Thank you to everyone who submitted an original design to our PARAHOY! Poster Contest. We received over 70 incredible designs, and narrowing it down to a final five was not an easy task. So we decided to make it a final SIX! Here they are!


As a booked guest on PARAHOY! you can place a vote for your favorite design! The design to receive the most votes will be printed and delivered to every guest on board as a commemorative gift. Hooray! Voting ends on Monday, September 25th, and we’ll reveal the winning design in our next monthly newsletter.

We’ve already revealed one theme night, and we’re pumped for you to Check It Out. Now it’s time for you to submit your creative ideas for our People’s Choice Theme Night! Emo Night, Disney Dance Party, Hogwarts Hootenanny, Pajama Jam – the possibilities are endless. Submit your theme night suggestions HERE by Tuesday, September 26. We’ll put it to a vote next month!

Don't be afraid to check out a set of a band you're not very familiar with!
- Dominique P., Charlottesville, VA
Be in the moment. Don't worry about getting photos or videos. It's a very magical experience, don't watch it from behind your phone or camera.
             - Jamie A., Sandy, UT
Take care of and be considerate of those around you (whether you already know them or not!) so you can all enjoy the experience.
             - Emily S., London, UK
For the Paramore shows specifically; You guys can see and hear from the whole pool deck so try not to just camp out all day on those show days. Explore the ship, check out some other band, OD on soft serve ice cream! It's a cruise man! Relax and just be              one with your fellow cruisers
            - Morgan L., Austell, GA
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