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Dear Friends,

December is a time when I always feel a deep sense of satisfaction for our accomplishments while, at the same time, looking ahead and planning ways to improve on our performance and build on our success. A big thank you to all our worldwide employees for their diligent work and loyalty.

2019 has been an excellent year for the EMO Trans global organization and we will work hard to continue our successful progress in 2020. However, there never is a year without challenges, and growth does not come quickly or easily. Let us enjoy the results of the past and go onward in a determined yet mindful fashion.

We expanded our presence in Asia, purchased EMO Canada, and look forward to our new network partnership in South Africa with Bidvest, the owner and successor of our longtime friends, Sebenza. All of these steps provide new opportunities for us.

While we realize that the current uncertainty of the geopolitical arena makes long term planning a bit difficult, we will continue to invest wisely in new ventures. Importers and exporters are concerned about tariff conflicts and trade restrictions, and we are assisting where we can to support our customers to manage those challenges. However, history shows that these things swing like a pendulum and that they will eventually stabilize once again. So regardless, we will go forward with confidence standing tall on the solid foundation to which we are constantly adding.

Climate change is of great concern. Worldwide natural disasters are occurring with greater frequency and more ferocity. I have personally experienced the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed my home on Long Island in 2012. Due to the importance of this issue, we have proactively created a position of Sustainability Manager. This will help us establish procedures in reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. There is, however, a reality which we cannot escape: the transportation industry needs airplanes, ships, trucks, and trains. Except for trains, electrified in ever increasing numbers, these modes of transport cannot operate without fossil fuels, at least not for the foreseeable future. We do what we can but the movement of goods has to continue; otherwise, we will all have to walk back to the woods and hunt for food.

We must always strive to maintain our values and stay true to our vision. It has long been EMO Trans' mission to provide innovative and customized logistics solutions, in conjunction with exceptional customer service, while fostering an atmosphere in which employees and business partners can realize their full potential. This is the basic ethos of our organization, and we must never forget that.

Wishing a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, a healthy and successful new year to you and your families.

All the best,

Jo Frigger
Corporate Supports Worthy Causes
EMO Corporate was proud to support Operation Christmas Child, a program associated with Samaritan’s Purse. The organization works through thousands of volunteers to reach children who have been affected by war, poverty, natural disasters, famine and disease. Since its inception in 1993, they have delivered gift-filled shoeboxes to more than 168 million children in more than 100 countries, including children living on Native American reservations. Our Corporate employees enthusiastically assembled shoeboxes with small toys, books, and puzzles. They also added personalized notes to each individual box and hopefully will gain a new pen pal from across the world.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Vice President Uwe Kaeding (top left photo) always helps serve a meal at St. Marie’s as part of his holiday tradition. However, this year, he had to miss the serving part, but he still volunteered his time sharpening knives to get them ready for carving!
Swing for a Cause
Tom Bayes, Vice President - Business Development Asia, recently attended a celebrity “Swing for a Cause” hosted at Top Golf; the event was held for The Special Olympics of Texas.
"It was a great event with a lot of celebrity support, including my teammate Spud Webb, a former NBA player, and Derek Holland, current MLB Chicago Cub pitcher. A number of other celebrities also joined in for this special night," Tom says.

Pictured below left: Tom with Derek Holland; below right: Tom and Spud Webb.
Atlanta Gathers Much Needed Goods
EMO Trans Atlanta chose three groups to support with donations this year. Pictured are three different collections that the Atlanta branch and Corporate office gathered for worthy causes.
  • Warm & Toasty collection (socks, coats, scarves, undergarments and hats)
  • Holiday Toys for Tots Drive
  • Weekend Backpack (lunch/snack items)
EMO-TRANS Germany Favors Charity Over Traditional Gifting
Pictured above middle: EMO-TRANS manager Bernhard Stock (2nd from right) hands over a cheque of 8,000 euros to Stan Albers, head of the children’s home, much appreciated by Baerenherz Ambassador and TV moderator Babette von Kienlin, flanked by EMO managers Stefan Ritter (far left), Randolph Reichel and Thomas Klinkhammer (far right) - pictures: CFG / hs; above left: team gathering; above right: Thomas greets a resident.

Fifteen years ago, EMO-TRANS Germany made an important decision to shift away from purchasing small gifts, Christmas greetings, calendars, confections or bottles of wine for clients. That had been the routine every December, until management decided to put an end to it and spend the money on something meaningful that is lasting and socially sustainable.
So, the search for suitable candidates began and proved rather difficult, given the many worthwhile organizations out there even to this day. "We struggled to decide which one of the many organizations to choose,” says Bernhard Stock, EMO's Cargo and Global Network Chief.
A more or less coincidental meeting with representatives of the
Baerenherz Foundation was a great success. "From the very first minute, we were convinced that this was the right organization for us," he remembers.
On December 10 this year, Bernhard, along with other EMO managing directors Stefan Ritter, Randolph Reichel, and Thomas Klinkhammer, traveled to Heidenrod-Laufenselden, about 60 km northwest of Frankfurt. There, Baerenherz provides around-the-clock care for 12 children with multiple disabilities. “Very few can walk independently. Most of them have to be fed, and none of them can speak mostly due to cerebral deficits,” Bernhard explains. “Because these deficits are untreatable, you might think it’s a tragic situation because it seems so hopeless. But it is not!”
The Head Of the Children’s Home, Stan Albers, says, “Our children live in their own microcosm and are satisfied with things as they are. They don't know it any other way. Once we get to know the child better, we are able to communicate with him or her through gestures and facial expressions.”
Once the children turn 16, they are accommodated in smaller residential groups, preferably in areas close to the city. The trend is to steer them away from larger group homes in remote villages and place them in residential groups in urban areas. From there, excursions to zoos or trips by subway or suburban trains can be more easily organized. There are even families who take in and care for a child with multiple disabilities, according to Albers.
EMO managers brought along presents for the children, but the check for 8,000 euros was probably the most important gift from Baerenherz's point of view. Baerenherz is known as a lean organization in which no donation goes into administrative matters, but directly benefits the children. "We'll be back next December," Bernhard assured Baerenherz when he said goodbye. "Perhaps even earlier!”

Read more about EMO Management’s heartwarming 2019 visit to Baerenherz.
Holiday Cheer Bus Elf Ride
Every year in honor of her daughter, EMO Corporate’s Donna Esposito (Agent Accounting Specialist) supports an organization called Kids Need More during the holidays. Last year, the organization made the season brighter for over 250 local children coping with serious illness on Long Island. “We help families that are stressed with medical visits, painful treatments and financial burdens by buying toys for the sick kids and their brothers or sisters,” she says. This year, the
Holiday Cheer Bus Elf Ride helped bring magic to these families. Donations are accepted through Kidsneedmore.org.
Hartford Collects Toys
EMO BDL collected toys for the local Children's Hospital again this year, which is at least their fifth year participating. Hartford's Christopher Deroy led the efforts, along with his family.
Houston Extends Helping Hand
Earlier this fall, Houston experienced a very bad storm that caused all of the roads to flood and leave cars stuck on the road. EMO Trans Houston was happy to help an older couple who knocked on their door. "We pushed their car to our parking lot and also fed them and gave them dry clothes," says Yasemin Onur, Sales Account Executive. "They stayed with us for more than five hours, then we helped them to get back home safely. A few days later they sent us this card. That day we also assisted many other people. We were proud that we could help people when they really needed it! I’m really glad to be part of the EMO family."

Uniworld Recognized with National Awards
Our colleagues at Uniworld Logistics Group, EMO Trans’ partner in India, proudly report that they recently received two first place awards in the SCALE – National Awards for Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence – 2019 by
CII Institute of Logistics (Confederation of Indian Industries – Institute of Logistics, Govt of India). Out of more than 800 applicants, Uniworld was judged as the winner in two categories: Projects and Freight Forwarding.
“I am really happy to end this year with these blockbuster awards and am proud to partner with EMO Trans. I hope the new year will bring more success for both of us,” says Prem Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director.

Pictured left to right: Joshua Prem (Corporate Sales and Strategy), Sanchayan (Corporate Business development), Lakshmipathy (Regional Sales and Project Head), Felicia Prem (Director SCM), Antony Job (National Head -Air Freight) and Vinod Bosco (Sr VP – Sales and USA Trade Lane Development).

Atlanta’s New Truck Fleet
EMO Atlanta’s truck fleet is growing! Starting back in late 2018, the Atlanta management team met several times to determine the viability of adding a 53’ tractor trailer to its fleet. The cost savings supported the idea so we kicked off the truck addition in middle February 2019. “This addition has brought EMO direct control over the last mile which provides a better customer experience. A great success!” says Branch Manager Mark Sims.

Pictured below: Drivers Russell Hubbard, Tony Dick, Grady Jones, and Mark Jones join Warehouse Manager Kerry Barker (center).

James Vranic is Cleveland’s new Operations Agent. Jack Lloyd joined Atlanta as an Operations Agent. Laura Farris is Atlanta’s new Accounting Specialist. Manuel Castro joined Miami in its Warehouse. Nicole Ringer is Boston’s new Compliance Specialist.

EMO Germany is proud to announce that Norman Klinkhammer is the new Branch Manager for the Hamburg office. Norman, son of Thomas Klinkhammer, has worked for the past nine years for another logistics provider in Düsseldorf where he was Deputy Branch Manager and led a staff of 18 in Airfreight.
2020 Periodic Monthly Statement Payment Dates
CBP – New Unit of Quantity (UOQ) Assigned for Duty Free Statistical Suffixes in Harmonized Tariff Schedule
This message is being sent as a reminder that as of January 1, 2020, there will no longer be any units of quantity (UOQ) in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) that are “X”.  All UOQs in the HTSUS will be specific units such as “kgs”, “No.”, etc.
Click here for additional information on this change. Please note that the Office of Trade will be posting guidance on cbp.gov in the coming weeks on how to propose a UOQ change to the 484(f) Committee.
Mandatory ACE Filing for APHIS-Core Coming Soon
The NCBFAA announced: “Mandatory ACE Filing for APHIS-Core Coming Soon." A long-anticipated Federal Register notice will be published in January announcing the mandatory ACE filing requirement for all APHIS-regulated commodities. A 6-month implementation period will follow.
The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's (APHIS) mission is to protect U.S. agricultural resources from pests and diseases, manage wildlife damage, regulate genetically engineered organisms, and administer the Animal Welfare Act. APHIS regulates a wide range of imported products, such as plant and animal products, live animals and propagative materials, among other commodities. In fact, APHIS has flagged approximately 2,052 specific HTS codes that either require or may require the APHIS message set to be submitted in ACE.  Many of the Licenses and Permits now submitted to APHIS in paper form will be transmitted electronically in ACE, although certain government-to-government certificates must still be presented in their original, signed paper format and some others must be uploaded in the Document Imaging System (DIS).
The NCBFAA Educational Institute is partnering with APHIS to present a series of webinars in February to help brokers navigate the new APHIS filing requirements. In the meantime, APHIS has published this technical 
Implementation Guide and this Supplementary Trade Guide, designed as a less technical explanation for filers that report APHIS Message sets on behalf of importers.”

CBP Proposes Rule for Increased Broker Verification of Importers
CBP/USDA - Wood Packing Material Requirements
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) amended its regulations with the goal of decreasing the risk of introducing plant pests into the United States.  USDA has adopted the international standard for wood packaging material (WPM) that was approved by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).  The IPPC standard calls for most WPM to be either heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide in accordance with the Guidelines and marked with an approved international mark certifying that treatment.  WPM information and resources may be reviewed
CBP has published a presentation for trade outreach regarding this topic
here. Continued outreach to overseas suppliers of USDA - WPM requirements will help avoid shipment delays and potentially from being refusal with penalties issued.
Non-compliance with WPM requirements can result in liquidated damages and penalties in the amount equal to the commercial value of the subject shipment. Mitigation may be afforded based on multiple factors and EMO Trans Compliance is available to assist with review of impacted shipments.

USTR Announces Phase One Trade Deal Between the U.S. and China

CBP Confirms Delay of Increased Tariffs Scheduled for 12/15/19
Useful links:
Bureau of Industry & Security
U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division
Customs and Border Protection
Rate Announcements

IMO 2020 Aims to Slash Sulfur Emissions
GRIs Announced for 1/15

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