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The Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference in May 2016 was amazingly educational and inspiring! 

As with the last couple e-newsletters, we will continue to share some key points from the interviews as well as the websites of these experts...because knowledge really is power!  

Click here to purchase a copy of the conference.

Below is a few more summaries of key points from the conference:
Dr. Leon Treger, DDS
  • There is more research lately linking oral health with the rest of the body.  Biological dentists are specialists in this area.
  • There are two strong sides on the issues of the use fluoride and mercury as well as the practice of root canals. The possible effects of all of these are considered in holistic dentistry.
  • Thermography is useful in seeing inflammation which doesn’t show on traditional dental x-rays.  It can give a ‘heads up’ that trouble may be brewing and not yet causing symptoms.
  • Dr. Treger and Thermography Clinic’s Dr. Mostovoy have been using thermal imaging to detect dental issues and of special interest, the correlation with breast health:
  • “nothing exists by itself ~ all is connected”
Please ask us about adding a Cranial/Dental/Thyroid exam to your next breast thermography appointment

Veronique Desaulniers, DC

“Dr. V” is part of The Truth About Cancer series and has formulated “The 7 essentials steps for preventing breast cancer”
1. Let food be your medicine: alkaline, plant-based diet
2. Reduce toxic exposure on skin, in home, and electrical pollution
3. Balance your energy: acupuncture, sleep, chiropractic, exercise, hormones
4. Look at your emotional wounds: forgiveness, nurturing and loving self, letting go, getting un-stuck
5.  Embrace biological dentistry: note that organs and teeth are connected through meridians.

6. Nourish through plants and herbs, stimulate, tone, strengthen, detoxify and speed up the healing process
7. Early detection through thermography and through specific bloodwork

Click here to see an interview with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers about 7 Essential Steps for Breast Cancer Prevention 

David Haase, MD

Creating optimum health is finding out what’s missing and helping to supply that, while finding what’s detrimental, removing it and keeping it out…breaking the dysfunctional cycle

Good things:
  • Love, community, happiness, deeply committed relationships
  • Veggies, supplementing wisely
  • Breathe!  Tip…deep breathing instantly turns off the stress response of the body 
 Not so good things:
  • Mental and emotional chronic stress - changes the immune system and decreases it’s cancer surveillance system
  • Tip…taking a vacation from the news can decrease stress and anxiety (especially applicable these days!)
  • Inflammation: it affects the gut, the brain, and hormone balance and is said to be “the silent killer”
Dr. Haase also spoke about Nrf2.  It is a pathway in the body that acts as the “magic gene” that can turn on production of the body’s own anti-oxidants, reducing inflammation and free radicals known to be responsible for aging, and degenerative diseases.  **See bottom of newsletter for an exciting new product**
Final thought:  Women are profound movers whose energy is needed in our world!
Upcoming Thermography Clinics

Nanaimo - February 10 & April 17
Duncan - February 15 & March 17
Sherwood Park AB - March 10, 11 & 13*
Courtenay - March 22

*Please call Healthworks Nutrition Centre at 780-417-1799 to book your appointment in Sherwood Park

More dates and locations....TBA!
Dr Haase mentioned the Nrf2 pathway and it's role in health...

We now have a natural supplement available through our clinic which has been shown to turn on the antioxidant maker in our own bodies. Along with it being anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic, it is also anti-aging!
Most of the ingredients are well known and we often take them individually.  When combined in this one tablet they have a synergistic effect (the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts).  

Click here to see an ABC investigative report on the science of the product.

If you would more information or would like to purchase this Protandim, please let us know!
Glenda's Testimonial after two months on Protandim:

"On the inside, I feel stronger and have more energy.  On the outside, I notice that my brown "age spots" are fading...all positive things!".  
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