Thermography...a non-invasive, radiation-free monitoring of breast health
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The Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference in May was amazingly educational and inspiring! 

In the next few newsletters, we'd like to share some key points from the interviews as well as the websites of these experts...because knowledge really is power!
Dr Christiane Northrup, ObGyn (
  • healthy breasts need optimum levels of vitamin D and iodine.
  • cellular inflammation from all sources such as nutritional deficiencies, too much sugar and emotional stress -  cause dis-ease
  • dealing with the root cause is necessary in order to prevent the reoccurrence of breast cancer.
  • thermography is a valuable functional test that can show a trend developing, encouraging positive changes that can lead to the cure....Prevention!
  • wholistic health is an "inside job", a connection to self and the Divine.  

Dr. Philip Getson, DO  (

  • thermography is an accepted test for Regional Pain Syndrome, is also very useful for thyroid and dental issues as it shows objective physiological medical data.
  • having a baseline breast thermography exam at age 18-20 allows us to see if things start to deviate from the normal, lets us pay attention to changes and encourages pro-active steps to prevent breast cancer
  • women drive the medical system!  if we read and learn and want the information that thermography provides before things become a problem….there is hope for the future and changing breast cancer statistics!

Magda Havas, PhD (

  • electro-smog includes the electro-magnetic pollution from man made devices that generate electrical magnetic fields or radiation.
  • breast, brain and blood cancers are regularly associated with electro-smog

practical tips: RIDE:

  •  Reduce exposure (sit further away from your computer, minimize metal around body, do not keep your cell phone in your bra!)
  • Immune system…build it up
  • Detoxify - through colonics, chelation, chlorella and cilantro
  • Emotional and psychological stress weaken our ability to handle electo-smog, so... meditate/pray, breathe in the salty air, decompress!

For more info please see these websites:

Safe Living Technologies

  Less EMF

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