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February 2, 2023

Prayer and perseverance pay off; and God’s plans always succeed! It took many months from conception to completion, but last Friday the installation of the new backup generator at Sivells Camp was completed! Since before Jay Hammond, Camp Manager, arrived at Sivells in 2016, part of his overall plan to remodel the dining hall was to have an emergency generator available to serve the visiting groups efficiently. It has been amazing to see God’s hand in this endeavor, from His leading through the months of preparation to how He funded the project.

Generous gifts came in from individuals and various churches, even from outside our Association, and funding was provided from the Mission New Mexico offering. Jay Hammond commented that he “really appreciates the Tri-Area Association”, and that “God is using the Mission New Mexico Offering to prepare the camp for the next generation.”

God also handled unexpected events that threatened to derail the project; and He provided the manpower for every task. He sent people like Walt Butler, Tracy Hooker, and Roy Placker (Calvary of Las Cruces), who along with Roger Maddy and Clayton Murphy, dug up and relocated conduit, and framed up, prepared and poured the concrete pad that the generator would sit on. Rick Wilcher, Floyd Baptist pastor, researched and presented the cost estimate for the generator; then along with the help of Jay Hammond, Jonah Sparks, Assistant Camp Manager; and volunteer Rickey Millwood, did the installation of the generator. Jay and Jonah also had to move the propane tank to level and align it. Angus Campbell had arrived on Thursday with the intention of surveying the rec field for flood control measures. He came along just in time to troubleshoot the backhoe being used to move the generator to the slab. It decided to stop running just about ten feet shy of placement. With the sun getting lower and the temps getting very cold, Angus correctly diagnosed the problem of a clogged fuel line and was able to get it running again before dark.

On Friday, after the final steps were completed, everyone was excited to hear that generator purr after Rick turned it on to test it. All glory to God; and what a privilege it was to be involved in this project!


FBC Melrose sent a special love offering to Bob and Vicki Butler, IMB missionaries in Cambodia as part of their participation in Tri-Area's IMB Connect Campaign. Bob sent the following report this past week about how they used the money:

"I wanted to report that we have used the funds you send us for a Christmas outreach event in O’Sralaow village. We have been working there for several months on Saturdays mornings. There is no church there and our goal is to plant a church. We began by teaching a few children each week and it grew to 50-70 children, youth and adults.

Christmas is always a good time for outreach and evangelism because people are curious about what it means. We planned a program with children singing special songs and reciting John 3:16. Children also acted out the Christmas story. There was a clear presentation of the Gospel. There were a number of people who indicated that they wanted to follow Jesus and we are beginning a special discipleship group for that. We provided food and some simple gift packages for each of the over 150 people attending. Thanks for making this possible."


Three Tri-Area events taking place in February are having good response.

Worship Bootcamp 2.0 - Audio/Video Ministry currently has 22 people registered to participate this coming Saturday, February 4th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with lunch provided by Tri-Area. Today is the deadline for registering, so there's still time to do so. Click
HERE if you want to register for this event.

The "Don't Blow Up Your Ministry" Webinar scheduled for Thursday evening, February 16th, from 6 to 8 p.m., currently has 30 people registered. Tri-Area is partnering with the BCNM in sponsoring this event. The registration to participate in this event for ministry couples closes on Friday, February 10th. If you and your spouse want to participate, click
HERE to register.

The Tri-Area Preaching Workshop scheduled for Saturday, February 25th at FBC, Melrose from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with lunch provided by Tri-Area, has 18 participants registered so far. If you want to participate in this event led by Dr. Joe Bunce, former Executive Director and Lead Missionary for the BCNM and current pastor for FBC, Ft. Sumner, let Dave know by texting him at 575-607-5495.

Pastor Sam Duncan announced to his congregation at FBC Conchas this past Sunday, that he will be retiring, with the last Sunday of March being his last Sunday as pastor.

Pastor Sam Duncan

Pastor Sam, and his wife, Carolyn, has been traveling from Clovis (where they live) every Sunday to Conchas for 13 years. Their 13th anniversary with the church will be March 10th.

Please be in prayer for FBC Conchas as they will soon begin a search for a new pastor.

This past Monday and Tuesday, our DOM, Dave McFadden, attended an IMB cohort meeting, to learn more about the work of the International Mission Board and how, as DOM, he might help churches better connect with the work of the IMB. The meeting was led by Bill Langely, Regional Representative for the IMB for the western part of the United States. The meeting involved the Director of Missions in New Mexico, as well as members of the BCNM.
The group was taken through material found in a publication of the IMB called, "Foundations." They learned about church planting and how the IMB, which has successfully planted more new churches around the world that any other mission agency, goes about that task. They discussed the missionary task and the various elements involved in carrying it out. They were familiarized with resources to which churches can be referred to get better acquainted with and directly connected to the work of the IMB. Additionally, time was given to considering the modern day "diaspora" which has resulted in American Christians not just being sent on mission to the nations, but in the nations coming to the United States.
The IMB has produced a number of courses that can be used by church in training their people. You can check them out by clicking HERE.

This training opportunity will be presented by the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, under the direction of our state Children and Women’s Ministry Strategist, Katy Parker. It will feature training on how to conduct a Vacation Bible School, plus training on how to carry out an effective Children's Ministry in a local church. The event will conclude with a meal at 6 p.m. provided by the state convention.

VBS & General Kids Ministry Training Sessions will be offered (select what you want to participate in once you arrive). Some of the training available will be:

  • Directors Training
  • Bible Study Training
  • Missions
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Recreation
  • Community Engagement
  • Leading a Child to Christ
  • Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers and More!

Questions? Contact Katy Parker at or call her at (505) 924-2336.

Click HERE to register for this year's conference.

DNOW 2023 will be held at the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home in Portales. To learn more, click HERE to go to the information page of our website.

David Aguirre from FBC Portales is coordinating this event. If you have questions regarding this year’s DNOW that aren't answered by the information below, call or text David at 565-973-8341.

When you’re ready to register your group you may do so using a form designed for this purpose, which you can go to by clicking HERE.

The theme for this year's Young Lives Ablaze is . . .

The Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze is set for Saturday, April 22nd, at Parkland Baptist Church in Clovis, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The association will provide the lunch (pizza) and every kid will get a free t-shirt.

The speaker for this year's event will be Pastor Larry Evans from FBC, Cloudcroft and Joe and Kerry Vivian, who have been featured the past several years. The Vivian's will be doing special object lessons like they have done in the past.

Cody Bilbrey from FBC Elida will lead worship, Amanda Kenyon from Forrest Community Church will lead Bible Study, and T.J. Cathey from FBC Elida, who also does recreation at Kids Mission Camp at Inlow each year, will be leading our recreation on that Saturday.

Young Lives Ablaze is designed for kids 3rd grade through 6th to reach the unsaved and excite the saved to share their faith. Click HERE to register your church group for this fun-filled, faith-building event!
The Baptist Convention of New Mexico will offer Introduction to Disaster Relief training on Saturday, February 11, 2023, from 9 a.m. to Noon, at the Baptist Convention of New Mexico headquarters, located at 5325 Wyoming Blvd NE in Albuquerque. This training is for anyone interested in the ministry of Disaster Relief and Disaster Relief volunteers whose badges have expired.

If interested, please RSVP to Cricket Pairett by calling her at 505-924-2315 or emailing her at

Dave and Donna worshiped with Calvary Baptist Church in Clovis last Sunday. Dave preached for Pastor Kevin Dotson, who was away helping lead in a Walk to Emmaus retreat. After worship, Dave and Donna attended Sunday school. They felt warmly welcomed by the Calvary congregation and enjoyed being with them.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dave attended an IMB cohort meeting with other DOMs, representatives from the BCNM and Bill Langley with the IMB, in Albuquerque. On Wednesday, Dave worked on this week's edition of the Tri-Area newsletter and had one-on-one meetings with a couple of pastors. On Thursday, he was involved in preparations for the Worship Workshop on Saturday, and the upcoming "Don't Blow Up Your Ministry" webinar on February 16th.
Click HERE to check out the Good Books section of our website. We also have a Spanish version called Buenos Libros which you can check out by clicking HERE.
The book of the week this week is The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George Hunter III and is recommended by Dave McFadden, Tri-Area DOM. It is listed in the Good Books section of the Tri-Area website under the category of Evangelism and Disciple-Making.


Celtic Christianity–the form of Christian faith that flourished among the people of Ireland during the Middle Ages– has gained a great deal of attention lately. George G. Hunter III points out that while the attention paid to the Celtic Christians is well deserved, much of it fails to recognize the true genius of this ancient form of Christianity. What many contemporary Christians do not realize is that Celtic Christianity was one of the most successfully evangelistic branches of the church in history. The Celtic church converted Ireland from paganism to Christianity in a remarkably short period, and then proceeded to send missionaries throughout Europe.

North America is today in the same situation as the environment in which the early Celtic preachers found their mission fields: unfamiliar with the Christian message, yet spiritually seeking and open to a vibrant new faith. If we are to spread the gospel in this culture of secular seekers, we would do well to learn from the Celts. Their ability to work with the beliefs of those they evangelized, to adapt worship and church life to the indigenous patterns they encountered, remains unparalleled in Christian history. If we are to succeed in reaching the West . . . again, then we must begin by learning from these powerful witnesses to the saving love of Jesus Christ.

This classic book on the power of indigenous evangelism has been thoroughly revised and updated, proving once again how much these ancient Christians have to teach anyone who seeks to spread the word of the gospel.

Click HERE if you want to purchase this booklet from Other book sellers may have it available, too.

University Baptist Church Portales is hiring childcare workers to care for children birth through 3 years old (mostly on Sundays).

Call 575-356-4501 or email to obtain an application or ask questions.

Forrest Heights Baptist Church Clovis is needing volunteers to help with their Children's Sunday school program.

Call 575-791-3612 if you have interest or want to learn more.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Portales is needing to fill a worship leader position, a youth leader position, and a children's leader position.

Call 806-240-2445 if you have interest or want to learn more. 

For January 2023

Please make any checks payable to the Tri-Area Baptist Association and mail them to 1100 W. Mañana Blvd, Clovis, New Mexico 88101.

Have an event coming up at your church? Email us at: or
send us a text message at 575-714-7788.

February 2023 -
4th - Worship Bootcamp Audio/Video workshop
7th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
16th - Don't Blow Up Your Ministry Webinar
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
23rd - Capitol Prayer Gathering
25th - Preaching Workshop
27th - Youth Ministry Summit Albuquerque
27 - 28th - State Evangelism Conference

March 2023 -
4th - VBS/Children's Ministry Training FBC Portales
7th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
8th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
20th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
31st - Tri-Area DNOW

April 2023 -
1st - Tri-Area DNOW
3rd - Tri-Area Executive Board meeting
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
22nd - Tri-Area Young Lives Ablaze

May 2023 - 
2nd - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
6th - Church Financial Workshop with Gerald Farley
10th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
15th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon

June 2023 - 
1-4 - Ute Lake Camp Meeting
5-9 - BCNM StuCamp 1.0 Sivells
6-9 - Hispanic Family Camp Inlow
6th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
14th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12-16 - BCNM Kids Camp Inlow
12-16 - BCNM StuCamp 2.0 Sivells
13-14 SBC Annual Meeting New Orleans LA
19-23 - Indian Family Camp Inlow
19-23 - BCNM Kids Camp Sivells
19th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
26-30 - BCNM StuCamp 3.0 Inlow

July 2023 - 
4th - Portales Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
12th - Clovis Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
10-14 - Worship4Life Camp Inlow
17th - Ft. Sumner Area Ministers Fellowship at Noon
17-21 - Children's Music Camp Inlow
24-28 - Children's Mission Camp Inlow

Got a question about any of the above events? Call Dave at 575-607-5495.

Submit a resume by sending it to the following mailing address:

First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

321 E Center Street
Tucumcari, New Mexico  88401
First Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Position

102 W. Wisconsin

PO Box 335
Melrose, New Mexico  88124

Iglesia Bautista Belen
Senior Pastor Position
820 N. Reid
PO Box 2046
Clovis, New Mexico  88102

Join our text team which allows you to receive requests for prayer. The purpose is to pass along prayer needs submitted by our churches. Requests are sent to you via text message.

You can join our Prayer Team by simply texting your name and the message, “I want to join the prayer team,” to 575-607-5495. Our DOM will then send you an invitation to join the team.

New or updated requests appear in bold type.

Pray for the success of the CPR initiative between Sandia Baptist in Clovis, Tri-Area, and the BCNM.

Pray for Foundations of Faith Dairy Ministry.

Pray for our pastorless churches: Iglesia Bautista Belen in Clovis, FBC Melrose, and FBC Tucumcari.

Pray for our church plant in Portales, Iglesia Bautista Cristo es la Puerta.

Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry at Eastern.

Pray for the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home and their search for a new President/Executive Director. 

Pray for all our pastors and other ministerial staff and leaders.

Sign up to receive a monthly prayer list from International Mission Board missionaries who have ties to New Mexico. You can do so by simply emailing Karen Pilgreen and requesting to be added to her email list. You may do so by clicking HERE.
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