Thermography...a non-invasive, radiation-free monitoring of breast health
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The Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference in May was amazingly educational and inspiring! 

In the next few newsletters, we'd like to share some key points from the interviews as well as the websites of these experts...because knowledge really is power!  Below is a summary of key points from day 2 of the conference:
Dr. John Trownbridge, MD
  • author of “The Yeast Syndrome”, believes that systemic Candida Albicans is a fungus which compromises the immune system, setting the stage for diseases, including cancer
  • common causes of yeast overgrowth:
    Birth control pills (especially if started early in life)
     Diet, especially sugar
  • herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides also contribute to the overload of the system and allow yeast to take over
  • it’s important to fix the environment….kill the yeast, then add nutritional supplements to slow the rate of the growth of yeast, while squeezing out the toxins, relieving the burden on the body and allowing the immune system to take over.
  • need adequate vitamin D and iodine
  • baseline thermography and self breast exams are important to know your “normal”
  • choose a doctor you can talk to, because “the hand the delivers the medicine is as important as the medicine itself”
  • empower yourself and harness your power to heal!

Dr. Simon Yu, MD
*very informative articles

  • As author of Accidental Cure, he maintains that the goal of medicine should be total integration and individualized treatments.  He believes we need to think differently!  We must correct the underlying problems that cause our illnesses and only by doing so will our bodies correct themselves and return to optimal health.
  • He is investigating quantum effects, bio-cybernetics, the new old hot topic of energy medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on balancing meridians.  Of note: the organs have pathways through specific teeth.  Click here for more information.  
  • Thermography is a great tool to see the dental connection to breast health, where hidden inflammation may be clearly seen
  • Parasites can wreak havoc, but because they are not being looked for they aren't being addressed


  • oil pulling, 20 minutes with coconut oil then brushing teeth with baking soda and salt
  • cleanse and detox the liver ever season like an oil change!
  • add lymph drainage to help detox

Dr. Alvin Pettle, MD, OB/GYN

  • an expert on hormone replacement therapy, womens health, and anti-aging
  • early signs of estrogen dominance can be abnormal cycles and polycystic ovary syndrome, so monitoring breast health with thermography is especially useful for younger women where structural tests such as mammography and ultrasound are less common
  • thermography is a tool used to assess who needs further investigation, a way to devise an individual testing schedule based on risk
  • one needs to “change the soil” in order to prevent the re-occurance of breast cancer
  • hormone balancing is crucial, every hormone has an effect on every cell in the body


  • learn to relax the body system
  • meditate to lower blood pressure and change our own hormones
  • don’t “stuff” emotions, negative or positive
  • do what makes you happy!
  • be at peace with yourself and the ones you love
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