thisisthemovement #57 // Wednesday, November 20, 2014
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# of days that Darren Wilson has remained free : 104
# of days that Kajieme Powell has been dead : 95
# of days that Vonderrit Myers Jr. has been dead : 43
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So You Know
Companies Request Out-of-State Security Officers Be Granted Licenses by STL County PD, PD Speeds Up Processing Timeline There has been an increased demand in the number of requests for licenses to private security. In response to the demand, the police have sped up processing timelines. But you need to read this entire article for yourself. And importantly, this is written by Christine Byers -- check the title and tone as a defense of police practices. Absolute must read.

Lawyer Who Killed VonDerrit Is Identified Jason H. Flanery has been identified as the officer who killed VonDerrit. His name was accidently released to the familyAbsolute must read.

Ferguson Mayor and Police Chief Declining All Interviews Until After GJ Announcement In an interesting twist, Mayor Knowles and Chief Jackson are declining to speak to any media until after the GJ decision is announcedImportant read.

Were The Deleted Ferguson Emails Searched? It appears that when the City of Ferguson searched through emails to comply with a data request, they did not search through deleted emails. Deeply problematic and another seeming indication of corruption. Absolute must read.

Protestor Artist Raises Hands of Hope, Covers Boarded Up Buildings Protestor Damon Davis recently began an innovative art project wherein he placed art over the boards on some of the boarded up business in Ferguson. Powerful read/view

Should VonDerrit Have Been Let Out On Bail? This article is included simply so you can see all sides of the media coverage re: STL. This article presents the arguments that perhaps VonDerrit would still be alive if he had not been allowed out on bailThough we find this to be subtle victim-blaming, we encourage you to read it.

Grand Jury Decision May Come Friday, Announcement Later The Grand Jury will meet on Friday and may render a decision, which would then be announced at a later date. This article provides a brief recap and hypothesis of potential timing.

Meet Brittany Packnett, A Member of the Ferguson Commission This is an interview and profile of Brittany Packnett, one of two youth members and active protestors on the Ferguson Commission. Must read.

Red Cross Is Ready to Respond in Ferguson The Red Cross of Greater St. Louis is prepared and ready to respond in the event of emergencies resulting after the GJ announcement. 

Country Star Hunter Hayes Cancels STL Concert Due to Pending GJ Announcement We won't lie to you -- we didn't know who Hunter Hayes was before reading this article. But Hayes has canceled his concert scheduled for today due to the GJ announcement. Interesting.

5 Questions About The National Guard This succinct and informative Q&A will help you better understand the role of the National Guard. Read it.

What's Next
November 21st (TOMORROW)
A Peace Rally For Youth -- 2,000 Hands Up
Time: 6pm CST

Location: Harris Stowe State University, Emerson Gym, 3026 Laclede Avenue

Events in Ferguson
Remember to check the calendar for events happening in Ferguson. 
Your Role In The Movement
  • #FRONATION Click here to purchase one of the #FRONATION t-shirts. 
  • Support Livestreamer @Rebelutionary_Z by donating money or purchasing supplies.
  • Bail Fund Donations. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have a bail fund to assist protesters. Click here to donate. According to organizers, the police are aiming to deplete the current bail fund by making the bail of any arrested protester $1,000, the legal limit. Please help.
  • ArchCityDefenders. This is the group of lawyers providing legal assistance to arrested protesters and assisting with legal strategy related to the protests. This is also the group that has led the work on the fines and fees issue in Missouri. Learn more and support them.
  • Ferguson Digital Archive. Washington University has led the creation of a digital repository aiming to "preserve and make accessible" content related to the killing of Mike Brown. Submit or review material.
  • Unapologetically Black. Click here to purchase a shirt by the Black Youth Project that reads "Unapologetically Black." Love these shirts.
  • And Counting. Click here to purchase one of the now iconic shirts that lists of the names of the victims of black lives lost in state violence. 
This is a picture of Jason H. Flanery, the officer who killed VonDerrit, out policing during the protests.
This is a picture of Bassem being arrested last night. (via @jonswaine)
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