February 2020 Physiotherapy Board Newsletter
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2020 vision

With the year ahead of us we are taking stock of our operations, our engagement with the profession, and the work we have done thus far on setting standards for public safety.
We are heading into 2020 with an updated code of conduct, two new standards and some scoping on whether we need more, decisions about how we update our CPD requirements, a Naming Policy and a proposed new scope of practice.
All of these developments have been made in consultation with the profession, and it has been a pleasure to work with such an engaged group of practitioners. However, we’re big fans of continuous improvement so we are keen to get your feedback on our communication and engagement work. There’s more about this later in this newsletter.
One of the things we have reflected on as we update the code and standards is the work that has gone into making sure the profession is familiar with them and the standards of care and conduct that is  required. The next stage is to raise public awareness that these standards exist. That’s why we have increased the accessibility of the Standards Framework on the website and will be rolling out a public awareness campaign over the coming weeks and months.
On a more personal note we’d like to congratulate Dr Ricky Bell for his appointment to Head of Physiotherapy at Wintec. Ricky’s passionate about the profession and about making it better - we have the greatest respect for his mahi and his mana.

Janice Mueller (Chairperson)
Jeanette Woltman-Black (Chief Executive)

Coronavirus warning

Effective from Thursday 30 January 2020,  'novel coronavirus capable of causing severe respiratory illness' will be added to Section B of Part 1 of Schedule 1 of the Health Act 1956.  This will make 2019-nCoV an infectious disease notifiable to the Medical Officer of Health.

Please refer to the Ministry of Health website for the latest information on 2019-nCov and in particular the Interim Advice for Health Professionals which which includes the case definitions.

If you have any queries about the operational arrangements for notification, please contact your local DHB-based public health unit.

If you have any policy queries about nCoV notification, please contact

News in Brief


Dr Ricky Bell appointed to head of school

Ricky Bell has been appointed the new head of Physiotherapy at Wintec. He is the first Head of School since the course was accredited last year and has spent more than 25 years in practice.

He is the first Māori physiotherapist to graduate with a PhD from Otago school of physiotherapy and talked about his work and his culture with us back in August 2018. You can watch that here.

Complaint cost analysis

We regularly field questions from practitioners about the cost of complaints and the disciplinary levy so we thought we’d put a brief together that shows the what, why and how about  complaints over the last few years.
You can read the full document here.

Consultation reminder - Proposed APP

Consultation on the proposed scope, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist, closes this Thursday (Feb 13). The consultation covers the title of the scope, the qualification and experience criteria required for it, its relation to other scopes, and its role in the safety of the public.

If you haven’t had your say on this matter please take the time to go through the consultation document and fill in the survey. There’s also a literature review and a webinar available as background information.

APC renewal opening

The Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) renewal application process opens Tuesday week (Feb 18). We’ve done a quick guide video you can watch here.

Workforce survey

We'll open the workforce survey alongside APC renewal. Please take the time to fill it out. It provides critical information that is used to help plan for the profession's future.

Communications survey

Do you use our website? Are our newsletters useful? What makes you want to take part in our surveys? Have you seen us on Facebook? Please, take a few minutes to fill in our communications and engagement survey so we can make sure we are staying in touch with you the best way we can.

Public engagement

We’ve begun a public awareness campaign focused on letting people know what the profession’s standards for conduct and competence are and what their rights are when they believe these standards aren’t met. You can see the full standards, code of ethics, and competence thresholds here.

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