Hey, Fam! We're getting oh, so close to sailing which means we'll be flooding your inbox with all sorts of announcements, reminders, and important details about the cruise. So while we have your attention, it would be super cool if you could help us out with a little housekeeping.
A few weeks prior to sailing, we'll send out a package of welcome goodies too all lead passengers. (Don't worry! There are enough items for each guest in the cabin, so be sure to share). We don't want you to miss out on these treats, so if you're a lead passenger, please log in to your Sixthman account to make sure your mailing address is up to date.

Will you need any special assistance while on board? Do you have a special diet, an impairment, or disability? (Psst...that includes a vegan, vegetarian, gf, etc. diet). Please give us a call at 1-877-379-9186 or send an email to parahoy@sixthman.net and we will be happy to update your profile. And be sure to check out our Special Needs FAQ page for additional info!

If you only remember one thing prior to sailing, make it proper ID! If you don't have it, you won't be allowed to board the ship, and that makes very (very!) sad. We recommend that you GET A PASSPORT. Not sure it's a good idea? It is. Here's a super helpful (and entertaining) blog post that'll tell you all of the reasons why!

We asked PARAHOY alumni what Parafam means to them. Check out all the love!
Parafam is the support you need but you never expected to get. You can come here with your self doubt and insecurity and be talked up within a matter of minutes. I’ve met so many great people.
             - Elizabeth A., Albuquerque, NM

Growing up, I had friends that liked Paramore but never to this extent, it wasn't til Parahoy that I finally found my people, a place where I can truly be myself, where I'm finally home. I feel closer to everyone in the Parafam than friends I grew up with. It's been incredible finding people who have had similar experiences bc of this band, absolutely unreal
              - Daicy T., Elmhurst, NY

I’ve found my best friends through the Parafam. So... it kind of means the world
- Tilda, A., Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

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