of the committee and also chair of the senate's education committee, had to say about sleep.

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Quote of the the Month "One of the metaphors I use is that sleep is like the laundry. You’re not going to take out the laundry 10 minutes early to save time. You have to complete all the cycles in the washing machine. Our sleep cycles have to be completed too; otherwise we wake up and we feel like wet and dirty laundry."--Arianna Huffington, Debunking the Belief That if You Snooze, You Lose in this month's National Geographic

Working for Later Start Times? Tell CBS!

"CBS This Morning" is launching a new series to explore issues facing education in America. If you are a parent, educator or student working for later, safer, healthier school hours, let them know your story by clicking here.


A large, broad, and consistent body of research supports later school start times.  Click here for some of the of the top papers on the subject to share with anyone new to the topic!
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